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Crayons.  I love ’em.  Always have.  Probably always will.

One of my very earliest memories is right before my fourth birthday.  My presents were wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with pastel ribbons, then set up on top of a high cabinet.  I knew I had to wait to open them, and was not tempted to reach them.  No, I was content to sit with a doll or stuffed animal on the floor and gaze up at them, dreaming of what was inside.  (Lest you think I was a model, angelic child, stop that right now.  I was quite sickly and was probably recovering from my latest hospital stay.)  At any rate, one of the presents was a short cylinder, like a big can of peas.  I just knew it had to be Play-Dough — what else could it be?  Play-Dough would have been a very fun gift, in my three-almost-four-year-old mind.

Imagine my surprise when, on the big day, I opened it and found a round container of Crayola crayons.  COOL!  I had never seen crayons in anything other than a square or rectangular box.  Funny how packaging can spice up an otherwise average item.

Now that I’m grown I still play with crayons, colored pencils, and paints, but call them “makeup.”  Let’s look at two eyeshadow crayons from different companies.

Always the cheap one bargain hunter, I picked up a chubby crayon from e.l.f. (eyeslipsface) for $2 at a big box store.  It’s the Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick and I got a brown called Turkish Coffee.  I thought, hey, if this works well then I’ve found a good inexpensive crayon.  I’ve liked some e.l.f. products in the past such as their $1 eye primer.

So I tried Turkish Coffee; it went on very smoothly, blended well with my fingertip, and was a pretty color but not very pigmented.  It’s a shimmery medium brown.  However, by the end of the day — which was normal as far as no crying, no rubbing, no standing under a downspout — I had prominent semicircles of brown eyeshadow under both eyes.  It was like the shadow completely fell off and landed under my eyes.  I tried it another day with the exact same results, so I would say this eyeshadow has about the worst wear I’ve ever experienced and can’t recommend it.

At Ulta, I got a newer eyeshadow crayon from Nyx called Infinite Shadowstick in the color Chocolate, which is a matte dark brown.  It retailed for $8.99 but was on sale and I paid about $7.  It also applied smoothly, had great pigmentation, but was not very blendable.  The line I drew with it was the line I got — that baby would barely budge!  On the positive side that meant it wore very well, but on the other hand I like an eyeshadow to be blendable with at least moderate pressure.  It was also hard to remove at the end of the day, even with specialized eye makeup remover.

2 brown eye crayons

2 brown eye crayons2

Here are the two colors swatched on my inner arm, first after initial application and then with a “smudge test.”

2 brown eye crayons swatch

2 brown eye crayons smudge

You can see how pigmented the Nyx color is, and how the e.l.f. one more than just smudges, it wipes away.

I’m going to toss the e.l.f. pencil since the wear is so poor and eye products should not be shared with others.  The Nyx pencil is good but I’m going to use it as an eyeliner.  It’s a bit too tenacious for me to use as eye shadow.


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  1. Thanks for the reviews. I would love that stay put eye liner from NYX. I usually smudge my liner to soften the harsh line, but a bit of charcoal shadow should fix that harsh edge and soften the look. I could get a fab cat eye look or winged liner look with the Infinite Shadow stick. NYX is bargain priced too!

  2. Good to know. I have tried the ELF and also chucked them, I like Make-Up Forever’s Aqua pencils- the crayon size. They are excellent but expensive.

  3. I’m enjoying all your posts on make-up, even if I don’t use some of the products, like eyeliner. I did buy an ELF eyebrow kit, but could only find it in the med(which I bought), and dark. Would like to get the light, but can’t find it, so may add it to my next Amazon order. I’m just playing around with it, even checking out videos on how to apply it. But, unfortunately since I’ve over plucked for years, and my brows are uneven, stick up, are thin, and sparse in spots, it might be a losing battle. But, I find if I fill them in a bit with the gel and powder, I have less of a tendency to want to pluck them, so I’m hoping at some point it will help. Now, about color and crayons. I love crayons myself, and actually love to color in coloring books with my grandkids. But, my big girl color fun is mostly my polish. I love to change colors often. I even love how it looks in the bottles. Sorry you had some difficult times with your health as a child. That can be very tough. Glad your here with all us fans giving us always so much fun and helpful advice.

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