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So many cute new polishes competing for my attention and dollars!  Announcing the 3-polish Cut Up set from Butter London.

BL Cut Up Collection

These are top coats, not opaque polishes.  The mini set is pictured above and it’s $25 for three 0.2 oz/6 ml bottles.  Yeah, that’s small, but for glitter overcoats that you might not wear all that much, it seems pretty good.  You can also buy each full-sized polish individually:

BL Cut Up Pikey

Dust-Up (new name) — gold, silver, & bronze in a clear base

BL Cut Up Titchy

Titchy — multicolored glitter in a clear base.  “Titchy” means tiny.

BL Cut Up Anorak

Anorak —  black, white, & silver glitter in a clear base.  An anorak is a fur-lined coat.

I think they all look cool and that mini set is calling me.  After seeing some swatches online of the last set of BL polishes, the Boho Rock Collection, I think I’ll pass on those and get these three top coats.


EDIT:  I’m appalled that the first polish was originally given a name that is considered an ethnic slur.   I apologize for my original post, and had never heard the term before.  It has now been renamed Dust-Up, which in my opinion is a sarcastic response on BL’s part; however; it’s impossible to gauge intent from the name and so I’ll let it slide.


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  1. Pikey isn’t slang. It is a racial slur used on a group of people that are still being marginalized and oppressed. Gypsy is also considered a racial slur by the Roma traveler groups. Please reconsider promoting this polish as it is using racial slurs.

    • Thank you for commenting and for educating me. I was quoting from the Butter London page and had never heard the word “pikey” before. I have heard the word “piker” here in the U.S., meaning a lazy person.

      I looked the word up and you are right. Apparently there is quite the kerfuffle happening online at BL’s Facebook page and elsewhere. Here’s hoping they rename it and QUICKLY.

      Thanks again!

      • Pikey is neither a racial or ethnic slur. It isn’t a positive word, and is offensive, but it is not racial or ethnic and is incorrect to refer to it in that way. Just feel you should know the correct meaning, and not simply accept the word of a bored person with nothing better to do than stir the pot.

        • There are many, many comments from different people on Butter London’s Facebook page who were very offended by the term. I would prefer to err, if that’s the case, on the side of caution.

          My feeling is that if any group (racial, ethnic, geographic, religious, or sexual orientation) towards whom a term is directed is offended, then it’s offensive. Peace.


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