These ruffles don’t have ridges

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There’s a new small 4-polish set out from Nicole by OPI and it’s called Roughles (pronounced “ruffles”).  Rough as in matte textured.


Nicole-by-OPI-Roughles swatches

Many other bloggers have them already and here are some good swatches:  BeautyGeeks and ChitChatNails and Cosmetic Sanctuary.  BeautyGeeks shows them as is and also with a clear shiny top coat, but doesn’t like them with said top coat.  However, like most matte textures, I suspect these Roughles positively drink up the top coat and may require two or more coats.  Enamel Girl shows them with extra top coat and I really like them shiny.

Both with and without top coat, the Roughles look like those speckled candy eggs that flood the candy aisles at Easter time.  My favorite is the pink Rock the Look.  Kind of like strawberry ice cream.

I do think Nicole by OPI could have picked a simpler name, as mispronunciations are rampant on the internet.  I’ve read of “ruff-lees,” “rouge-lees,” “ruggles,” and more.  As we all know, the “-ough” spelling in English is a nightmare.  Rough, though, through, cough, and plough are all pronounced differently.

At any rate, I hope to get my paws on Rock the Look when I find it.  How about you; do you want your nails to look like speckled candy eggs?


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  1. Can’t wait to find these

  2. Might try one, if I find them, Not sure who carries them. Not sure how I feel about the lack of a little sparkle. I love Zoya’s PixieDusts so much. Haven’t tried my Lux, so not sure about that collection yet.


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