What’s most wanted? Muppets!

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Announcing the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie tie-in set from OPI:

OPI-2014-Muppets-Most-Wanted display

As Kermit would say, “Hi ho!” and as Beaker would add, “Meep, meep!”  😀

I confess to a widely-shared love of the Muppets who are most certainly not just for kids.  One of my must-see Christmas shows every year is 1987’s made-for-TV “A Muppet Family Christmas,” and some of the first OPI polishes I bought years ago were from the 2011 Muppettes collection.  In fact, the polish I use in my avatar on Facebook and other sites shows my nails in the silver foil Designer De-Better from that set.

The new Muppets Most Wanted collection contains eight polishes — several pastels, a few glitters, a duochrome, and one dark blue that is pretty but looks like the red-headed stepchild of the bunch.

Muppets World Tour — This white quartz with colorful sparkle is a global sensation.

Muppets World Tour
Miss Piggys Big Number — Stand back… Miss Piggy’s on sapphire!

Miss Piggy's Big Number
Kermit Me To Speak — Listen up… I’ve got lots to say about this rosy mauve.  [Note: swatches show this to be a purple-gold duochrome.}

Kermit Me To Speak
Gaining Mole-mentum — Make your beauty mark with this shredded gold and chunky pink glitter.

Gaining Mole-Mentum
Int’l Crime Caper — To miss this opalescent pearl would be the crime of the century.

Int'l Crime Caper
Chillin Like A Villain — My evil plan… to get away with this precious, sheer nude.

Chillin' Like a Villain
I Love Applause — This sheer, sweet pink deserves a standing ovation.

I Love Applause
Let’s Do Anything We Want — There’s no holding back this rose gold glitter with white confetti.

Let's Do Anything We Want

The mini-set will contain Miss Piggy’s Big Number, I Love Applause, Kermit Me To Speak, and Chilling Like A Villain.

Unfortunately I’m not thrilled with this set.  Some of the colors look recycled; Miss Piggy’s Big Number looks like Into the Night from OPI’s 2012 Spiderman set, and the pale pink and the peachy nude look like several of the company’s past “ballet” shades.

Actually, I’m strongly reminded of OPI’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” set from last year:

OPI - Oz set

Oh, come ON!!!  Too many similarities.  <The Silver Nail pouts and sulks, since she wanted more originality and more Muppet-like colors.>

Let me point you towards a blogger who swatches them ALL, BeautyGeeks.  Great photos & swatches.  The one she likes the least is the one I like the most, Muppets World Tour.  I like the duochrome, too, and remember now I wanted a similar shade from China Glaze but found their other duochromes too brushstroke-y.  So I might get those two.

Release date expected to be sometime in March and the movie itself releases March 21, 2014.


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  1. I’m not a huge fan of OPI. Yes, some of the colors are pretty, but I feel they have way too many of the same colors (hello reds & pinks!) & not a wide enough variety especially for the price.

  2. I really wanted Muppet-y colours too! I was somewhat alarmed by the shades (I thought they’d sent out the wrong collection until I saw the labels). At least there’s a gorgeous duochrome in the bunch (it’s named after Kermit and isn’t the least bit Kermit-Green – that’s not weird at all, right?)

    Many thanks for the pingback!


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