Magical PixieDust from Zoya — the review

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Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

Zoya’s new Magical PixieDust trio is out!  Being in the western U.S., my samples just arrived today but many other bloggers have already received, swatched, and reviewed their samples.  I’ve deliberately tried to avoid other reviews so as to remain unbiased and fresh.Zoya holo PD

These Magical PixieDusts are different from Zoya’s previous PDs in that they contain a lot of holographic glitter, in small and medium hex sizes.  The bases are clear and each polish gets its color from heavy microshimmer in white/silver, blue, and pink.  Even under indirect cloudy outdoor light — no sunshine or flash — you can see how holo and glittery they are.  Left to right:  Cosmo, Vega, and Lux:


Each polish was rather thick, with the blue Vega being the thickest.  I used three thin coats of each polish, with no base or top coat.  Let’s go straight to swatches and then discuss.




None of them ever dried actually matte for me and they’re shinier and obviously much more glittery than Zoya’s previous PDs.  One of the things I’ve liked about Zoya’s PDs (seen here and here, for example) is that they have a sugary sparkle that is neither a flat “dried paint” look nor a glitter bomb.  The Magical PDs remind me more of OPI’s matte textured polishes called Liquid Sand, which isn’t a bad thing but I still prefer the original PixieDust matte-yet-sparkly look.

I like all three of these new polishes and Cosmo is my favorite if I could only pick one.  I expected the pink Lux to be more pigmented.

Honestly?  I’ll probably use the Magical PixieDusts as a glitter top coat over other polishes most of the time.  I love the holo sparkle yet don’t get the matte or semi-matte look from PDs that I’ve come to expect.

Each polish is $10 (US) at and as always, Zoya polishes are 5-free — free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and camphor.

P.S.  Now that I’ve written my own review, I’ve read some others.  Several people think the dried polish feels too chunky or rough, but I don’t get that feeling.  Yes, it’s rougher than non-glitter polishes but feels average for a glitter to me.

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.


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  1. HI. Thanks for the swatches. Me along with so many others that ordered Hudson are still waiting for them to come off back order, so our entire order will ship. That must be some purple color. LOL Anyway, I like the way you waited to get and swatch your Magical PixieDusts before checking out other bloggers swatches and reviews. I do check out some other bloggers swatches,usually the ones you recommend, but value your reviews the most. So, was happy to see you finally got your order. Can’t remember if you mentioned you got or are getting any of the Awaken Collection. I just can’t remember. Anyway, thanks. Suzy

    • Thank you! Yes, I am getting the Awaken Collection from Zoya but since they send the whole sampler — for which I am eternally grateful — it has not shipped yet, the one delayed color holding up the whole thing. I’m sure Zoya wants to get Hudson out as much as we want to have it! I’ll swatch the set as soon as I get it.

  2. I love the original formula too. I think it is really unique and your review of them is beautiful. I am never disappointed with Zoya.

  3. Kelley @ Deliciously UnPolished

    I think the pixie dust particles/glitters are so metallic that they won’t ever get quite as matte as the original Pixie Dusts. I’ve been wearing Vega for a few days now and it still has some sheen to it. Still pretty, but definitely different! 🙂

    I’ve nominated you for the Shine On award! I love reading your perspective on the polishes you show here!

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