Happy Presidents’ Day!

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Is it Presidents’ Day with a possessive apostrophe or Presidents Day without one?  I think it’s with.  Whichever it is, have a happy one.  Fly your flag and don’t worry about checking the mail.

I thought I’d try to create a post that would have something to do with the holiday, but as you might imagine, it’d be quite a stretch.  George and Abraham sure didn’t wear nail polish and Martha and Mary wouldn’t have either.  So I thought I’d do a quick search on what Abraham Lincoln’s favorite color was.  It was blue.  No, it was red.  No, he was color-blind.  No, he wasn’t.  Another dead end.

In despair I’m tossing up my hands and showing you one of my frankenpolishes, aka a franken.  As I’ve mentioned before, that’s when you mix two or more polishes to make something new.

Here’s one I made that I call “Train Wreck,” because it’s such a mash-up.  I started with a dark metallic blue and added some purple.  The shimmer in the dark blue polish was silver, but oddly, the addition of the purple turned some of the shimmer pink.  Weird, but I like it.  Further proof that ya just never know what’s going to happen when you start mixing and switching.  Under indirect outdoor light and then with a fill flash:

Train Wreck

Train Wreck flash

It’s not a duochrome yet I like how it looks more blue in some light and more purple in another.  Just a fun color.

If you’re ever going to franken some polishes, always be careful and work in a well-ventilated area.  I usually begin by pouring out (onto a paper towel that then goes in the garbage) some polish and re-using whatever bottle I started with, but you can also buy brand-new, clean, empty bottles.  Here are some from Head2Toe Beauty for about a dollar each.  What I like about frankening — apart from the “play” factor — is that sometimes you can start with two or more polishes you don’t particularly like and end up with something you do like.


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  1. Great idea and now I know what to do with those unwanted polishes.

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