Happy Valentine’s Day from Zoya!

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A new promotion from Zoya!

If it seems like I’m often, “Zoya, Zoya, Zoya,” it’s true — there’s no other polish company that gives its customers so many good sales and promos in my opinion.  Also, I will gladly admit that Zoya works with me.  Most other polish companies won’t even give me the time of day.  Don’t know the reasons; I figure it’s because I proudly say I’m aimed at women over 40 and they all run screaming in the other direction, as if aging is contagious.  If only they realized that we all age at the same rate, one day at a time, and the only alternative to getting old is one that means you definitely won’t be buying any more polish.

So!  Valentine’s Day.  Here ya go:


Read all the details HERE, and I will list them:

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to bring a little magic to your life, so we have a very special gift just for our Pixies! Here’s a hint… it’s prettier than flowers, sweeter than candy and shines just as bright as diamonds. Give up? It’s a LE Zoya Magical Pixie Mini Trio!NOW through 2/19/14 (11:59pm EST), Get a special edition Magical Pixie Mini Trio (0.25oz bottles) FREE with any purchase of $30.
BONUS – Spend $35 or more for FREE Standard Ground Shipping!Code: MAGICHow it works:
1. Add $30 or more of Zoya, Qtica or Qtica Smart Spa products to your shopping bag. Don’t forget – if you spend $35 or more, shipping is FREE!2. Enter Code MAGIC into the coupon code field in cart and press “Apply Code” (Magical Pixie Mini Trio will automatically be added to the bag).

3. Complete check-out, review and submit order.

*Terms & Conditions
Valid online only at http://www.zoya.com and http://www.qtica.com through 02/19/14 (11:59pm EST) OR while supplies last. Not valid in conjunction with other coupons, codes or promotions. Continental US only. Excludes Color Spoons. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors, web related issues or any errors associated with declined credit cards. Returns or exchanges of promotional items not permitted. Code must be entered at time of purchase. One code per account – code cannot be reinstated for canceled orders. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing depending on volume.


As I always nag, read the fine print.  Then read it a second time so there are no misunderstandings.  Note “Continental U.S. only” and “Limit one promotional order per account.”  If you use the promo code and then cancel your order, you cannot re-use the code again later, so be sure before you click that “Submit Order” button.  Every single time Zoya has a promo like this, there is crying on their Facebook page as if it’s Zoya’s fault that an expired credit card was used or the person ordered after the expiration date or whatever.  Don’t be that sad panda.

Some of you may be waiting for swatches of the new spring collection Awaken before placing an order.  The colors were delayed and are just starting to ship, but as far as I know there are one or two polishes still not ready, which holds up the six-polish sampler.  This sampler is what Zoya provides for me as a blogger (Thank you!!!) so I don’t know when I’ll receive mine.  I am not complaining, just letting you know why I haven’t swatched them yet.  I hope to swatch them the very day I receive them!

If you need any suggestions about what to order, search this blog or others for swatches and ideas.  The designers at the recent New York Fashion Week were very big on black, nude, and dark red polish for fall.  Norra is one I showed and love.

Also, I’ve never talked very much about the company’s line of lip glosses called Hot Lips.  I really like them — reasonably priced and best of all, feel light and moisturizing yet look colorful.  I prefer their sheer, non-shimmery shades; Disguise and Purr are two of my faves.  I tried the one called Luck, and while it’s a pretty pink, the shimmer/frost really emphasized the fine lines in my lips.

Finally, don’t forget that Qtica and Smart Spa brand products count.  I’ve mentioned their Sugar Scrubs before and LOVE them.  Shop here, and I notice that for some reason the lime one is a couple of dollars cheaper than the others.  Unless you have your own professional spa, you probably don’t need the mega-tub size.


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  1. I noticed the Zoya website was doing some wierd stuff last night, but I’m sure it’s fixed now. I will probably pass on this one. I already ordered Lux, and I have so many colors in my wish list that I was hoping for a sale on those. So, it’s all good. I’ll wait until the next promo, or when I have more cash set aside to pay full price. I did call Zoya today, and they said Hudson has been delayed, so that’s why my order hasn’t shipped. But, I’m patient. Thanks for the info. Happy Valentines Day to you.

  2. If only I could order too (I’m German and NEVER get anything out of those great Zoya offers 😦 very sad!)… I would be so so happy getting this lovely trio AND some of those polishes I’ve been wanting for so long!

  3. Ah I didn’t know Awaken collection had some delays on some colors, good to know. I couldn’t decide between these new Pixiedusts and the Awaken colors, now I won’t have to, I’ll get this mini and some Awakens before my free Monet promo ends, I think that was end of Feb…


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