Another from Julep — Rebecca

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My polish life is kind of weird these past few days.  The new spring colors from Zoya — Awaken Collection, Monet topper, Magical PixieDusts — have not shipped yet, I haven’t bought any new spring releases from Essie or China Glaze or OPI, and frankly, I’m glued to the Olympics on TV.

What to do, what to do.  I decided to dig into my relatively-new-but-not-yet swatched stash, and I came up with a beautiful spring color from Julep called Rebecca.  I’m not a “Maven,” aka monthly subscriber to Julep; Rebecca is a polish that I bought cheep cheep at an after-Christmas sale.  As I’ve posted before, Julep’s full-sized bottles are what I call mini, 0.27 oz/8 ml, and I don’t care for the tall, narrow bottle shape.  But they have some nice polishes.

Rebecca is a lavender-blue or light periwinkle blue creme.  The formula was very thick but it self-leveled well and dried quickly.  Two coats, no top coat:


Rebecca is still available on Julep’s site and is still on sale for $3.99.  Personally I won’t pay more than that for such a tiny bottle, but I do love the shade.  It’s not just blue and it’s not just lavender.  Very spring-like.  I don’t have another creme exactly this color, although I do have similar colors in different finishes (shimmer, matte textured).

More deals can be found on Julep’s “Savvy Deals” page but shop carefully because there’s quite a range of prices.  The shimmery peach Karen that I swatched earlier is on sale for $2.99.


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