SquareHue does Harajuku style!

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Disclosure:  One of the older polishes was supplied by SquareHue.  All others were bought.

This snowy, frigid, windy day has been considerably brightened by the delivery of my February SquareHue subscription box.  The theme for this month is The Passport Collection: Tokyo, and the tagline for it was “Nails ablaze, Harajuku style!”

For new readers,  SquareHue is a polish-of-the month (POTM) subscription club and each month’s box contains three full-sized 0.5 oz./15 ml bottles, not just one bottle and not skimpy mini bottles like other companies.  The polish is 4-free (free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and camphor) and is not tested on animals.  You can suspend or pause your account at any time, or you can cancel any time as well with no penalty. Check out all the details at SquareHue’s “How It Works” page.

I know very little about Japanese culture but Harajuku is a district in Tokyo that has become a pop culture buzzword for its bright, outré clothing, makeup, and hair styles.  I don’t even pretend to understand it nor will I attempt to explain it because I’d probably get it all wrong.  A Google or Pinterest search of “Harajuku style” will give you a basic idea.  Think bright.  Think wild.

So I was reallyreallyreally hoping that SquareHue would get a bit wild with the polishes this month, and my dreams came true.  No white.  No black.  No cremes (not that I dislike cremes; in fact, SqH’s all-creme November box has been one of my faves).  Feast your winter-tired eyes on these babies:

SqH Feb14 bottles

SqH Feb14 bottles2

SqH Feb14 bottles3

Left to right:

  • Roppongi — lime green glitter
  • Shibuya — magenta-pink microglitter
  • Ginza — bright blue shimmer

The names are all Tokyo streets or districts famous for their shopping and/or night life.

Roppongi is a sheer top coat with multiple sizes of glitter.  I think it would be very hard to build up opacity on its own, and I show it by itself (one coat on my middle finger, three coats on my ring finger) and as one coat over SquareHue’s own lime green creme Flower Power from the April 2013 box, on my little finger.  Would be fun to try it over other colors too, such as black or light blue.


Shibuya is amazing.  It’s hot pink, it’s magenta, it’s fuchsia.  At first glance it’s similar to a color from SqH’s first-ever box in December of 2012 called Sugar Plum, but Shibuya is a duochrome that looks mostly hot pink but flashes blue-purple at certain angles.

Shibuya and SugarPlum

The formula of Shibuya was good and I used three coats, no top coat.  It dries very glossy and I think it looks more pink on the nail than it does in the bottle.


Reminds me of Mason from Zoya but Shibuya is more glittery.

Ginza is a silvery blue shimmer whose base color is similar to Midnight Flurries from SqH’s January 2013 box, but Midnight Flurries contained holographic microglitter.

Ginza and MidFlur

Ginza’s formula was thin and it was very streaky on the first coat.  The second and third coats covered better but I still had to watch out for brushstrokes.  Don’t overwork it.  I’d almost call this one a chrome, it’s so shiny.


I love SquareHue’s Tokyo Collection.  Huge props for giving us bright, saturated colors and shimmer/glitter!  My favorite?  That’s tough.  I really like all three but if I could only pick one I’d latch on to Shibuya, because it’s so bright and the formula is great.  Roppongi is a color I won’t wear very often but I still think it’s so freakin’ cool, and Ginza… well, I’m kind of obsessed with blue polish lately.

The theme city and picture for the March collection have been posted, and it’s Paris.

SqH March preview pic

From the extremely subdued colors in this picture — especially compared to the ones we’ve seen for the last several months (New York, London, and Tokyo), I’m expecting a set of neutrals/nudes, but that’s only a guess and I have no inside knowledge.  Selfishly I hope it’s not all nude cremes since I have enough of those and I rarely wear them because I think they’re kinda boring.  Guess I can hope for a beige or tan holo, though!

Disclosure:  One of the older polishes was supplied by SquareHue.


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  1. Wow I love the colors! I just signed up and this will be my first box. I can’t wait to get it!

  2. How awesome are those colors?!?! I went wild with it :p

  3. I can’t wait to get mine, these look great!

  4. Oh – that Shibuya is pretty much yellin’ my name!

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