Dabbling in the Black Market

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Wait!  Don’t call the police on me just yet!

A few weeks ago I posted my first makeup review, a chunky palette from Urban Decay called the Shattered Face Case.  From the set, I loved the soft formula and intense pigmentation of the eye liner pencil called Zero but wanted to try some colors other than jet black.

When I next browsed my local Ulta store, lo and behold, I saw a collection of six travel-sized 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils from Urban Decay (same kind as Zero) called Black Market.  Oddly, the dozen or so sets of them were unceremoniously dumped on an end cap with no price sign, no advertising, nuttin’.  Not sure if I wanted to buy them or not, I checked online reviews and swatches and then decided yes, I most definitely did want them.

The set was $36 but I got them for 20% off, or $28.80.  This works out to just under $5 per pencil.  While travel-sized, they aren’t tiny; they’re about two-thirds the size of regular UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils which retail for $19 each, and are plenty big enough for me.

I’ll show you swatches in a minute, but first — good news on the price of the set.  I no longer see Black Market on Ulta’s web site, but on Urban Decay’s site itself, they are on sale for $24 as of this writing.

UD Black Market set

The colors are:

  • West –dark brown pearl
  • Desperation — deep taupe-gray matte
  • Black Market — charcoal black satin
  • Riot — smoky purple shimmer with violet micro-sparkle
  • Apathy — metallic olive green shimmer
  • Ink – deep navy blue satin

I absolutely love the formula.  They go on smoothly with no dragging, skipping, or tugging.  For years I’ve been using hard eye liner pencils from Cover Girl but these UD pencils are so much softer.  Yet the pigmentation is intense and they’re waterproof too.  Excellent staying power; they don’t rub off until you remove them with makeup remover or soap.  Here are swatches on my inner arm, with colors from top to bottom in the same order as listed above.

UD Black Market swatches

I feel that this set gives me all the eye liner colors I need — they’re dark but not Goth, and aren’t garish or complete glitter bombs.  I truly love all the colors but feel I’ll probably wear West and Desperation the most as an everyday look.  Riot might be a bit sparkly for me except as an evening look, although I could tone it down by layering it with another color.  Black Market is less intense than Zero which I showed previously.

Oh, and don’t think you have to have green eyes to wear green eye liner, or blue eyes to wear blue.  I have brown eyes and think these all look good.  My old, hard, ancient eye pencils are going in la garbage!

P.S.  Here’s a tip.  Sharpening soft eye pencils can be tricky.  Push too hard and all you’ll get is a mushy mess and a waste of product.  Pop the pencil in the freezer for five minutes or so and try sharpening it then.  Gently.


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  1. I love these pencils SO much! They’re my absolute favourite stay put things. I use waterproof liner and mascara – both come off in a snap with a bi-phasal remover. Whenever I wear the Black Market with Riot over top, people always tell me I look pretty that day. I guess normally I’m not pretty so that Riot/Black Market combo MUST be a winner.

  2. Great review! I definitely could use these as I missed out on the Ocho Loco set at Christmas time. I only have a few of the 24/7 pencils that came in a palette like your first one, and I too, love the formula. $18 a pencil though is too pricey for me to be comfortable with for 1 lone pencil though, but I will happily settle for $24 for a whole set!

  3. Yay! I recommended these on your other UD post, so I’m happy to see you found them at a good price and like them. I haven’t even sharpened mine yet…but thinking I might need a backup set…


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