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Reader request!  After waffling over to-buy-or-not-to-buy Song for months and months, I finally picked it up in my last order from Zoya.  Here’s a quick swatch on my poor, broken nails, along with some comparisons.

Song is described on Zoya’s web site as “Bold, vibrant medium primary blue with silver and blue glittery metallic sparkle.  A very vibrant blue with a glittery finish that’s smoother than traditional chunky glitter,” yet they list its finish as “foil.”  I don’t think it’s a foil; I’d call it a microfine glitter or flakie.  But let’s not split hairs.

It’s a beautiful medium-dark bright blue, not grayed or dull whatsoever.  Song was part of the Diva Collection from Fall 2012, which contained mostly jewel-bright shades.

Song went on well and was an excellent self-leveler, although it was a bit too thick.  One coat was almost but not quite enough, so I used two.  No brushstrokes here!  With no top coat under indirect snowy outdoor light:


I pulled out two other Zoyas for comparison, Neve and Ibiza.  Neve has a slight purple tone and Ibiza is darker and more indigo.  Under indirect light and then with a fill flash:


SongNeveIbiza flash

And here’s an old swatch of both Neve and Ibiza:

Neve and Ibiza

As you can see, they’re close but not dupes.  Do you need all three?  Do I?  Probably not.  If you wanted to pick just one I’d say go with Song if you want a bright medium blue, Neve if you want one that’s slightly purple-toned, and Ibiza if you want an indigo blue.  The level of shimmer in all three is similar.

And because I know someone will ask — and I love such questions because they make me think! — if I could only pick one, it’d be Neve.  It applied ultra-smoothly and I love its sapphire tone.


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  1. Oh my, decisions, decisions. I think I might still go with Song, since it’s the shade I want, but then again I could change my mind. Thanks so much for the comparisons. They always make my selection much easier. Suzy

  2. I am really into blue polishes lately. When Zoya had that 3 free polishes for cost of shipping, I bought both Ibiza and Indigo (and Payton). I really love them both, and these blues you have here are just as beautiful. 🙂

  3. I gave into Song, too, for Zoya’s annual “our job is to spoil you” offer. In addition to Song, I picked up Heidi, Maya, Wednesday, Pru & Rose. I know, I picked the polish with my name. I love Zoya!

    • I think there’s some nail polish lovers law that says you need to pick up the Z. polish with your name on it. 😉

      • With all the specials Zoya is running lately, did you get an extra promo code for a free Zoya? I finally ordered Cole & Dillon to take advantage of the free Monet code and there is yet another promo code in my account. Simply a free Zoya, good until 4/29. I think I’m going to get Neely, but will probably order another bottle or 2 just for good measure. What to pick, what to pick?


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