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Quick swatch for you today.  Are you still deciding which Zoya polishes to pick up in their latest promo?  Any of the orchid shades in this picture would be beautiful.

ZP_ORCHID_ZP537_dannii_ZP514_PERRIE_ZP213_BLYSS 1240

Left to right:  Dannii, Perrie, and Blyss

Let me throw out one more idea for you.  I often recommend the raspberry pink creme called Moxie, but alas!  Moxie is no longer available on Zoya’s web site.  I’ve found a very close shade though:  Brie.

I’d also call it a raspberry pink creme; Zoya’s official description reads, “A creamy dark pink with soft crimson and purple undertones. There’s nothing cheesy about this romantic deep pink.”  Ha ha, because of course Brie is also a kind of cheese.  Fortunately Brie the polish looks nothing like Brie the cheese.

The formula and application of Brie were a dream, so smooth and shiny.  One coat was almost but not quite enough.  Two coats, no top coat, under indirect cloudy outdoor light:


For comparison, here’s my previous swatch of Moxie:

Moxie outd light

And here are both colors plus Reagan for comparison:

Reagan Brie Moxie

Hopefully you can see that Reagan is the lightest and pinkest while Moxie is the darkest and is more red.  Still, I think Brie and Moxie are very close.

P.S.  If you participate in the promo of three polishes for $12 shipping & handling, Zoya has a bonus.  Read about it HERE.  A special color and maybe free shipping???  Oooooh, aaaaah.


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  1. I went with Belinda (deep purple) from Zenith collection, Neve (deep blue) from Satins collection, and Sparkle Gloss top coat, which I’d never heard of, but stumbled across when I was sorting on the site by finishes. I also got a 32 oz bottle of Remove+ like probably everyone else did. Then it was $25 for that, and polishes are free, and free shipping. I was hoping the new Spring collection could be ordered, but I guess that is next month. Thanks to last year’s earth day promotion where you can get like 24 polishes for $4 each and other promos, I have just about every color of theirs I might want, since I am not a fan of cremes….but I do want some of those spring Awakens!!! 😀

  2. WHOO-HOO! I got Aurora, Logan and Chantal…and now a possibility of something else wonderful from the fairies? WHOO-HOO!

  3. It’s so hard to pick…and then I pick nothing because I just can’t make up my mind!

  4. Hmmm… Nothing added to My Promo Codes today. Anything on your end?
    The “three free” (plus four others) which I’d ordered back on the 8th haven’t shipped yet, either, though the order has changed status to “picking/scan verification.” Zoya’s process seems glacial lately. Any movement on yours?

    • I didn’t get the promo code email last night but it was in my inbox this morning. And the polishes I ordered in the 3-free promo took several days but they did ship. I think that many popular, newer colors probably sold out and had to be restocked, and I ordered older colors. It’s hard to wait! 🙂

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