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Imagine my blogger horror when I realized that I forgot to swatch and review the December box from monthly polish subscription program SquareHue.  I have a ton of excuses, none of them very good.  My box was held up for over a week by the post office, so by the time I received it, other bloggers had reviewed it extensively and I put it aside.  And yes, it was the post office’s blunder and not SquareHue’s; I could tell by the postmark.

If you’re a new reader, SquareHue ships to both the U.S. and Canada and you get three full-sized polishes, but you don’t know ahead of time what they’ll be.  Pricing is simple, $14.99 plus $5.00 s&h, and you can suspend or cancel your account easily at any time with no penalty.  The company’s customer service is fantastic and they are extremely dependable.  “Dependable” seems like a boring attribute until you try dealing with a company that isn’t!

Since today is crazy and since I just received the January 2014 SquareHue box in the mail (!!!!), this review of the December box is going to be brief and quick:  December.  New York.  Red.  Creme.  Yellow.  Duochrome.  Pearl.  Silver.  Holo.  There, I’m done.

Just kidding, although I am going to swatch them all at once.  The theme of the December box is New York, in the company’s new extended theme of The Passport Collection.  I don’t know how long this Passport/world theme will be going on, perhaps a whole year.  Time will tell.  The polishes are:

  • Fifth Avenue — a bright red classic creme
  • Broadway — a sheer pearl top coat, pale yellow with a pink/purple duochrome sheen
  • Times Square — a silver linear holographic (holo)

SqH Dec bottles

SqH Dec bottles2

Fifth Avenue is, somewhat surprisingly, a color that SquareHue hasn’t done before.  Surprising, I mean, because it’s such a classic.  Bright cherry red, it’s modern and retro all at once.  It’s a color I think everyone needs in their stash.  Fifth Avenue applied very smoothly and I used two coats for coverage but think I should have used three.  It’s very glossy on its own.

Broadway is a bit of a puzzle.  It’s sheer and is meant to be used as a top coat but I don’t know yet what I want to top with it.  The yellow tone will change whatever underlying color I use, so I’m going to think about this one.  It also has an unusual pink-purple duochrome shift.  I tried three coats to see if I could build opacity, but no.

Times Square is my favorite, and it’s the favorite of almost every reviewer I’ve read.  It’s a true holo, and I love its smooth application.  I used three coats for full coverage.  Here are all three polishes under indirect dreary outdoor light and with the bottle of Fifth Avenue:

SqH Dec swatch1

Here’s the bottle of Broadway held at a different angle so you can see the duochrome more:

SqH Dec swatch2

Finally, here are two shots with the bottle of Times Square.  The first is with the flash and the second is under direct (but still dreary) outdoor light.  Look at that holo!

SqH Dec swatch3

SqH Dec swatch4

You can see that Times Square exhibits a rainbow effect under the flash, so I’m calling it a linear holo.  But it’s not as blinding as most linear holos I’ve seen and I’d be tempted to call it a semi-linear holo, if there is such a thing.  For a great explanation of holo finishes, see Lab Muffin.  In future boxes I’d love to see SquareHue come up with similar holos in other colors, like pink or blue or purple, even black.

The January box is The Passport Collection: London, and I’ll review it ASAP.


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  2. I think I might just have to subscribe to SquareHue a month or two before my next visit to the States so I can give them a try. I think they look as though they may be the best nail polish subscription service I’ve seen reviewed so far. I did subscribed to Julep ages ago and got two boxes and just wasn’t that impressed.

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  4. No surprise Times Square is (alsmost) every blogger’s favourite. It’s marvellous.

  5. Times Square – stellar! I’m a YEAR late, but is there any way to get one bottle? I don’t believe Square Hue sells past individual colors, do they?

    I don’t do eBay, Amazon and all that. I was an executive in silicon valley for decades and phased out technology craziness when I retired. I don’t even have a cell phone, just a little old rickety PC running XP! So if this nail polish is for sale or swap on some website, I’d like to try.

    Square Hue is wonderful, BTW, just got my first box from them. Not accustomed to so much dark, but hey, it’s fall. I also like their style, their presentation, ya know? Most sub-boxes are quite obviously catering to 20-somethings, and also seem run by 20-somethings. The looks, the articles, the topics, almost juvenile.

    If profitable, maybe Square Hue could have a little website shop of past colors and maybe extras like top coats, nail files and tools, but only top quality to match their polish. Althouth they have a good model so should not deviate too far. But they did send out a survey recently. Thanks.


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