Back in the saddle with Spring 2014 news from Essie

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Christmas is over, company has left, and I ate WAY too much sugar!  Hope you all had a good holiday.

I’ll try to drag you and me both out of the post-holiday doldrums with some SPRING news.  Essie has announced (or leaked, I dunno) their small annual 4-polish spring “Resort” collection.  Take a peek at Resort Fling:

Essie spring 2014

A peach, a nude, a light blue, and a dark blue-purple…. walk into a bar…. wait, I’m not joking.  Here are closeups:

Resort Fling

Essie Spring 2014 Resort Fling

Cocktails and Coconuts

Essie Spring 2014 Cocktails and Coconuts

Find Me an Oasis

Essie Spring 2014 Find Me an Oasis

Under the Twilight

Essie Spring 2014 Under the Twilight

This last polish seems a little out of place in a pastel set yet it’s the only one I really like.  Also, color me amazed and thankful that the set does NOT contain one of Essie’s dime-a-dozen lavenders, which seem to appear in every collection.

Expected release date is February 1st in stores and earlier online, subject to change.  Transdesign already has them listed for preorder, and there will be a mini-set too.

EDIT:  More spring Essie news HERE.


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  1. I know what you mean about essie with lavender/lilac colors.. must have been her favorite color growing up, so she chooses to put them in every collection. I must admit, however I only like Lilacism & full steam ahead. Looking forward to find me an oasis and resort fling (which I think will be a slightly brighter version of A Crewed Interest) 🙂

  2. Meh. Under the Twilight might be nice ; )

  3. Of course I want them all. lol I hadn’t seen anything about upcoming Essie collections so thanks for sharing!

  4. Resort Fling has me interested, Under the Twilight has potential, but I swear, one more color from Ms. Weingarten that looks black on the nail and I will scream. Cocktails & Coconuts has the potential of a great neutral for when my nails become nubbins. (The other choice for nubbins would be polish-free, but that’s just crazy talk.) The light blue is meh.

  5. The polishes I have are mostly from Zoya, and I have a a few from other brands that I really like, none from Essie though. I tried one, but had to return it, and they are never on sale. Honestly, I think I am spoiled by Zoya with their wonderful colors, and their great customer service. Not to mention their awesome sales. But, I still love to read about all other brands here, and that way I know what’s out there in polish land.

    • I, too, am much more a fan of Zoya than of Essie. As you say, Essie is never on sale, or if it is, I sure never hear about it! I like reading about and posting about as many brands as I can, so we’ll all know of the current colors and trends. Now, whether we LIKE the current trends, that’s another story!! 😉

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  8. I wonder if Under the Twilight is noticeably different from No More Film (which is basically blue, not purple, IMO). Essie polish generally doesn’t wear that well on me, but I do like seeing new collection photos anyway!

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