Boxing Day sale!

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It’s Boxing Day, the day after Christmas when small gift boxes were/are traditionally given to household staff, public servants, and other workers. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

These days Boxing Day is generally the day to drag yourself out of your sugar-induced cookie coma and hit the day-after-Christmas sales.  More and more it’s the day to let your fingers do the walking by placing your orders online instead of physically going to stores and battling crowds of people with bloodlust in their eyes and gift cards in their pockets.

There are plenty of sales to talk about but I’ll just mention one here:  Julep’s Winter Warehouse Sale .

In my recent post about my first-ever Julep polishes, I mentioned that while I like the polish itself, the price is a deterrent for me.  But these are some great sale prices — some polishes are $4.99  or even $2.99 each, and there are sets of two or three or more.  Shop carefully and you could score some real deals.  Keep in mind, though, how small the bottles are, both Julep’s regular and mini sizes.  Caroline is catching my eye:

Julep Caroline

I really liked the shimmery light red foil Tori that I tried, and another color that looks fabulous which I haven’t swatched yet is a sparkly teal, Marion, which is not on sale.  Tori was part of the “Crackling Fire Duo,” and that’s out of stock but there are other pretty polishes on the sale page.



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