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Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

I was thrilled yesterday both to receive The Naturel Collection from Zoya and to read that we could release swatches earlier than expected.  Several bloggers have already posted their reviews, and as always I think it’s a great idea to look at the polishes on various skin tones.

Naturel is a set of neutral cremes, no shimmer, most with a mauve or cool tone.


Left to right with Zoya’s descriptions:

Chantal: French Vanilla Cream
Taylor: Light Toffee Cream
Rue: Boudoir Blush Cream
Brigitte: Bombshell Mauve Cream
Odette: Sultry Maroon Cream
Normani: Sable Mauve Cream

I was especially looking forward to Rue, Brigitte, and Odette.  Were my hopes met?  Let’s find out.

Chantal and Taylor are the two most similar colors of the collection, and I love the “French vanilla” description for Chantal.  Since the shades are close, I swatched them together, but swatched all the others separately.  All six polishes applied very smoothly, I used two coats and no top coat for every polish, and they are photographed under indirect snowy outdoor light.  I apologize in advance for the less-than-stellar appearance of my nails and cuticles; the prolonged sub-zero weather has been brutal on my skin lately.  Just look at the polish!  Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain!

Taylor is so close to my skin tone that it tends to disappear, but for a work environment or formal occasion that may be just what you want.  I like the look of Chantal much more than I expected and it really does remind me of French vanilla cream.  Chantal is lighter and more peachy compared to Taylor, which is slightly darker and a little more gray.  Here I have Chantal on my index and middle fingers and Taylor on my ring and little fingers.  First with the bottle of Chantal and then with the bottle of Taylor:

Chantal and Taylor w Chantal bottle

Chantal and Taylor w Taylor bottle

Rue is a very pale dusty pink with a slight purple tone.  I had a problem with air bubbles but think it was my own fault for shaking the bottle instead of rolling it.  I haven’t read of anyone else dealing with bubbles.  Hmmm, don’t like this one quite as much as I’d hoped and don’t know why.  I think I’ll be more drawn to it in the spring, or maybe it’s the poor light today.


Brigitte.  Ah, Brigitte.  Love at first swatch.  It’s like a darker, more intense shade of Rue’s dusty mauve.  You can call it a Grandma color; I don’t care as long as I can call it mine!


Odette is darker and even more purple than Brigitte.  I thought it made my skin look a tad yellowish, but again, my skin tone is not your skin tone.  I was surprised that Brigitte and Odette were so purple; from Zoya’s photos I expected more of a rose pink tone.


Normani is described as “sable” and I thought it would be more of a pale milk chocolate color.  It’s an unusual gray-purple-brown, and not my personal cup of tea.


I don’t have many polishes to compare to the Naturel Collection, as I don’t buy a lot of neutrals.  At first I thought Jacqueline from Zoya’s Lovely Collection last spring might be close to Chantal, but no way.  Jacqueline is an off-white, almost pale yellow.

Chantal and Taylor w Jacqueline

Normani reminds me of an Essie polish I swatched ages ago and no longer own, Don’t Sweater It.

Don't Sweater It outd light

Overall, I like the Naturel Collection a lot.  No, it’s not full of glitter and flash and swagger.  It’s calm and soft.  My favorite shade is definitely Brigitte, with Chantal a surprise second favorite.  Taylor is going to be one of those nude shades that I think I’ll be glad I own when the occasion for wearing it arises.

Zoya polishes are 5-Free — free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  The Naturel Collection polishes are available at for $9.00 each (US) now, but may be backordered.  The first production run sold out in a day!

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.


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  1. I think I’m going to have to get Chantal. I really like it! 🙂

  2. I am not certain I really like any of these shades. I am so fair skinned that they aren’t flattering on me and I am going to have to try swatching them at the store to see if any might be a good match. I like the look of Chantal and Taylor too.

  3. Thanks for the swatches. I think I like Brigette the best too. I think I’ll put that one on my wish list, but in no hurry to get it right now. I have some polishes coming from the flash promos, and those I’m excited to get.

  4. I think I actually like Normani best on you! ; )
    Nudes and me are not the best of friends, I don’t like them on me, and every time I try one I think it makes me boring and my hands look weird… ; )
    But this collection is interesting!

  5. I love all the saturated winter colors, but these soft shades also really appeal to me. Thank you for swatching these so fast! All the snow this week is making me long for spring. 😀

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for reading. I’m fine with winter weather until right after New Year’s Day, then I want spring. Ain’t gonna happen, so I get to dream with my nail polish (and fabric stash, but that’s another story).

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