The SquareHue November box — The Coastal Collection — complete review!

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I practically tackled the mail carrier today because I knew my November subscription box from SquareHue was arriving.  I’ve skipped the last three months and was so excited to get this one, The Coastal Collection.  If you don’t want your surprise spoiled, read no further.

As I’ve posted many times, SquareHue is a monthly nail polish subscription.  They ship to the U.S. and Canada and you get three full-sized polishes.  Pricing is simple, $14.99 plus $5.00 s&h, and you can suspend or cancel your account easily at any time.  I actually hemmed and hawed so long about whether to get the Coastal Collection that I missed my billing date, but an email to their helpful customer service straightened everything out quickly.

The three polishes are always a surprise, but SquareHue does give us hints in every month’s preview picture(s).  Here are November’s:


sqh nov pic

Unboxing was fun, and here’s what met my eye:

SqH Nov box

SqH Nov bottles

SqH Nov bottles labels

All are cremes and all were good self-levelers.  My photos today are under indirect outdoor snowy light.  My skin looks unusually red for some reason, and it’s not the polish, it’s me.  Oh well.

Nantucket is a beautiful medium teal, perhaps more blue than green.  The formula was slightly thick, in a good way, and two coats covered very well.  It dried shiny but not super-glossy so I used a clear top coat:

Nantucket outd

Chatham, wow!  It’s a milk chocolate brown or perhaps cafe au lait (pick your fave foodstuff).  The formula was thin and I used three coats.  This one dried very glossy and I didn’t use a top coat.

It really reminded me so much of chocolate that I kept expecting it to smell like chocolate!  Hint:  it doesn’t.

Chatham outd

Portsmouth is a medium gray-blue.  It was neither particularly thin nor thick, and two coats gave good coverage.  It dried the least shiny of the three, but not matte by any means, and I used a clear top coat:

Portsmouth outd
I think all three colors of the Coastal Collection are winners.  My favorite?  It’s hard to pick just one — I’d say it’s a toss up between Nantucket and Chatham, and I don’t have another polish like Chatham at all.  Wouldn’t it be a fantastic office-safe or professional-looking neutral?  I love it on my incredibly average skin but think it would be stunning on either very dark or very pale skin.

SquareHue has really sent out a nice variety of blues and teals in the past year.  Take a look.

SquareHue blues

Hope you enjoyed the swatches.  I want to say something else about SquareHue here — I skipped a few months because I wasn’t wowed by the colors in the preview pictures, and also because I wanted to try another polish subscription company.  To say that the other company was a disaster would be like saying the Titanic got a bit damp.  I cannot emphasize this enough:  SquareHue delivers.  They send what they promise when they promise.  When I wanted to resume my subscription, they made no snide or snarky comments (I can’t imagine them ever doing that!) — no, I got the nice message, “We missed ya! Glad to have you back!”

I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year, and SquareHue is the best of both worlds, beautiful AND dependable!

And now, here’s the preview picture for the December box, the Passport Collection: New York.  Exciting!  I think, but don’t know for sure, that this might mean we’ll see more boxes in the Passport Collection.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Tokyo, Paris, London, who knows?

SqH Dec preview pic



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  1. Beautiful colors! I haven’t been excited about the colors the last few months, but I love these! Thanks for the review.

  2. I’m wearing Nantucket right now. I did all my swatches with 2 coats and they all worked out well for me. I really love all of these colours!!

  3. Oh and you missed Scorched Summer, didn’t you? It is far and away my fav SquareHue colour…so see, you shouldn’t ever skip. 😀

  4. Last month, I decided to jump onto the subscription bandwagon & signed up for both Square Hue (for their colors) and The Company That Shall Not Be Named for their initial offer. Well, when I got the email from TCTSNBN saying they were cancelling, I called them. “Is there anything else?” No, I responded, but this isn’t making me feel warm & fuzzy about your company. Got my first Square Hue yesterday. The colors right now are “meh,” but I know that this can change when I swatch them on me. Am I disappointed? In Square Hue. OH NO! Can’t wait for December. In The Other? Oh yes.

    • I know it’s a whole month away, but I’m already excited to think what we’ll get in the December SquareHue box. Since this month was all cremes, I expect more different finishes next time. December of last year, SqH’s first box, was all shimmers and so gorgeous.

      • I need to officially remove my “meh” comment. I swatched this morning & these colors are gorgeous! I was a bit concerned that Nantucket would be a dupe for Essie’s Naughty Nautical, but not even close. I’m impressed with Square Hue.

        • I can remove your other comment if you want, but I often feel the same way — something I think is merely “eh” in the bottle looks great on the nail and vice versa! I think all impressions are valuable. 🙂

          • LOL — no, I’m fine with keeping my comment. Just taught me to never judge lacquer when brain-dead tired. Now waiting for tomorrow’s goodies of Butter London’s tools. I was thinking that Nantucket, Portsmouth & Chatham will look good as dots.

  5. SquareHue shared your post, that’s awesome!

  6. I cancelled my subscription in October after receiving 3 boxes that I didn’t like at all (too many green, orange and yellow for me!) But I have to admit that I regret not receiving this box, I love all 3 colors!

  7. I just got my notice that Square Hue has charged my account for the Dec 13 box. I am shivering with antici…(say it!)…pation! Can’t wait to see what Passport:NY brings.

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