From New York Fashion Week and Zoya — Peter Som Limited Edition trio

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I’m  enjoying the cooler weather of not-quite-fall, but in New York, it’s Spring 2014 Fashion Week  Here’s some news:  a Limited Edition set from designer Peter Som.  The trio is $24 and as with all Limited Edition polishes, when they’re gone, they’re gone.  They may very well appear in Zoya’s regular Spring 2014 sets next year but there is no guarantee.  Let’s look!






The official description:

Where Land Meets Water — The cool of the marine blue and the lushness of the organic green invoke summers at the beach; Sea, Surf , Serenity and the Flowing Beauty of Nature.

The Peter Som Custom Spring 2014 Trio Contains the following shades in a custom Deluxe, White and Silver Gift Box:

Green – Zoya in Alexa
Island Blue – Zoya in Edie
Coral – Zoya in Stella

I think they’re really pretty and springy/summery.  I love the “creamsicle” look of Stella.  Does Alexa looks similar to the grass-green Josie from earlier this summer?


Hmmm, after posting this picture, Alexa does look a bit darker and like it has a slightly blue tint.  I’m puzzled by Edie — it looks medium blue in the bottle but very dark in the “spill” and even bright blue in one of the box pictures.  I think I have enough navy blues, but is Edie perhaps somewhere between medium and dark blue?

Usually there are two LE Zoya sets to come out from each NYFW event per season, but I haven’t heard of the second one yet.  Will post as soon as I know.  Designer Zang Toi’s presentation is scheduled for September 10th but I don’t know if he’s collaborating with Zoya this time.

But wait!  Check out Gotham Polish — is that a matte top coat from Zoya?  I know I’ve been asking for this for a loooong time.  😀


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