Zoya Cashmeres — the review

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Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

Today I have Part 2 of the review of Zoya’s new fall sets.  Check out yesterday’s look at the Satins — metallics/shimmers — if you haven’t already.  Pretty please.

The Cashmeres set consists of six creme polishes:

Cashmeres set

Left to right:  Livingston, Pepper, Sailor, Hunter, Louise, and Flynn

All six polishes had a fantastic smooth formula, covered well in two coats, and were very glossy even without a clear top coat.  Photos are under indirect outdoor light.

Livingston is apple red.  It’s a crisp, clear, back-to-school color.


Pepper has an interesting name.  I’d guess it’s for Dr. Pepper, since the color is a cola-like reddish brown and Zoya already has an older polish named Cola.  The company calls Pepper “brick red” and that’s accurate too.  I don’t own Cola for comparison but Pepper looks a bit darker on Zoya’s web site.  It’s a great fall color but unfortunately makes my skin look yellowish in person.


Sailor is a classic navy blue, with perhaps a verrrry slight purple tone.  Beautiful!


Hunter, as the name implies, is a hunter green.  Zoya describes it as “dark sea green.”  Great for fall or winter.


Louise?  Ah, Louise.  I’ve searched a long time for the perfect chocolate brown, wasting a lot of money along the way, and now I’ve found it.  Louise looks just like melted chocolate.  <do not eat>  It’s not blackened nor is it too pale.  Love, love, love.


Flynn reminds me of my favorite old camel coat from high school.  That shade looked a lot better on me when my hair was dark golden-brown and not salt-and-pepper (heavy on the salt) like it is now!  Flynn doesn’t show up well on my skin tone but nevertheless I think it’s the best tan polish I’ve ever worn.  Would be fantastic for a gotta-wear-neutrals office environment.


And here is each color with one accent nail topped with Maria-Luisa from the Satins Collection:

Livingston w ML

Pepper w ML

Sailor w ML

Hunter w ML

Louise w ML

Flynn w ML

My impressions:  I like — no, love — this set much more than I expected.  Sometimes I get to thinking that cremes are boring, but they’re really not; they’re classic.  This is one of the best fall collections I’ve ever seen.  Additionally, each color looks wonderful with the new gold flake top coat Maria-Luisa.

My favorites are Louise, Sailor, and Hunter.  And Livingston.  And Flynn, and I can hardly believe I’m saying that about a tan polish!  The only reason I’m not crazy about Pepper is that it clashes with my skin tone.

SRP is $8 per 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle.  Available at http://www.zoya.com and at select retailers and salons.

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.


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  1. These are pretty. It seems all my polishes are metallics, or glitters, duochromes, etc. I own 3 creams from Zoya (Carmen, Ali, and Sweet), and that’s because they came free at Valentine’s Day if i remember correctly. I find creams harder for me to apply, and seem to show more of my mistakes. Maybe that’s just me. But, with these lovely colors, I’m starting to re think practicing a bit more on the creams I have. I like Fynn and Louise because I have nothing like them. Thanks for the swatches.

    • You’re welcome! And it’s not just you; cremes/creams do show more application mistakes than other finishes. Glitters and foils tend to hide any brushstrokes and other boo-boos, plus their look distracts from any mistakes. It’s like looking at a bed that’s made with satin sheets versus one made with flannel sheets — the satin shows all the wrinkles while the texture of the flannel hides them. I enjoy all finishes, except frosts. Wear what you love!

      • Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one. And, good analogy between cream polishes and satin sheets. Makes sense. I put Channing on last night, and love it, of course. So beautiful, and I don’t have another color like it. But, next will be one of my creams, and will see what happens. Thanks

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