Vintage Glam

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I found a new fall collection that’s so new, for a moment I was afraid I imagined it.

Yesterday I discovered I had a soon-to-expire $5 coupon for Sally Beauty Supply, so I thought I’d wander in and see if anything grabbed me in their nail polish section.  Oh yeah.  There was a new display of Finger Paints, a collection called Vintage Glam, with six colors.

I picked out my favorite, brought it home, and proceeded to look on the internet for photos and info to share with my readers.  But… nothing.  Not one item, word, or picture.  I tried different search engines and every relevant search term I could think of, and still nothing.

Then I thought maybe I hallucinated the whole thing.  No, I had the bottle in my hand.  This morning I went back to look again and to write down all the color names and descriptions (I didn’t take any pictures with my phone because stores often frown on that, and besides, my phone takes crappy photos).

Here’s what I know; there are six polishes:

  • Vintage Glam — bright medium red creme
  • Pincurls & Pouts — dark burgundy-plum creme (oxblood?)
  • Whatta Dish — beige-gray shimmer
  • Bombshell — green-gold metallic duochrome
  • All Dolled Up — teal metallic
  • She’s A Beaut — gold metallic

The first two polishes do look very vintage.  Makes me want to put on a black & white Swiss dot dress, pin my hair up in a Victory Roll, and head out to go jitterbugging.

victory roll

The one polish I bought is Pincurls & Pouts.  I was in the mood for a dark one after my post the other day about short dark nails.  It’s a cool-toned burgundy that looked medium plum after just one coat but which darkened up considerably after three coats.  It seemed to dry quickly but that might have been partly our current extremely arid weather.  It wasn’t as shiny as I prefer cremes to look so I added a clear top coat.  Under reflected outdoor light and then with the flash:

Pincurls outd

Pincurls flash

It’s a great color for fall.  And I sure hope I can find more info about the whole set for you!

Finger Paints are ~$5.29 at Sally Beauty Supply, slightly less with a member card, and the bottle contains 0.5 oz/15 ml.


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