Color Club’s fall collection — Girl About Town

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Before I went out of town last week, I received an email from Color Club about their new six-polish collection for fall called Girl About Town.  Sorry it took me so long to share it!


The names are, left to right:  Silver Lake, Williamsburg, East Austin, The Uptown, Wicker Park, and Pearl District.  You can see and buy them individually, in duos, and as a full set at Color Club’s site here.

I see some pretty colors but overall this strikes me as kind of a mish-mish considering it’s for fall.  White/gray?  Lavender?  Really?  I do think The Uptown looks pretty cool, have read it’s rainbow flakes in a purple jelly base.  The dark navy shimmer of Williamsburg is lovely too.

Color Club is selling a mini-pack of four of the colors if you’d like to try them without committing to full-size bottles:

CC girl about town mini pack

I definitely want to see swatches of The Uptown since it’s the one I think looks most unique and buy-worthy.


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  1. I am seeing more brights for fall again this yr…which is good since more than 3/4rd of the US stays so darn hot through mid Oct I sure don’t feel like wearing deep and dark shades yet…but at the same time, I want a change out of neons and true summer brights.

  2. East Austin caught my eye, but it sure looks more springy than autumnal. These are an odd mish mash of shades. It seems all the vendors do a navy/dark blue for fall so that one was predictible, but where in the world did they come up with white, peachy coral and lavender?

  3. I’m from New York, so I love my dark vampy colors for fall–September 1st I bust out the pumpkin decor and soap! I guess it’s colors for warmer climates but I’m not excited. Eeek, I guess I am pretty traditional…

  4. Peach for autumn seems a bit unusual. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty colour!
    “Uptown” looks really neat, too.
    Too bad you can’t get Color Club in German drugstores 😦

  5. It’s a little frustrating that the packs of mini polish never seem to include the entire collection. I understand with some brands, because their collections can have up to 12 polishes, but Girl About Town is only six! Why not all six in the mini polish so we can try all six? Humph.


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