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Cheerio, all!  Were you willing and able to take advantage of the Butter London 30% off sale that I posted about last week?  Good news if you missed it and still want to partake — it’s been extended, but today is the last day.  Be sure to use the code FFSUMMER.
BL last day of sale
I really agonized over buying some polishes. I love most of the Butter Londons I’ve tried, but they’re so expensive, $15 each.  30% is pretty darn good, though, and free shipping is even better.  You get free shipping if your total — even before the discount — is over $50, so I ended up ordering four polishes for a total of $42.50.  It’s my indulgence this month.  Three of the colors were ones I’ve really, really wanted for a while, and the fourth was an “Oh, what the heck” choice that I think I’m going to be very happy with.
My foursome arrived yesterday and I drooled over the bottles.  Not literally; that would be icky.  But they do look beautiful together.
4 BLs
Left to right:  Chancer, Big Smoke, Bit Faker, and Branwen’s Feather

I decided to swatch the purple shimmer, Branwen’s Feather, first.  The name Branwen is Welsh and means “beautiful raven.”  Butter London’s site explains the name of the polish this way: “Branwen is a female raven belonging to the Queen of England.  She currently resides at the Tower of London,” and they describe the actual polish like this: “A purple-ish black nail lacquer with loads of depth and shine. Like a silky raven’s feather at midnight by the Tower of London.”

And is that Branwen pictured in the banner at Butter London’s site, and is she also the model for BL’s symbol that appears on every bottle, on the top of the brush handle?

I’d call the polish a blackened purple/plum shimmer, and it really does have a lot of depth, with microparticles of purple and silvery sparkle.  The first coat was streaky, and two coats probably would have been enough but I used three to intensify the color and get even better coverage.  With no top coat and under indirect outdoor light, the flash, and direct sunshine:
Branwen's Feather outdoor
Branwen's Feather flash
Branwen's Feather sun
Usually I don’t care for such blackened shades on me and find them aging, but I love Branwen’s Feather and think it looks fashionable.  Am really glad I bought it.
If you’d like to know more about the famous ravens at the Tower of London, here are two very interesting articles, one at Wikipedia and one from Fortean Times.  Lots of history, legends, and superstitions — fascinating!

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  1. Nice choices! I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed 😉

  2. Love your picks and looking forward to your swatches! Big Smoke is one of my fave butter Londons- so sophisticated and urban. Bit Faker is super on-trend for summer!


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