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Back in March I first mentioned Orly’s upcoming Fall 2013 collection called Surreal.  I’d only seen one photo of it and I wasn’t even sure of the colors.  Well, more pictures are surfacing, and I’d say the colors are indeed surreal for a fall collection.

Orly Surreal header

Here’s the not-terribly-descriptive blurb from the company:

This season, obscure the line between real and virtual: Marvel in the mystical. Channel the magical, the ethereal, the eclectic, the unexpected. Drench yourself in a sweet dream-like daze—and take nails psychedelically off-center with Surreal, the new Fall 2013 color collection from ORLY. The time has come to recolor reality. Daydream to the extreme. Free-fall into fantasy with a digitally saturated palette that dazzles and enchants.

Um…. OK then.  I don’t know about you, but that tells me nothing about the actual polishes!

Here’s the set:

Orly Surreal display

The color names are:

  • Pink Waterfall – creme
  • Pixie Powder – shimmer
  • Angel Rain – shimmer
  • Purple Poodle – shimmer
  • Teal Unreal – creme
  • Digital Glitter – glitter

Click on the following picture for a bigger, better view:

Orly Surreal swatches

Very pretty, but these don’t look fall-like to me.  Maybe they mean fall in the Southern Hemisphere, which is the Northern Hemisphere’s spring.  While I applaud Orly’s going in a new direction for a fall collection, I have to admit that these don’t grab me… well, maybe the teal creme.  Come autumn and back-to-school days and falling leaves, I’m in the mood for dark reds and golds and coppers.

SRP is $8.50 per bottle, and the collection is tentatively scheduled to be released August 20th.


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  1. Oh, I wonder if Pixie Powder will have the same super holographic effect that Sparkling Garbage has? Other than that, I am not sure I will be getting these…someone else can swatch for me 🙂

  2. Purple poodle – I like the name and the color.

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  4. I just ordered the entire set from last week, and they should be here thursday! I’m very excited, but I own like every Orly color because they are my favorite brand!


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