Essie news Part 2 — FALL 2013

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Hope you enjoyed my preview earlier today of Essie’s summer collection, Naughty Nautical.  I think there are some awesome colors in the bunch.

And now I’ve got tomorrow’s news today (shades of the old TV series “Early Edition”) since I was going to post this tomorrow but want to get it out asap.  Hold on to your beret; I’ve got fall news!  Meet

For the Twill of It

Essie Twill 7

Essie Twill 8

Woo, that’s quite a duochrome!  Let’s meet the colors.

Essie Twill 9

I love the fabric and fiber theme.  The names and descriptions are a little hard to read in the picture, so let’s spell it out:

  • For the Twill of It — a purple/green duochrome (the description says “rich maple with reflective olive shimmer”…. MAPLE???)
  • After School Boy Blazer — blue-black or navy creme
  • Twin Sweater Set — vibrant crimson red creme
  • Cashmere Bathrobe — flannel gray shimmer
  • The Lace Is On — pearlescent fuchsia
  • Vested Interest — cool gray-teal creme

Great mix of rich fall tones and some very attractive neutrals.  Any of them grabbing you?  The shimmery silver and the grayed teal are calling my name, and I need to check my stash of blues to see if I have a shade quite like ASBBlazer.  I don’t yet know the release date.

Hopefully you read the news here first!  🙂  But….. maple???


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  1. I liked the teal-aqua from the nautical collection but I love all of these!

  2. Yes, this is the first time I read about this EXCITING collection 😉 YAY!
    The duochrome, red and the purple have my attention. Better add them to my wishlist, since I bet that by the time it’s Fall, I can’t remember the names 😀

  3. Yeah I don’t understand how that shade is “maple” colored, but it looks super cool 🙂

  4. For the Twill of It looks exactly like Wet n Wild’s gray’s Anatomy! That is one of my very favorites and one of my oldest polishes too. I really like the earthy red of Twin Sweater set and the Lace is On catches my eye as well. I am certain I already have too many blues but I do like that navy too. It reminds me of a prep school jacket.

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  6. I’m loving most of this set. The only one I’m meh about is The Lace is On. Other than that I have the feeling I’m going to be stalking my local Walgreens and/or Target.

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