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Today I have both a polish to show you called Lost to the World and a music video that’s literally out of this world.

Polish first!  Lost to the World (LttW) is a milk chocolate brown with a slight gray tone from Misa.  It has a subtle bronze-gold shimmer that certainly keeps it from being a boring brown.  I don’t review many Misas because sadly no stores near me carry the brand.  So I buy them online but it’s tough when I can’t see them in person first.

LttW is from last fall’s Wanderlust Collection.  The formula and application were great, and two coats gave excellent coverage.  I used a clear shiny top coat.  Under indirect outdoor light, with the flash, and then in direct sunshine:

Out of This World outd

Out of This World flash

Out of This World sun

I know it doesn’t particularly look like a summery color, but who cares?  It’d be a great office-safe neutral, or a change of pace from beachy brights.

And now I don’t know if you caught this on the news, but the first music video filmed in space is here.  Remember David Bowie’s haunting “Space Oddity” from 1969?  Here it is performed from the International Space Station by 53-year-old Commander Chris Hadfield (proudly Canadian), proof yet again that we over-50s can rock:

Watching and listening to it makes me feel nostalgic, sad, and proud all at the same time.  In 1969, who would have thought this was possible?

P.S.  If the embedded video doesn’t work in your viewer, the link is:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrHHsP8BACg .  May be taken down at any time, like any other YouTube video.


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  1. That was great. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m digging the Misa’s! And great post! 🙂


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