The ultimate, absolute, final, most perfect answer to “What polish should I wear?”

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I won’t keep you waiting.  The answer is:  Whatever the **** you want.  (insert your favorite four-letter word here, such as heck, wine, love, darn, pink, foil, fuzz, etc.)

This is not a revelation, but I thought it bore repeating after reading about a Facebook post from an alternative clothing company called Inner Subversion.  I’ll warn you if you’re a sensitive individual subject to the vapors at the sight of anything other than a housedress or a flannel nightgown, their site can be pretty wild.

Sick of all those articles online and in print about “how to dress your body” and “how to have a bikini body this summer,” this is what Inner Subversion posted:

How to dress for your shape:  Are you human-shaped?  Play up your confidence and natural sex appeal by wearing whatever the **** you want.

Life Tip:  As the weather gets warmer, continue to wear whatever the **** you want.  Flaunt everything or keep it cool under cover.  Dress to make yourself feel rad.

How to get a bikini body:  Put a bikini on your body.

Want sexy own-the-beach summer legs?  Shave, or don’t, because they’re your ******* legs.

I love it.  I.  LOVE.  IT.  The bikini part is my favorite, because I can do that!

And the same goes for nail polish.  The color and finish you should wear is the one you want to wear.  They’re your nails.  Not mine, not your spouse’s, not your kid’s, not your boyfriend’s.  Wear what you want when you want.  Gold metallic to the grocery store?  If you feel like it, why not?  Bare nails to a big party?  Sounds good to me.

I know I’m always talking about “polish for summer” or “polish for the holidays” or whatever, but that’s just because I have always had a childish fascination with the cycle of the seasons.  Every time the seasons change I get a kick out of changing and rearranging my clothes, some of my home decor, a bit of my makeup, and my polish.  That’s just me; you might think it’s a pain in the butt, which is fine.

So all you human-shaped readers out there, wear whatever the **** you want, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  😀


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  1. I love this! Thank you SO much for posting it ❤

  2. Amen. This older human shape does what pleases her, and yes I do wear green or blue polish when the urge strikes. It’s so freeing to not obsess about what others think of us.

  3. I totally agree! I went through a period recently where I questioned if I should really still be wearing blue glitter polish or blue hair highlights more appropriate for my son’s girlfriend.

    The answer I came up with was “heck yeah!” It’s a small thing that makes me happy, and if that small thing makes someone else judgemental, then tough 🙂

  4. I think more than a few people would be surprised at the “secret rebels” in their 80s and 90s who wear glitter on their toenails and are giggling inside. 😉

  5. I love it! This is exactly my approach to nails and clothing, too!! Is it comfy? I’m wearing it! Do I like the color? That’s what color I’m painting my nails today. 🙂

  6. Amen Sister!

  7. Pure Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m try to get healthy but not necessarily trying to get “in shape.” I love this!

  8. I ******* love this! 😉 At 53, it’s pretty much my general attitude about everything – especially what’s on my nails! Some women look down upon us who wear “not normal” colors. I say…you don’t like my blue polish?! Go **** yourself because I don’t really give a ****. lol

    Thanks for the post!! ♥

  9. Best nail polish advice ever. Best anything you want to wear, or style your hair, or make-up choices advice ever. If my family thinks something is a little funny, polish colors, comfy clothes, short bangs, whatever, I just laugh along with them. I think what seems to surprise people the most about me is my tattoos. Didn’t even get my first one until I was 50, and now at 60, I’m not done yet. I’m not trying to be cool, far from it. That would be exhausting anyway. I find being yourself gets easier as I get older. Love the blog. Thanks.

  10. Reblogged this on everysensory and commented:
    Just… brilliant. Words I live by, and am happy to find others that do, too! Thanks, The Silver Nail! 😀

  11. Gorgeous post! So true, and so funny. I always have to defend my nail polish choices, but I don’t care, because they’re my choices. Now to learn to do the same with clothes.. thanks for the article, I love it so much I’ve reblogged it 😀

  12. This is soo funny..I just did a random post yesterday about the fact that I do not have *perfect* feet, but who cares? I can paint my toenails any pretty, happy color I want!

    I try to dress *correctly* for work ( don’t want to get fired ) . I am learning to let go of the things I can’t fix ( fat ankles since….birth? hehe ) easily, and to just wear comfy,cute clothes..To hell with what others think. Don’t like my ankles? Don’t look:)

    Thanks for posting about this! Makes it easier to keep on truckin’!

  13. Melanie Snyder

    I really love this post! Couldn’t agree more!

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  15. It’s wonderful to be older and able to give up the ridiculous idea of perfection that exists in the media, especially women’s magazines. So I’m a little lumpy around the middle. Meh. I have gorgeous blue eyes, and a FANTASTIC selection of nail polish. Who’s gonna look at my jiggly butt–they’ll be too busy envying me my fabulous nails!


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