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After a weekend of enjoying the nicer spring weather and managing to break a few nails despite being cautious, I have a pretty duochrome to show you.  And it’s from Pure Ice so it’s only $1.99.

Twisted is one of the new colors for 2013 from Pure Ice, a brand available almost exclusively at Walmart.  I’ve read that some Walgreen’s have Pure Ice, but I’ve never seen them there.  Twisted is a flashy blue-green flakie that makes me think of sunshine reflecting on water.  The base is a sheer ocean blue and it’s chock-full of microflakes in blue and green.

It went on very smoothly and two coats gave great coverage.  The second coat looked so much greener than the first that I suspect a third coat might bring out the green even more.  Having said that, the green did not show up well in my photos, in spite of my trying many different angles and lighting.  Trust me, it really flashes green over blue.

Here’s Twisted under indirect cloudy outdoor light.  The second, more oblique, angle shows the darker blue duochrome look.  (I apologize for the wildly varying length of my nails but I just can’t cut them all off to match the shortest!)

Twisted outd light1

Twisted outd light2

And with the flash:

Twisted flash

I love this one and think it would be awesome with a tan.  So summery and beachy!  I haven’t given it a wear test, but its look rivals blue-green duochromes from other companies that cost four times as much.


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