Yet another spring collection — Essie’s Madison Ave-Hue

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Yep, as soon as Christmas is over, out come the marketing campaigns for spring.  Just heard about Essie’s spring 2013 collection called Madison Ave-Hue.


That’s a beautiful hot pink.  Here are all six colors:


Some look like cremes and some like shimmers, but I’m not sure.

Now, I love a good pun, but some of these names strike me as ridiculous.  Will most people get the references?  Madison Ave-Hue is obviously Madison Avenue.  Hip-Anema…  OMG.  I know it’s a pun on Ipanema, the pricey, ritzy neighborhood of Rio de Janeira, Brazil — made famous by the mid-1960s song “The Girl from Ipanema” — but c’mon!  I keep seeing the polish name as Hip-Enema or Hip-Anemia.  And did you know that the word Ipanema actually means “stinky lake”?  Lovely.

Avenue Maintain refers to Avenue Montaigne, a street famous in Paris for its upscale and mega-expensive fashion shops.  Go Ginza refers to the Ginza in Tokyo, a district with many department stores and boutiques.  Maximillian Strasse Her alludes to Maximilianstraße (Maximilianstrasse), yet another famous street for shopping, this one in Munich.

Bond With Whomever frankly baffles me.  Bond Street is one of the most expensive areas of real estate in the world; it’s a major shopping street in the West End of London.  I’m just not getting the “with whomever” part.  Can anyone enlighten me?

As with many of Essie’s sets, there will be a mini-cube.  I like the four colors they’re including.


Launch date for the Madison Ave-Hue Collection is unofficially March 1st, 2013.


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  1. Oh man…this made me laugh out loud. I totally agree with your commentary. Before I even got to the line in your post…I re-read Hip-Anema twice. Once as Hip-Enema and once as Hip-Anemia. We must be warped in the same way! I loved the direction Essie went with their winter collection…jury is out for me on this one.

  2. I had to finally comment and say I love your blog. I love how you don’t just put up the press releases like most blogs but actually have (damn funny!) commentary too.

  3. The names are pretty horrendous. However, your post about them made me giggle. So thumbs up for that! As for this collection as a whole, I’m not feeling it. The only color I think I’ll pick up for sure is Avenue Maintain and possibly Bond With Whomever depending on how it looks in person. Oh and just for the record, I’ve been to Maximillianstraße in Munich and it deserves a much nicer color to be named after it than that. lol

  4. Thanks for explaining the names, I was completely lost and wondering WTF?! Lol.

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