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And, lo, unto The Silver Nail was delivereth on this day a most wondrous polish.  And that polish was called Gilty, and it was good.

Yeah, finally, after watching my Zoya order make its way sloooooowly across the U.S. for ten days (good grief, why don’t they just throw it across the United States; it would get here faster), the doorbell rang a bit ago and it was the mail carrier delivering my Gilty Pleasures Limited Edition Trio.

In a lovely gift box are Zoya’s Raven (black), Purity (white), and the 18K real gold flake top coat called Gilty.  This puppy cost $30 and is no longer available, but I have to wonder — as do many others — if the company will make Gilty available for sale at some point in the future.

So, is it worth it?  Is it “all that,” as the buzzphrase goes?

I love it and I’m glad I bought it, but I don’t think I would’ve gotten it if it didn’t come with the two other polishes because I happened to need a good white and a good black polish, and I’ve almost always been impressed with Zoya’s quality.  I’m not going to review Raven and Purity here because there’s not a lot else to say other than they cover well and look good.  They’re your basic black and white.

Gilty contains various-sized flakes of real 18K gold in a clear base.  I found that it worked best to dab the flakes where I wanted them to go rather than apply the polish in long strokes like a normal top coat.  Once I got enough flakes in place then finishing with another quick coat looked great.

I think Gilty would show up best over dark or bright colors, so I used a base coat of Raven, the Zoya red Rekha, and British Racing Green from Butter London on each of three fingers.  In indirect outdoor light:

As you can see, the gold metallic look is very bright and intense.  With full flash:

And under indoor artificial light with a fill flash:

It’d look so pretty over a variety of colors — blue, purple, pink, brown.

I also wanted to compare Gilty to another gold flakie top coat I have, As Gold As It Gets from Essie, which is not real gold and which I swatched back in February.

The flakes in the Essie are much smaller/finer, and are lighter and less intense in color.  I cleaned off one nail and then put Rekha plus As Gold As It Gets on so you can see the difference.  With the flash:

Huge difference, although both are pretty.

So here’s the deal.  I love Gilty but wouldn’t have paid $30 for just the one bottle.  I especially wouldn’t pay the $45 or so that the Gilty Pleasures Trio is going for on eBay.  I’m going to wear Gilty but not all the time, and I’m not the kind of person who gets a smug thrill out of saying, “Why yes, that IS real gold on my nails!”  And the thrifty part of me is a bit horrified at cleaning off my nails and realizing that I’m throwing real gold in the trash.

If you missed Gilty, then OPI and Jessica are both coming out with real gold flake top coats at the price of $30 each.  And as I mentioned yesterday, Ninja Polish is going to have one for $15.


Newsflash!  Thanks to commenter Marsha for telling us that Zoya has just made more gift sets available HERE.  Please note that the price is now $35.  If you want Gilty plus Raven & Purity, go for it.  If you only want a real gold flake top coat, see my previous suggestions.  This set would make a lovely gift for the holidays.


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  1. I’m still not convinced about this trend… Am I too blind? Well, only if there is one for 9 or 10USD, then I might get it… I’m not that in

  2. Im on the fence about this one, as you mentioned I dont think I could get my head around throwing gold away when it came time to remove it. I do think it looks very pretty I just cant decide if I love it or hate it and even if I could afford I honestly dont think I would buy it as its not an everday polish and Id be afraid of dropping dead before I got my moneys worth of wearage (is that a word?)

  3. Everybody’s points are very valid. I like/love Gilty but it certainly wasn’t something where I felt, “Oh, my life just won’t be complete without it!” 🙂 The Essie I show is a nice alternative. I wouldn’t be surprised if some companies have or make a larger non-real gold flake.

  4. they just released more Gilty boxes. i kinda wish i held out for Ninja Polish to get a white and a gold flake for the same price as Zoya’s with the unnecessary white and black polishes.

  5. Yay! I guess it finally arrived? I feel like I’m probably going to end up ordering this now that Zoya had to go and entice me by releasing more of them. I just hope that no one tells my husband though. lol I am just so weak when it comes to nail polish. Did you pick up anything from the Ornate collection by the way? I’m contemplating picking up a few of those as well. Gotta use up those Zoya Share the Love points after all.

    • I haven’t gotten anything from the Ornate Collection yet, am waiting for hopefully a BOGO sale close to Christmas since I have hardly any Share the Love points left. I mostly want Blaze and Aurora.

  6. LOL. Love the post. You know, I could just about now kick myself, because I thumbed my nose at this collection. It’s beautiful! Stunning pics. I’m really looking forward to my local beauty supply getting their shipment of the ornates. There are a few I’m spending far too much time thinking about.

  7. I do love the look of it – much more than the Essie one. I think it is pretty unique looking. I did however opt “out” of buying that trio…trying to have a bit more willpower with my money these days – ha! ha! And I had just ordered Purity and have enough black. But thanks for posting your photos – it does look great 🙂

  8. Don’t forget…you can WIN one from me. 🙂 3 days to enter. [Sorry for the shameless plug. You can delete this if you want. he he] Love your swatches! 🙂


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