Pumpkin Delight

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It’s that time of year — I’m finding and devouring pumpkin-flavored food and drink like it’s going out of style.  Coffee creamer, pie, cookies, candy, tea, you name it.  I love fall and pumpkins!

So I’m happy to show you a very interesting new foil from Jessica’s Spicy Dream Collection, Pumpkin Delight.  The whole 6-color collection looked very pretty but I limited myself to one polish, and picked my favorite.  Pumpkin Delight is more than just another copper or orange-brown.  The base is an unusual light wine or plum color, and the formula is densely packed with foil particles in a rainbow of fall colors — gold, copper, bronze, even pinkish-red.

The price was a very reasonable $6.00 at Ninja Polish, and you get a full 0.5 oz./14.8 ml.  The handle and brush were average and the formula was good although the foil is so thick that it bunched up at bit at the ends of my nails.  Two coats probably would have been enough but I used three to intensify the foil look.

Here it is with no top coat under indirect cloudy outdoor light:

With full camera flash:

And then under indoor artificial light with a fill flash:

Here’s a closeup so you can see the multicolored foil particles:

Even though I don’t think the warmth of Pumpkin Delight flatters my skin tone, I perversely still like it.  A lot.  Probably one of my favorite fall shades that I’ve bought lately.


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  1. I too love everything pumpkin! My kitchen is painted a color called Pumpkin Butter. Anyway, I don’t think this color looks bad at all with your skin tone. I love it!

  2. Thanks, Chris. In some light I thought it made my skin look a little yellowish…. but I really didn’t care because the foil is so pretty. “Pumpkin Butter” sounds like a great paint color!

  3. I stay away from the pumpkin flavored and smelly stuff! 🙂 But I can appreciate a nice spicy pumpkin colored foil. I think it looks great on you in all the pics.

  4. Lol. *waves* Pumpkin lover here too! I thought buying pumpkin ale would be a good idea, since I don’t like the taste of regular beer…Um, no.
    This past summer Mary Kay had a special edition color out called Lava.It’s in the same color family and doesn’t really go with my skintone either ( i’m very pale) but I still wear it because
    I like it:)
    Have a Happy Day!


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