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I’m excited to show you my very first Butter London polish, a great fall color called Shag.  Butter London is an American company founded by a British entrepreneur that makes 3-free nail lacquer, nail care products, and lip products.  Here in the U.S. it’s sold in Ulta, Nordstrom, some salons, and probably in a lot of stores I don’t know about.  They also sell sets that can be pretty sweet.  Here’s one that was promoted this summer to go along with the Olympics, The Heavy Medal Collection — gold, silver, and bronze.

The SRP is $14, which is generally more than I want to pay for one bottle of nail polish, but sometimes you gotta splurge.  I picked up Shag at an Ulta and had a coupon for a few dollars off, so it cost me about $10-$11 which isn’t too bad.  You do get “just” 0.4 oz. or 11 ml of polish compared to many brands that have 0.5 oz., but are we really going to split hairs?

Butter London polish names can sound a little odd to American ears, because many of them are British slang terms.  For example:  Gobsmacked (amazed), Dodgy Barnett (bad haircut), Dosh (money), The Old Bill (police), Knackered (exhausted) and so on.  I think that’s fun.

So… Shag.  Surely you know what that means in British slang??  Makin’ whoopee.  Doing the deed.  Boink.  Boff.  Mattress dancing.  Need I go on?  Hey, we’re all mature, sensible people here.  <giggle>

BL’s Shag is a gorgeous warm red-copper metallic.  I’ve picked up quite a few coppery shades lately, and Shag is darker and much more red-toned than the rest, which I love.  I had no idea there were so many shades of copper until I really looked.

I like the BL bottle; it’s rectangular and flat on all sides which makes storage easier.  The handle is shorter than I like though, but it’s ridged so is pretty easy to grip (oh my God, more sexual innuendoes… I don’t know what’s come over me….).

I used three strokes (stop it!) coats of polish because the first was thin and streaky, and the second still left a few spots where I could see my nails.  Three coats were perfect and really brought out the richness of the color.  I think you’ll groan with delight be very pleased with the color.  The metallic finish has pretty sparkles of copper, red, and gold, and visible brushstrokes weren’t a problem.

Here are three coats with nothing on top no top coat in indirect outdoor light:

As you can see, it looks nothing like another copper I showed you a while back, Penny Talk from Essie.  Both are beautiful but Penny Talk is much lighter and almost gold.  Here’s Shag with the flash:

And then outdoors in low-angle direct sunlight:

If you’re looking for an autumnal copper that’s not too gold, the red-brown of Shag might be, as the British say, “Brilliant!”


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  1. skaytanikpolishes

    lol! Love your review 😛 pretty color!

  2. This is so funny! I think your husband is getting lucky tonight!

  3. This is a pretty color. Did you happen to pick up any polishes during the Ulta BOGO?

    • No, darn it! But I have bought one other Butter London since I got Shag and will be showing that one soon. There’s no Ulta where I live and so I miss most of the in-store sales. I’ll have to keep a better eye on their web sales!

  4. I love BL polishes! I did a little digging because I was curious about the name and learned that they are a US company based in Seattle WA! The founder is Sasha Muir, a British entrepreneur (according to their website). I love their polishes, just ordered 3 more today. I don’t have an Ulta close to me so I was not able to take advantage of the recent BOGO. Nordstrom had a BOGO sale on BL and Deborah Lippmann in August (online too with free shipping).

  5. Hi Susan!

    I saw your post on the Butter for London FB page and came right over! I happen to be a 39 years young lady who loves nail polish:)

    I just started a new blog ( 7 posts so far ) and one just happens to be about this nail polish! I am LOVING love love..

    Here’s my link if you want to take a peek!

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  9. Very cheeky!! Lol You wrote about this polish brilliantly!! You definitely got a few laughs out of me! Thanks for all the effort you put into your posts…you are one of my top spots to check reviews on nail polishes before I buy! 😊(I’m a thorough researcher – so I hit a few blogs before I make any purchase!) And btw – I am a huge fan of butter!


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