Non, je ne regrette rien

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Hope you’re ready for a rambling post that has very little to do with nail polish.  If you’re not, get yourself over to one of the other bloggers in my “Blogs We Love” list for polish, polish, and more polish.  🙂

In my post two days ago about Zoya’s Limited Edition set from Zang Toi — which sold out extremely quickly —  I mentioned that I was thrilled one of the colors, a light yellow, was named Piaf.

I’m a big fan of the late French singer, Édith Piaf (1915-1963).  The tiny, frail “La Môme Piaf” (The Little Sparrow, not a literal translation) was a national icon and treasure in France, where she was famous for her cabaret songs as well as ballads and torch songs.  If you’ve seen any of the movies about her life or read about her, then you’ll know she was well-acquainted with tragedy.  If you haven’t seen 2007’s “La Vie en Rose,” starring Marion Cotillard in an Oscar-winning performance, then I highly recommend it.

Piaf grew up partly on the streets of Paris and partly in a bordello run by her paternal grandmother.  She was blind for several years as a child.  When she was 17 and unmarried, she had her only child, a daughter named Marcelle, who died of meningitis at age 2.  Although she married several times, the true love of her life was the already-married French boxer Marcel Cerdan, who died in a plane crash in 1949, while flying from Paris to New York City to meet her.  Piaf was seriously injured in a car accident in 1951, was in two more car crashes, and battled alcoholism.  She died of liver cancer at the young age of 47, although she looked much older.

Some of her most well-known songs are “La vie en rose” (Life in Pink, or as we English-speakers would put it, Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses), “Non, je ne regrette rien” (No, I Regret Nothing, or No Regrets), and “Hymne à l’amour” (Hymn to Love).  Interestingly, music from “Non, je ne regrette rien” was used repeatedly throughout the scifi/action movie “Inception” in 2010 and almost always signaled the characters that they were about to be awakened from their dreams.

Two other Piaf songs I love are “Mon Dieu” (My God) and “Tu es partout” (You’re Everywhere).  “Mon Dieu” is one of the most heartbreaking ballads I’ve ever heard, as Piaf, thinking no doubt of Cerdan, begs God to let her have her lover back for just eight days, two days, a day.

Now on to a totally unrelated subject.  I told you all last week that when I was on vacation in Seattle at the PAX Prime gaming convention over Labor Day weekend I got a real, honest to goodness Mohawk.  And you want photographic proof.  OK, here goes.  This is right after my haircut, with my son Kyle who also got one.  I look like crap but oh well.  The stylist left my hair rather long on top.  Note the nail polish I’m wearing!  It was Zoya’s Rea, which is a great purple foil that had fantastic wearability throughout the entire convention, only showing a little tip wear.

If you want a more alarming view, here’s the side of my head!

What, you wonder, could possess a woman to do something so idiotic?  The simple answer is that I did it for a free game (Far Cry 3 from Ubisoft — and yes, that paint washed right off).  The real answer is that I’ve never cared all that much about my hair — it’s generally just a necessary bother — and getting a Mohawk or having my head shaved has been on my bucket list for a long time.  The time was finally right.

And I’ll tell you why it’s been on my bucket list.  This will sound very corny, but it’s true.  My late mother had breast cancer and lost all her hair due to the chemotherapy.  She thought her hair would gradually get thinner and thinner, but no, it all fell out one day in huge clumps and completely dismayed her, although she was not at all a vain woman.  She was just so shocked.

So I thought that if ever I were to lose my hair due to a medical condition, a medical treatment, or an accident, I want to be able to say, “You don’t scare me.  I’ve been there.  It’s just hair.  It grows back.”  I want to not be afraid.  And you know what?  I’m glad I did it.  It is just hair.  It will grow back.  In the meantime, I’m content to be mostly bald at home, and I have a nice pink hat to wear when I go out so I don’t scare anyone.  And oh yeah, I get a free game!

Non, je ne regrette rien!


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  1. Victoria S Andrews

    I love it!!!! Youre right, it’s just hair. It will grow back and it does show that you are not afraid, not of what people think and that can be very paralyzing. Good for you!

  2. Thanks, Victoria! I wouldn’t have done it if it would have embarrassed my husband or grown kids, but they all said, “Go for it!” I’m also not restricted by any appearance-on-the-job requirements.

  3. I love your hair! Then again, I am probably bias considering that my hair is shaved completely around the sides and back with the top left longer and dyed purple. You are so right, it is just hair and it grows back so why not have a little fun with it. Also, if you don’t mind my saying so, you are one bad ass mom/woman! lol

  4. Love the hair and so jealous that you got to go to PAX. My husband and I have considered going to PAX East. Also shaving my head has always been on my list of things to do. Braver then I am.

    • Thanks! If you love games, gaming, and gamers, then I highly recommend PAX. My son went to both the East and Prime versions this year and enjoyed both. Awesome demos, lots of free swag, inspiring costumes, panel discussions, concerts, and so on. It’s Nerdvana.

  5. You go, Girl! Love the do! I am not sentimental about hair, either. Having gone thru chemo myself, I know it grows back. I actually loved my hair when it grew out to the crewcut stage. Talk about wash and wear hair! No products, no combs, nothing. I kind of get annoyed when people get a makeover on tv and cry when they get their hair cut. (No offense. I am just not attached to my hair. Never have been)

    • You rock, Chris! And I happen to know from photos that you have beautiful hair. 🙂

      When mine was getting shaved off, I picked up big white chunks of it and waved it around. A kid standing nearby told me, “Wow, that’s so cool. I wish my Grandma would get this done.” ha ha ha

  6. This is probably the most awesome post I’ve read in a long time. Not only do you talk about Edith Piaf whom I adore, but you have such an amazing take on hair. lol Every time I read some woman’s post almost crying about how her latest haircut was a disaster, I want to slap her. I have really short hair myself because my thinking has always been that it will grow back no matter what I do to it. Kudos to you!

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  8. I missed this post somehow! I think it’s fantastic that you got a mohawk … braver than me!

    Also, jealous of PAX peeps!

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