Could We Start Again Please?

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I’ve been pouting since my post yesterday showing Essie’s Luxeffects Stroke of Brilliance glitter top coat.  I thought the polish had so much potential yet my attempts to show it off were all wrong.  Then, as often happens with me, a song title popped into my head, and it was “Could We Start Again Please?,” one of the lesser-known songs from the 1970s musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.”


(By the way, I am not attempting to start, continue, or in any way push a religious agenda here.  The song is soooo ’70s and so simple.  This part of the movie almost looks like it could be a Pepsi or Coke commercial, like they’re all gonna hold hands and break into “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” lol)

So yes, let’s start again with some better base colors for Stroke of Brilliance.  Here’s what I picked for a second go-round:  a light gray creme with a slight blue tint and very faint shimmer (China Glaze – Sea Spray), a shimmery periwinkle blue (Zoya – Jo), a medium purple creme (Misa – Total Eclipse of the Heart), and a shimmery midnight blue (OPI – Into the Night).

Here’s what they looked like before the glitter, in reflected outdoor light:

Kind of an odd bunch, but pretty!  Then I applied one coat of Stroke of Brilliance (yesterday I used two and think it was too much, since the hex glitter bunched up a lot), and this is how it looked in the same light:

I love it over the two blues and the purple.  Not so much over the gray.  With the flash the glitter looks a bit washed out:

Then I thought I’d see how it all looked with a coat of something else over the top, a sheer teal jelly from Zoya called Paloma.  In indirect outdoor light:

This changes the tint slightly and also makes it glossier.

I’m much happier with the results today and my buyer’s remorse over spending $8 on the glitter (don’t you hate that?) is gone.  I thought putting blue glitter over blue polish would be blah but it’s really beautiful, and I think I might like using it on just one nail as an accent.


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  1. Victoria S Andrews

    Wow what a difference! Thanks for taking the time to do the do-over. I think I would like the polish now.

  2. Thanks for making me want Stroke of Brilliance now. lol By the way, what collection was that Zoya polish from? It’s a really nice blue and quite different from anything else I have in blue.

  3. Oooh, I love it over the Misa. I passed on Stroke of Brilliance today…but seeing it over purple, I may have to reconsider.


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