If I ran the world — my idea of new fall collections

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You patient readers, you.

You’ve been putting up with my whiny posts complaining about this polish collection or that one.  Wah, I don’t like this set.  Wah, I wanted a different new color.  Well, you know what?  The world does not revolve around me.

After thinking about my discontent, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s largely because fall is and always has been my favorite season of the year so I have high expectations.  I expect it to rain happy dust and other good stuff on me for three months straight.  Lots of reasons for that.  When I was a little girl, fall was a cornucopia of many of the best things in life:  cooler weather, back to school (I was a school-loving nerd), my birthday, the county fair, leaves to play in, fresh apples, pumpkin pie, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

So if you’ll bear with me and some mostly previously used photos, I’d like to show you what The Silver Nail Paroxysms of Happy Fun Goodness Fall 2012 Collections would look like.  First up, the metallics and shimmers:

Harvest Moon from China Glaze’s Hunger Games line.  Even the name is perfect for fall!

Agro, also from China Glaze’s Hunger Games set.  A great warm olive green, even if it does give me lobster hands.

Every Month is Oktoberfest, new this fall from OPI’s Germany Collection.  It’s a warm-toned burgundy with a great fall name.

Carly from Zoya, an intense rich grape purple.  Would even be fun for Halloween!

Just Spotted the Lizard from OPI’s Spider-Man Collection.  It’s green, it’s gold, it changes like the fall leaves.

Warm & Fozzie from OPI’s Muppets Collection, because when the nights start to get cold you want something warm & fozzie fuzzy.

And now a set of cremes:

Rekha from Zoya, because everyone needs a fabulous retro red. Rekha is part of Zoya’s new fall line!

Evvie, an unusual gray green.  This too is part of one of the new Zoya sets.

Desert Sun from China Glaze’s new On Safari Collection.  I just bought this but haven’t swatched it yet.  It’s butterscotch, it’s caramel, it’s refreshingly different.

e.l.f Chocolate.  Because it’s chocolate.  I mean, CHOCOLATE, what’s not to love?  I want this one.

China Glaze’s Purr-fect Plum, another new one from On Safari.  A dark wine red.

Natalie, a warm clay orange-red, one of Zoya’s Classics.  Autumn in a bottle.  Just ordered this one.

And if I had my own fall collections, I’d throw in this awesome glitter, I Herd That from China Glaze.  It’s another On Safari polish I just picked up and it’s amazing.  The more I look at it, the more flashes of color I see.

It’s been fun to imagine being Queen of the Nail Polish Universe.  What fall colors would you choose for a set?


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  1. Your post on what you would have in a fall collection made me laugh! I like the shades you picked out! Good job! 🙂

  2. I think this is a perfect fall collection! 🙂

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