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This totally came out of left field:  a new little 4-color set from Essie called “Yogaga.”  I kid you not.  What a silly name.  Yoga and Gaga?

I read about it at the great site Nouveau Cheap and can’t reprint her photo but you can take a look at the whole post, which includes news of several other drugstore polishes.  I guess in a last gasp to milk the crackle fad, Sally Hansen is releasing three glitter crackles.  Let’s all rush out and buy them.  Not.

What really baffles me is this Essie set.  I have not heard one word about it until today, when, boom, it’s seen in a store.  Combing the internet yields next to nothing as well.  Why don’t companies advertise new sets more?  Perhaps they are saving their money for other things and relying on nail polish being an impulse buy.  I’m finding the same thing in regard to China Glaze’s upcoming Bohemian Luster duochrome set — nail polish junkies are screaming for news about it but there isn’t any!

Well, these new Essie colors don’t grab me.  It looks like there’s a dusty pink, a dusty blue, a dusty lavender, and a dusty…. dust?  Seriously, what’s that last color?  Khaki or greige maybe.  Would probably look dreadful on me.  The names of the colors are  Marathin (?), Boxer Shorts, Pilates Hottie, and Yogaga.

Yo, gag me.


UPDATE:  Not only are there four icky shades, there are actually six.  Blogger Nailed shows the whole display here, which includes Gym Dandy, a darker uglier version of Yogaga, and Spinning Again, a dusty brick color.  I no longer wonder why there was no publicity about this set!!


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  1. Thank goodness these colors don’t do anything for me. That last color – I call it Pukeable. Horrid.

  2. The name of the collection horrible! Not to mention the fact that colors really don’t seem to be anything special. Okay, Boxer Shorts looks nice but once again, there just isn’t anything very unique about it. Might have to file this collection under “Epic Fail.” Just saying.


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