Can Mimi come out and play?

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Since I had the chance to take some photos in bright sunlight today, I wanted to show you another color from Zoya’s Sparkle Collection.  Meet Mimi!

All of the colors in the Sparkle Collection are bright, and Mimi is the darkest one.  It’s a blue-toned royal purple base, chock-full of purple, pink, and blue sparkle.  Not a chunky glitter.

Application was good although there were so many sparkly bits in the polish that some of them bunched up on the tips of my nails and I had to “pull” them back onto my nail with the brush.  The first coat was thin and streaky, but the second coat filled in nicely and the third coat gave very good coverage.  In some lighting the pink sparkle is more evident, and in others the blue sparkle shows up more.  The photo above is in direct sunshine.  Here are photos of Mimi in indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

I think Mimi would look striking on many different skin tones, but I am a bit ambivalent about it on me because it’s much darker than what I usually wear.  It’s a little outside my comfort zone.  If you’re looking for a sparkly dark blue-violet, Mimi is great, but I think that for myself I prefer Zoya’s lighter purples like Carly, Dannii, and Rea, which I swatched here.  I think those shades look softer and are kinder to my older skin.

Now, get out in that sunshine and have some summer fun. Don’t forget the sunscreen on your hands!  (my mantra)  😉


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  1. I’ve seen other swatches of Mimi but yours made me at it to my wish list. It’s just sooo purple and sparkly!

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