Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection from OPI

When it rains, it pours!  I’ve been reading about so many upcoming collections of nail polish that I’m losing track.  OPI has announced a brand new set of four colors to be released in June called the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection.

If you’re a Minnie Mouse fan, love Disney, or would just like some cool vintage shades — no purples or greens here! — this might be right up your alley.  There’s a red, a pink, a magenta shimmer, and a confetti pink glitter with hearts:

Put me in the “don’t need it but want it” camp.  I have enough pinks & reds but these are just so darn cute.  I suspect people will be trying to buy the cardboard display rack as much as the polishes!  Wouldn’t the red look fun with white dots, or maybe some black & white glitter?

You know what I really want?  A MINI-set of these colors!  I don’t know yet if there will be one or not but will let you know if I ‘EAR about one.  ;-)

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  1. On the screen I don’t consider that red – red. I want corvette red! Also I want to hear about the Zoya collection you showed a while back – holographic maybe?

  2. No, it doesn’t look like a Corvette red. More of a vintage red, I’d say, but it’s so hard to tell without actually having it in hand.

    Let’s see, which Zoya collection? Was it the “Flash” Collection I mentioned here? It’s not holographic, though. Zoya’s newest summer colors are coming out soon and there will be a lot of nice shimmers there. I did swatch Perrie (orchid) out of the Flash group and really liked it. I know, I know — I need to test them ALL!

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