What’s in a name?

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Have you ever bought a nail polish just because of the name?  It’s not logical or practical, but it can be fun.

Zoya gives most of its polishes women’s/girls’ names, and when I placed my first order with them, I just had to have the one that sounded most like my own name.  I picked Suzanne, along with three other colors.  Actually, I used to have a supervisor who called me “Suzanne.”  That was when she wasn’t calling me “Thing” (true story).

From reading Zoya’s Facebook page, I see that I’m definitely not the only person to want to own a polish with her name on it.  Zoya has Michelle, Sarah, Grace, and Jo, just to name a few.

So here’s Suzanne.  It’s a medium cool mauve with with an unusual magenta shimmer.  Formula and application were Zoya-typically good, there was very minimal streaking, and I used three coats with no top coat.  First picture is in indirect outdoor light and the second is with the flash:

Here’s a closeup so you can really see the shimmer:

I like this color a lot and think it’s a flattering shade.  Some mauves are too brown for me but this one leans way more pink.  Suzanne seems like a safe color for work yet it’s not boring, because of the shimmer.

Then I wanted to try something I’d read about, a gradient manicure, and thought this would be a good base color.  A gradient manicure is applying an accent coat of a different color or a shimmer, glitter, flake, etc. in a way that is shades from one point to another.  It’s also called an ombré.  Most of the pictures I’ve seen have it going from light at the base to heavier at the tip, but you can do it the opposite way.

I picked Sally Hansen’s fine silver flake, Diamonds, and put one thin coat on the distal two-thirds of my nails, and then another coat on the last third.  I followed it with a clear top coat to cover any lines between the coats.

It’s a fun look, kind of like I dipped my fingers in sugar, and it really dresses up the base color.  Here it is under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

And a closeup:

If you haven’t tried something like this, practicing on a nail wheel like I mentioned the other day here, might be a good idea.


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  1. I’ve never heard of a gradient manicure before but I really like that effect! It would be great to wear for a party. Love the Suzanne, color, too! I checked out “my” color (Michelle) and laughed when I saw that it’s described as “bold and sassy”! LOL! I don’t think it fits me personally, but it sure does fit the color!

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