A cool sale and a S-Cool polish

Disclosure:  This polish and one comparison polish were provided by SinfulColors for review.  One comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

I’ve got a quick Sunday swatch for you, and want to let you know about a great sale.

Walgreens is having its wonderful 99-cent sale on SinfulColors polishes again!  I was surprised to see that in their Sunday flier this morning, since they just had this sale a few weeks ago.  But we’ll take it; am I right?  Before you head out to stock up I wanted to show you one more color from their Class Act  collection.  I’ve  swatched a demi-matte and a glitter topper from the collection, plus a great shimmer.

Summer S-Cool is a new creme and I was excited to get this one.  Seems like SinfulColors does a good job with blues and teals.  Summer S-Cool had a better than average formula and covered well in two coats.  Under indirect bright sunlight and then the flash:

Summer S-cool

Summer S-cool flash

Great color for all the summer that’s left, or for back-to-school, whatever you choose.  Comparisons?  But of course.

Summer S-cool comps

Summer S-Cool is more blue than SinfulColors’ very popular Mint Apple, and it’s lighter and less shimmery than the recent Sky Tree.

If you want to hit the Walgreens 99-cent sale and wonder what are some of my other favorite SinfulColors polishes, just use the search box to the right and put in Sinful.  That’ll bring up lots of posts.  These sales tend to be very popular and the polishes get picked over quickly, so I’m heading over in the morning.  Today would be even better.  Happy weekend!

Disclosure:  This polish and one comparison polish were provided by SinfulColors for review.  One comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

SinfulColors online:






EDIT:  Update with another comparison.  Summer S-Cool compared to Zoya’s Rocky.  Rocky is darker and bluer, Summer S-Cool is lighter and has a slight teal tone.

Summer S-cool comps2

Be a rebel with Rebel Rose

Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.

Another color from the new back to school collection Class Act from SinfulColors!  I swatched a demi-matte and a glitter topper the other day; now let’s see a beautiful shimmer.

When I saw the promo picture for all the Class Act colors, I saw three similar shades:  Fig, a repromote and one of my favorite SinfulColors polishes of all time, Hazed, a demi-matte, and Rebel Rose.

SC Back to School

So, are Fig and Rebel Rose the same?  No, but I do have a dupe alert for you.  Hang on.

Rebel Rose, which is so new that my bottle doesn’t have a number or a bar code, is a bright saturated fuchsia or pinkish-purple with a gorgeous shimmer.  It has a slight blue duochrome flash, too.  The first coat was streaky but two coats gave good coverage.  Under indirect sunlight and then with the flash:

Rebel Rose outd

Rebel Rose flash

It’s so shimmery that it looks pretty much the same under both lighting conditions.

So how close is it to SinfulColors Fig?  Not very.  Fig is much darker.  But Rebel Rose is a very near-dupe to one of my favorite Zoyas ever, Blyss.  Under indirect outdoor light you can see a slight difference…

Rebel Rose comps

…but with the flash Rebel Rose and Blyss are indistinguishable to my eye.

Rebel Rose comps flash

As always, click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.

SinfulColors online:





Happy National Lipstick Day!

In the parade that is silly and obscure holidays — National Peanut Butter Fudge Day, anyone? (November 20th, if you’re curious) — today is National Lipstick Day.  How did you celebrate it, did you wear lipstick?  Buy it?  Covet it?

If you need another fix, here are some quick swatches of a quality lipstick that was my favorite price, free.  A few weeks ago I got a postcard in the ol’ snail mail from Ulta.  One of my member benefits was that if I took the card into an Ulta store, I’d get a free Clinique lipstick.

Yep, that was it.  Didn’t have to buy anything, didn’t have to take a survey, nothing.  And it was a full-sized lipstick, not a miniscule travel size.  Let’s look!

My Ulta sales associate reached into her Box o’ Freebies and pulled out the shade All Heart.  There were other colors but I was very content with All Heart.  I no longer see it on Ulta’s web site, but it’s from the relatively inexpensive line called Long Last Lipstick and comes in the familiar Clinique light green case.

All Heart case

All Heart label

I don’t see the weight marked on the label, and as you can see it’s stamped “Not For Individual Sale.”  However, I think this line of lipsticks usually costs about $8 U.S.

All Heart is a beautiful shade of darker-than-pink-lighter-than-red, which I love.  It has a very faint shimmer that keeps it from being a plain creme, but it’s by no means glittery.  What I love most about it is how it feels.  When I was applying it, it felt so light that if I hadn’t been looking in a mirror, I wouldn’t have been able to tell any of it was getting on my lips.  Honest, it’s that weightless, yet the pigmentation is great.  It wore well for hours (went out to dinner so I eventually wiped most of it off) and left a very light stain after removal.  It has virtually no smell or taste.

Here’s an All Heart swatch under indirect outdoor light, with the flash, and under artificial indoor light:

All Heart outd

All Heart flash

All Heart indoor

Can you see how different it looks in each light?  And even though that last lighting makes my skin looks like I have malaria, the lipstick still looks great!

Halloween news. Yup.

Most of the big polish companies have told us about their upcoming (or out now!) fall collections.  China Glaze is one of the few that does a dedicated Halloween set every year, and their 2015 one is called Ghouls’ Night Out.

CG Ghouls Night Out display

The polishes are:

  • CACKLE IF YOU WANT TO – a spooky purple and black glitter
  • GHOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS – a haunting multi-colored confetti glitter
  • SOMETHING’S BREWING – a monstrous green and black glitter
  • LOOKING BOOTIFUL – a mysterious neon purple creme
  • LADY AND THE VAMP – a smashing neon pumpkin creme
  • DRINK UP WITCHES – a freaky neon frankenstein green creme

Three cremes and three glitters.  Nothing really amazing as far as Halloween goes; the colors are rather typical for the holiday:  orange, purple, green.  No black, but China Glaze will be re-releasing their glow-in-the-dark top coat called Ghoulish Glow.

You can see the bottles and colors more clearly at Amare Beauty.

In other Halloween news, OPI is going to have a mini set but hold your horses and don’t even think about buying it until you read BeautyGeeks‘ post about it.  I was flabbergasted — old colors renamed.  We see what you’re doing there, OPI, and it’s not cool.

Take a Pink Break

Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by SinfulColors for review.

I previewed the back to school collection Class Act from SinfulColors a few weeks ago, and now it’s swatch time.  Class Act consists of three sub-sets — Play It Cool, All Nighter, and Chalkboard Diaries.  Here’s the Chalkboard Diaries display of limited time demi-mattes aka satins.

SC Chalkboard Diaries display

Official press release:

     Get ready to hit the books and go back to school in style with the latest collection for Back To School from SinfulColors, A Class Act. The extensive array of fresh shades are perfectly on-trend with the latest fall fashions and will ensure that your mani is top of the class. Dusty pastels and pops of color come in a demi-matte finish that feels soft yet looks striking and is deserving of nothing but straight A’s.  Denim blues and ready-to-burst brights capture an effortlessly cool and rebellious vibe, while shimmering silvers, purples and teals with eye catching 3D glitters look just as chic during a night out on the town as they do in class the next day.

We think you’ll agree that all of these 27 SinfulColors shades deserve straight A’s:

  • 24/7: Our hottest pink
  • A-Crush: Soft baby blue in a unique demi-matte finish
  • Blackboard: Demi-matte chalkboard black
  • Blue Sensation: Lustrous silvery sky blue
  • Burst Of Fresh Flair: Pearlescent lemon yellow
  • Casablanca: Creamy metallic silver
  • Chalk It Up: Saturated, demi-matte pistachio green
  • Daredevil: A pop of neon pink
  • Energetic Red: Classic fire engine red
  • Feel The Vibe: A bright splash of juicy orange
  • Fig: Glistening plum
  • Glass Pink: Sheer and shiny pink shimmer
  • Hazed: Subdued violet with a demi-matte finish
  • Ice Blue: Soft indigo exploding with silver sparkle
  • Ice Dream: Cerulean glitter with a translucent silver base
  • Late Night Haute: Turquoise and gold-flecked 3D glitter
  • Night Owl: Multi-colored gilded 3D glitter
  • Pink Break: Demi-matte peachy-pink
  • Purple Diamond: Twinkling violet
  • RADient: Vibrant raspberry with a demi-matte finish
  • Rebel Rose: Metallic magenta
  • Sinful Sunrise: Warm pink with silver 3D confetti
  • Summer S-cool: Robin’s egg blue
  • Truth or Lavendare: A demi-matte creamy lavender
  • Whiteboard: Chalk white
  • Why Not: A clear sky blue
  • V.I.Peach: Soft touch pastel yellow

The SinfulColors Back To School collection will be available for $1.99 each at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August & September 2015.

SC Back to School

You can click that pic for a larger view.  Some of the colors are brand new and some are repromotes.

I could hardly wait to try one of the demi-mattes and started with Pink Break.  Pink Break will be a Walgreens exclusive and is a warm-toned light pink.  Its formula was a little different and once I realized that it was easy to work with, but be careful at first.  It’s like some chromes or frosts in that you can’t overwork it or keep dabbing at it, or it’ll dry patchy.  Big, even strokes with the brush, with plenty of polish on the brush was the best way to apply it in my opinion.  Two coats, no top coat, with a fill flash and then under artificial indoor light:

SC Pink Break flash

SC Pink Break artif

I feel the first photo is the more accurate representation of Pink Break’s true color.  And oops, missed a spot by my cuticle on my middle finger.

The semi-matte or satin finish is cool, but I thought I’d top Pink Break with one of the new glitters.  Night Owl — also a Walgreens exclusive — was very different than what I was expecting!  From the promo bottle shot I expected purple and blue glitter in a sheer purple base.

SC Night Owl

But Night Owl is actually an interesting mix of holographic shard glitter plus blue-green tiny bar glitter in a mostly clear base.  The formula was good but I had to fish for some of the bigger shards, and whenever I apply bar glitter I try to keep it from looking “all lined up,” if you know what I mean.  Also with the fill flash and under artificial indoor light:

SC Night Owl flash

SC Night Owl artif

Woo, party on my nails.  Would be fun over a lot of different colors, for sure.

I like both polishes a lot but think the new demi-mattes, like Pink Break, will take a little more attention during application to make them look their best.  More new colors later this week!

Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by SinfulColors for review.

SinfulColors is all about the social:





More… you guessed it… fall news

It’s been a week of fall news and nothing but.  Now watch — in a couple of weeks I’ll have nothing and be back to my boring self.  Without further ado, Color Club’s fall collection called Cabin Fever:

CC Cabin Fever

CC Cabin Fever bottles 2

CC Cabin Fever bottles

All photos from the Color Club web site.  The colors appear much more vibrant in the third picture than they do in the second one.

In the synchronicity that is the polish world, the collection’s theme sounds super-close to China Glaze’s Fall 2015 set, The Great Outdoors.  That one even has a polish named Cabin Fever.  Sigh.

These all appear to be cremes and frankly it’s hard to work up any enthusiasm.  I don’t see anything I must have.  Another mauve-pink?  Yawn.  The yellowish ones Leaf Me Alone and Oh Deer look maybe a little different but yellows look dreadful on me.

$8.50 each at Color Club

What I won’t be wearing from Chanel this fall

Have you noticed how I keep posting fall news?  It’s just that time of year.  I’ll have a fistful of new polishes from SinfulColors to show you soon, but they haven’t arrived yet.

In the meantime let’s pretend we have lots of money to spend on polish and look at what Chanel is introducing.  I think it’s worth seeing the colors just to put our fingers (pun intended) on the pulse of the fashion world.  And they are beautiful.

Chanel fall 2015

These limited edition colors are:

  • Châtaigne — or chestnut in English
  • Écorce Sanguine — doesn’t translate very well; I think it means blood-colored bark
  • Vert Obscur — means dark green, how original

They’re only $27 each!  Buy a bunch!

Seriously, I have absolutely nothing against the Chanel company and they are a fashion icon, but ain’t no way I’m paying $27 for one bottle of polish.  I love the shades but am sure they’re dupable.  I’d rather buy 27 bottles of SinfulColors in one of their frequent 99-cent sales.  I’m as blue-collar as can be and that’s how I roll.

But hey, speaking of good deals….. Zoya hasn’t announced their fall collection(s) yet, but check your account there because they’ve got some awesome new promo codes.  Have you been interested in their new Naked Manicure (NM) system?  I keep wanting to try it.  There’s a new promo code to get the NM Men’s Kit FREE with a $20 purchase.  This kit includes the Naked Base Coat, Buff Perfector, and the Satin Seal Topcoat, and is usually $22.  Augh, if only this was the pink or lavender perfector instead I’d be all over it.  But I don’t want the buff one.  Picky, I know.

The complete professional NM kit is on sale too, with a different promo code — $75 instead of $96.  Keep in mind that promo codes cannot be combined.  You can only use one per order.


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