High Voltage warning

Warning:  Your budget may be in danger.

high voltage sign

Do not keep out.  Do not avoid.  Run to your nearest Nyx Cosmetics dealer and take a gander at their new High Voltage Lipsticks.

Nyx has come out with a boatload of new products this spring.  I showed two of their new Intense Lip Glosses last month and was eager to try their new lipsticks.  To make my decision of which colors to get I relied on this video from ReadySetGlamour.  She models all 22 shades.  And I like this video because she keeps her other makeup, clothes, and even background toned down in order to spotlight the lip colors.

There are nudes/neutrals, brights, darks, and mid-tones.  Nude lipstick makes me look dead and darks usually make me look old and witchy, so I decided to get Tiara and Privileged, both mid-tone pinks.  Unfortunately when I went to Ulta the new display had already been devoured and several shades were sold out, including Tiara.  So I bought Privileged plus another one called Sweet 16.  Then later when Tiara was back in stock I got it too.

These High Voltage lipsticks are taller and narrower than what we think of as the standard lipstick size.  Each one contains 0.09 oz/2.5 ml of product.  For comparison, a Revlon Super Lustrous contains 0.15 oz/4.2 ml.  But these new Nyx ones are a wallet-friendly $5.99 each (not that Revlon is very expensive).

Let’s look!

High Voltage trio

High Voltage trio open

I like the smaller diameter and feel like it gives me more control in application.  These lipsticks have no noticeable scent and don’t leave a stain after removal.

Swatches under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

High Voltage swatch outd

High Voltage swatch flash

They feel smooth and soft and are not heavily opaque.  You can build up the coverage.  My only problem was a SUE (Stupid User Error) in that I bought two shades that are so close to each other, Tiara and Sweet 16.  SUPER close.  Sweet 16 is a touch more pink than Tiara.  Still, this is the general lip color I wear the most so I’m sure I’ll use up both.  Privileged is a pretty, bright, cool-toned hot pink.

No Text Red

Ugh, sorry I haven’t been posting much!  Don’t mean to leave you all high and dry, but I feel somewhat “in between” spring and summer news and new polishes.

But today I bring you a public service announcement from my fave super-budget brand, Sinful Colors:  Don’t text and drive.  Sinful Colors has a campaign going on called No Text Red.  It’s not new but I saw it for the first time today in a local store.

No text red

Those stats are chilling — thousands of teen deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries due to something so trivial as texting.  And of course it’s not just teens; adults do it too.

Sinful Colors has a polish called No Text Red, but really, any bright red will do.  Paint your thumbnail bright red as a reminder not to text while driving.  It’s for everybody — girls, guys, teens, adults.  Make a statement and spread the word.

No text red bottle


A pigment of my imagination?

I read a rumor a while back that Nicole by OPI was coming out with a Coca-Cola collection this year, but then I thought, “Nah, can’t be.”  OPI just had one last year.  I never picked up any of the colors, but read about it here.  Plus I couldn’t find any confirmation that this alleged new set was real.

But it’s real.  Once again, Beauty Geeks has the stuff!  She’s, like, magic!  Swoon to her writeup and photos HERE.

I don’t think I need another bright red creme to keep my other fifty bright red cremes company, but The Silver Nail is always up for a new silver.  The polish called DC Lover looks pretty sweet on that swatch plate, and I’d love to slap a shiny or matte top coat on it.  I want to see how close it is to the besteversilver I use for my avatar, the long ago limited edition Designer De-Better from OPI.

Nicole by OPI is a hard brand for me to find.  The local Ulta only has a few bottles left and seems to be closing out the brand, no new stuff.  Of all places, my local KMart is the best place for me to find the brand these days.

What do you think, too much of a “do over” of the Coca-Cola Collection from OPI to Nicole by OPI?

Rose Dust

I’m back!  Visiting family has left, and while I’m a little sad, some good nail news is that I was able to hook one more person on the wonderfulness that is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.  Huzzah.

Have you made it to the Sinful Colors 99¢ sale at Walgreen’s yet?  I made a quick trip and picked up the one I wanted the most, Rose Dust (SC #1501).  I think it’s a brand new shade but am not positive.  There were some other colors I’m thinking about — need to look for swatches and reviews — opalescents in green, blue, and purple.

Rose Dust is a lavender pink with a fine silver shimmer, great for spring if you’re a pink girl like me.  Two coats gave very good coverage.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and with the flash:

Rose Dust

Rose Dust flash

Not exactly a stop-the-presses color but I really like it.  Plus when I get a Sinful Colors polish — my favorite ultra-budget brand with great quality — for 99 cents I feel like World’s Savviest Shopper.

What colors have you picked up in the sale?

Roundup of the Zoya looks at NYFW

Another New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and gone.  I posted about some of the looks last week and here’s a summary:

Nude, nude, nude, black, nude, nude, white, nude, nude, nude, black, nude, bronze, nude, nude, and nude to the point of why the hell even bother to take the time to put on polish and oh I don’t know LOOK LIKE YOU’RE WEARING POLISH?!?!

Oops, got a little carried away there.

I know or at least suspect that Zoya does not tell the designers what color of polish to use; isn’t it more likely that the designers tell Zoya what polish they want?  So I’m not blaming Zoya, a company I love.  It’s just that when fall rolls around I’m all about bold autumn colors — apple red, copper, teal blue, pumpkin, gold, and saddle brown.  Not a polish that appears to be one drop of tan in a vat of clear base.

OK, that’s selfish of me, but I like what I like.  HERE is a link to Zoya’s blog with an entry on each designer’s look(s).  For example, click on the blog entry Rachel Zoe or Greg Lauren, anything with AW15 in the title.

I do like the two custom bronze polishes that Zang Toi used.  Loren is a shimmer and Cinnamon is a glitter, and let’s hope those appear in a fall collection from Zoya.  Also, I like the three darker Satin shades used by Rolando Santana.  Again, I hope to see them in a fall set.  Perhaps ’til then we can get our mitts on the promised Zoya Satin Top Coat and turn any creme into a satin, eh?

Another 99¢ sale on Sinful Colors!

It’s been a while since the last 99¢ sale on Sinful Colors polish at Walgreens.  But get your dollar bills and pennies ready, because it’s back!  Today, Sunday, 2/22 through Saturday, 2/28.

Sinful Colors has a bunch of new spring displays — St. Patrick’s Day greens, neons, pastels, brights.  For the best roundup, check out this megapost from Nouveau Cheap.  Cremes, glitters, jellies, shimmers.  I need another pink polish like a hole in the head, but that Rose Dust is calling my name.

If you’re not wowed by all the nude polishes that showed up at New York Fashion Week lately — and some of them looked to me like not even worth the effort — then check out the rainbow that Sinful Colors has for us hoi polloi who are easily entertained by bright colors and shiny things.

Whispers, I mean Tweets, from NYFW

New York Fashion Week (NYFW), with the trends for Fall 2015, has been going on.  I haven’t reported anything because I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning.  Apparently the “big” look is nude nail polish, some manicures to the point of looking like the model is wearing absolutely NO polish.  Then why bother?

Nude polishes definitely have their place.  Maybe you just love them in general, and that’s cool.  Maybe you have a job that requires them.  One of the few nudes I like lately is the new semi-matte Ana from Zoya’s Naturel Satins.

Finally tonight I see something different.  Something that says “autumn” to me.  Check out this photo Tweeted by Zoya:  http://twitter.com/ZoyaNailPolish/status/567902878578409472/photo/1  Even better is this one:  http://twitter.com/SchifferFashion/status/567831964594749440/photo/1

I hope those are viewable.  They’re not my pictures so I can’t post them here.  They show six Zoya polishes:  Willa (black creme), Imogen (black glitter), both from this past winter’s Wishes Collection, and then four others.  One is named Loren and is a custom bronze shimmer, one is called Cinnamon and is a custom bronze glitter, one is Jules, and I can’t see a name for the fourth.  Loren and Cinnamon are catching my eye with bronze-copper goodness and I hope they will be part of Zoya’s fall lineup.

Now we’re talking!  They remind me of Autumn from last fall’s Ignite Collection, but darker and not a foil.

EDIT:  One more pic:  .   And don’t forget to check out Zoya on Instagram HERE.   More of the Zang Toi colors, plus a sneak peek of something called “The Naked Mani,” coming in April.  Looks like sheer nudes.  Nude sheers.  Tinted top coats?


I probably won’t be posting a lot in the next week.  We have company and I hope to be busy with family.  We’ll see!


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