Essie Summer Collection 2015 — Peach Side Babe

And the news just keeps a-comin’.  Honestly, I can’t remember reading about so many new collections so many days in a row.

Essie sets are always big news as in super-popular with readers.  And again for 2015, Essie’s summer collection is beach themed (and the puns are getting as bad as the ones from OPI!):

Essie summer 2015

Essie summer 2015 bottles

Pretty, summery colors.  I don’t know if the white Private Weekend is meant to be worn solo or is more of a base to make the other colors pop.  I love how Salt Water Happy is a pun on salt water taffy, but wonder if most people will get the Pret-a-Surfer reference to prêt-à-porter, which means “ready to wear.”  I dunno, it’s a fashion industry term so they probably will.

I read that the Peach Side Babe collection will be available in both regular and gel polish, and saw a mini-set that includes the green, peach, red, and darker blue.  See tons more pictures at Everything2K.

Wh… wh… WHAT?? More news?

Today I’m posting about what I think of as a “mirage collection.”  I see pictures but am not at all sure it’s real.

This past week I saw mention of a summer collection from China Glaze called Desert Escape at Everything2K, but the pictures were so fuzzy I didn’t want to post ones like them and I felt so unsure about the set in general since all other pictures I found were the same.

But now professional UK beauty retailer The Beauty Partnership has some sharp, clear photos.  Note that the packaging and models are different in these photos versus the ones on Everything2K, so I don’t know if the collection will be released in North America and whether or not the colors, color names, or any other details will be the same.  All photos via The Beauty Partnership:

CG desert escape

There are six colors, and here’s a micro mini set of all six.

CG desert escape4

The Beauty Partnership lists the names in the following order but I don’t know if they correspond to the polishes left to right:

Meet Me In The Mirage
What’s She Dune
Rain Dance The Night Away
Don’t Mesa With My Heart
Don’t Desert Me
The Heat Is On

The company also shows two sets of three polishes each plus some extras in the form of decals or stripers:

CG desert escape2

CG desert escape3

As you can see, the turquoise is repeated in these two sets and what appears to be the sandy gold shimmer or glitter is not included.

IF this set is real and IF it appears in America and IF I can get my paws on it, I’m digging that mini set.  Cool shades and warm ones.  Love the plum and turquoise and glitter.



More fall news!

Part of me hates to post a third “news” bit in a row, but most of me knows that if I don’t post news asap, it’s no longer news.  So without further ado, ready for glimpses of the fall collection from China Glaze?  The Great Outdoors!

Pictures so far are scant and low-res, but let’s see what we can glean from them.

CG great outdoors

Hmmm, that one doesn’t tell us much.  Here’s a better one:

CG great outdoors2

An interesting mix of both dark and light shades.  I can only read one of the color names, and that’s “Cabin Fever” for the coppery one on the bottom row.  Why I can read that one and not others is a puzzle.  Can you read any of them?  It’s like those charts at the eye doctor’s office.

I’m loving that copper and also the dark green in the top row and several dark shimmers.  But what the heck is that chartreuse color?  Looks horribly out of place to me.

I don’t know of a release date but fall collections usually launch in mid to late summer.  Set name, polish names, colors, and availability are subject to change.


Essie Bridal Collection 2015

That time of year again, time for Essie’s annual bridal or wedding collection.  In years past there have been four polishes in the set but this year there are six.  Here’s the banner from the company’s web site:

Essie bridal 2015

Gee, and here I thought Essie was going to stop putting the same **** lavender in every single set!

This year’s collection also departs from the usual Essie bridal convention in that there are two brights in addition to the four typical pale pastels.  Those last two look like they kind of snuck in.  Wedding crashers, as it were.

Color names are:

  • Tying the Knotie
  • Hubby for Dessert
  • Worth the Wait
  • Brides to Be
  • Brides No Grooms
  • Happy Wife Happy Life

Another photo:

Essie bridal 2015 bottles

Another change this year is that I don’t see a four-piece mini-cube of the new colors for sale, but Transdesign shows two different five-piece mini sets.  Each one contains two of the bridal colors plus a white polish named Blanc, a base coat, and a top coat.  Interesting but not going in my cart, which is fine — more money for some summer brights!

Fall news, really! Upcoming collection from OPI

Although I don’t buy as many OPI polishes as I’d like — have to buy those pesky groceries and pay those annoying power bills instead — I love reading about what they’re going to have in upcoming collections.  Remember the James Bond Skyfall set from a few years ago?

Thanks to an online retailer who spills the beans earlier than almost anyone else, I just caught a glimpse of the new OPI polish names.  Doing an international search on those told me the new fall/winter 2015 collection is… VENICE.

OPI Venice set

Photo via OPI Professional Italia.

Color names:

  • A Great Opera-tunity
  • It’s A Piazza Cake
  • Worth A Pretty Penne
  • Tiramisu For Two
  • Amore At The Grand Canal
  • Gimme A Lido Kiss
  • Be There In A Prosecco
  • I Cannoli Wear OPI
  • Gelato On My Mind
  • Purple Palazzo Pants
  • O Suzi Mio
  • My Gondola Or Yours?
  • Venice The Party?
  • Baroque…But Still Shopping!
  • St. Mark’s The Spot

Augh, it’s really hard to tell colors from this one shot.  I see a red, dark lavender, teal, white, a couple of blues, and maybe a gold-bronze.  Overall the set doesn’t strike me as looking autumnal but let’s wait and see.

Seriously Citrus

The last of the three new Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collection polishes I bought — Seriously Citrus.  See these other posts for Zero Is My Hero and DC Lover.

When I think of “citrus,” I think of colors like yellow and orange, but in the Coca-Cola world, the citrus drinks often have a shiny green or blue can and are usually clear.  So it’s no surprise that Seriously Citrus is a clear base with glitter.  Lots of glitter — micro and small hex glitter in white, two shades of green, and two shades of blue.


This polish is more of a glitter bomb than I usually wear, but the colors just happen to be those of a favorite sports teams of mine, and I may go see them play this summer, so why not?  The two colors of blue glitter in Seriously Citrus are light and medium royal, so I decided to use a base coat of dark blue.  I chose an old fave, Ibiza from Zoya.

Seriously Citrus had enough glitter that I didn’t have to fish for it, but the clear base was a little thick and so the glitter tended to bunch up at my nail tips.  Still, careful application of two coats yielded a look I love.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

Seriously Citrus

Seriously Citrus flash

Using this glitter for just one accent nail is an option too.

OPI Soft Shades for 2015

Every spring for the last few years, OPI has come out with a Soft Shades Collection, and this year is no different.  In 2012 there was a ballet theme and one year the set was tied in to a new Oz movie (Wizard of, not Frank).

I don’t see a theme this year; they are just Soft Shades.

OPI soft shades 2015 display

They’re quiet, soft, pale shades.  No surprise there.

OPI soft shades 2015

While very pretty, I have enough pale pinks and silvers for several lifetimes so won’t be buying any of these.  But several bloggers have swatched them all — the ever-dependable-but-not-in-a-boring-way Beauty Geeks, and the also wonderful Of Life and Lacquer.  Really good reviews with helpful photos.  If you’re in the mood for something very pale or a sheer shimmer, they might fit the bill, although This Silver’s Mine is, as both bloggers agree, a brushstroke-showing nightmare.


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