A quick Blind Date

I recently picked up another Colour Prevails nail polish.  Colour Prevails, as I’ve blogged numerous times in the past month, is a relatively new brand that is a Walgreens exclusive.  The polish has an unusual ergonomic wing-like handle, and I talked about it fully here.

Last trip to Wags, I allowed myself one new polish.  What should it be?  I was sorely tempted by Cocky or All Nighter, because of the gorgeous swatches here from Beauty Geeks.  I picked up and put down more bottles than I can count, and finally settled on Blind Date, a pinkish-purple with a dash of shimmer.  The Walgreens web site calls it mauve but I say no way; it’s too bright for that.

Blind Date had a good formula and an average polish smell.  The first coat was streaky but the second covered well, and it dried quite shiny.  Under indirect outdoor light it looks rather plummy:

Blind Date outd

But with the flash you can really see the shimmer.  It’s neither glittery nor frosty.  Brushstrokes didn’t show at all.

Blind Date flash

Now, Blind Date is gorgeous, and I love purples, but as soon as I put it on I had déjà vu.  I knew the color looked familiar.  Was it Blyss from Zoya?  Fig from SinfulColors?

No.  Yes.

Blyss is lighter and pinker, but Fig is a dead-on dupe.  Here are some swatch sticks, and excuse my poor handwriting, something that’s always been a struggle for me.

Blind Date comps

Up close:

Blind Date comps closeup

Blind Date and Fig are the same color and also have the same light amount of shimmer, so if you have one you don’t need the other.  Pricewise, Blind Date is $8.00 for 0.32 oz/9.5 mL, and Fig is $1.99 for 0.5 oz/15 mL.  All Colour Prevails products come shrink-wrapped and have that ergonomic handle.

I’m not sorry I bought Blind Date, though, as my bottle of Fig is old and so I might play around with it and do some frankenpolish experiments in my lab crafts room.

Essie Fall 2015 Collection preview

Good morning!  While skimming pages and photos online ISO news, I saw this fuzzy little picture labelled “fall collection 2015″ at the Instagram site of Samaria Beauty Supply in Florida.  It appears to be a shot from Essie itself.

Essie Fall 2015

If this is the upcoming fall set, then I don’t know the name of the collection, although Essie almost always has one of the polish names as the set’s name.  I’ll make a stab and guess it’ll be either “Color Binge” or “Frock ‘n Roll.”  Cool that the first color is a beautiful bronze, because I think bronze is going to be the color for fall.  Zoya had some bronze-y, cinnamon-y hints at the last New York Fashion Week show — see this photo to see what I mean.

So…. no other photo of the Essie collection yet… or IS THERE???  There is.

Check out this site, TheHappening.com¡Ya están aquí los nuevos tonos de Essie!  There are “rojos profundos, azules intensos, y sofisticados bronces.”  This has some really pretty shots of five of the shades, although the one I’d want to see most, the bronze Leggy Legend, is missing.  Also, the two reds and the plum appear to be mislabeled.  I think the first color shown is called In the Lobby, not With the Band.  The reds are Color Binge and With the Band, not Color Binger and Color Finge.  But the blue and the granite gray look accurate.

I’m dyin’ here in a mega-heat wave, but seeing fall shades has me dreaming of cooler temps and autumn tones.  Can hardly wait to see what other companies will be announcing in the next month or two!


EDIT, 7/6/15:  Found one more picture; it’s a good one.  Look here:  http://www.paramountbeauty.com/Product/Essie/Nail_Polish/Collections__N__Displays/_Fall_Collection_2015/Leggy_Legends_Fall_2015

From this link, the name of the set may be Leggy Legends, not sure.  I love the wine and the bronze!

It’s Super Duper!


I just read about a new iOS app and could hardly wait to share it with you.  It’s called SuperDuper Drugstore Dupes aka just SuperDuper.  The brain child of Lizzy Klein, this app for the iPhone and iPad claims to find budget dupes for high-end nail polishes.

Currently the pricey brands in the database are Chanel, Christian Louboutin, MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent, and I can state with confidence that I don’t own and can’t really afford a single polish from any of these.  Have I coveted some of them in the past?  You bet, but I’m not paying $25-$50 a bottle for something that I just know is dupe-able.

Super Duper app

Particularly interesting to me is the quote from the TechCrunch article, “She [an industry insider] couldn’t name names, but did say there were three main factories that make most of the color cosmetics for both high and low-end name brands.”

It’s like almost anything else — say, pickle relish.  The ingredients and recipes are the same; the factory just changes the labels on the jars.  We see you.  We know what you’re doing there.

No word yet on an Android app, but I’m excited to play with this.  A quick glance shows me that there aren’t a ton of colors yet; for example, I thought I’d finally find a true dupe of Chanel’s Skyline, but that one’s not there.  Still, I hope for many updates and a whole lotta duping going on.

And it’s free?  Did I mention free?  Free is good.

Hey, it’s July! …… 1972

Ready for another time-tripping post?   I have no news, no new swatches, and am in one of my nostalgic moods.  So I make you all suffer along with me.

Some of you may remember the post I had well over a year ago about the December 1972 issue of Seventeen magazine.  I’d bought a bunch of issues on eBay for fun, and fun they were.  Are.  The August issue, the annual back-to-school one, is heavy enough to knock someone unconscious.  Who else remembers pouring over these back-to-school style Bibles and bugging our mothers for this blouse or that purse, Please please please, Mom, it’s so far out!

The July issue was not a particularly fascinating one compared to the others, but had some fun ads and a makeover that you have to see.  And I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not, but I can remember a lot of this issue from its actual time.  My sister and I must have poured over it, time and time again, in those hot summer days.  I was getting ready to enter high school in a couple of months and was no doubt pathetically desperate for sartorial salvation.

For the following photos, click on any of them for nice big views.

Here’s the model who was on the cover, although the actual cover is missing from my issue.  Her name was Mona Grant and isn’t she pretty?  Freckles, great but not perfect teeth.  This was when a “smoky eye” was done with kohl.

July 1972 17 4

She’s wearing a halter top made by folding a very large polyester square scarf in half then tied around your neck and behind your back.  I vaguely remember trying to recreate the look.  Considering I had no bust, the resulting look was…. unfortunate.

In the early ’70s, two very popular scents for loads of products were lemon and baby powder.  Which led to Lemon Overload.

July 1972 17 1

This had everything:  the brand name “Love” (can’t get much groovier than that), dozens of items to layer lemon scent all over you, a monster mutant lemon lurking in the background, and even a scratch ‘n’ sniff strip in case you, y’know, don’t know what LEMON smells like.

Want a real hoot?  Forty-three years later, this strip still smells like lemon!  No kidding.

In case that wasn’t enough, later we see another brand with MOAR LEMON.

July 1972 17 2

Remember Lemon Up, with the corny plastic lemon cap?

This July issue had very little as far as nail polish ads.  But here’s a good one from Almay.

July 1972 17 3

Ah, those pointy ovals.  Those pointy bottle caps.  The limited shades.

Bizarrely — well, maybe not so bizarre for the times — this issue had an entire wedding section.  Yep, a magazine devoted to pre-high-school-graduation teens had a wedding section.  Back then we all knew people who dropped out of school to get married or got married right after graduation.  These days… not so much.

The photo to open this wedding section is, pardon my old-fashioned ideas, gorgeous.  Except for the short curly hair and the thin eyebrows, she’d be considered in style now, what with the smoky eye and lovely lip look.  Actually this photo kind of has a 1930s vibe to me.

July 1972 17 8

Finally, the makeover I mentioned.  This was and is the best part of the whole issue to me, for very different reasons now than in 1972.  Back then, my sister and I hooted with laughter at the model’s “before” look, and we wanted to look like the “after” picture SO BADLY.


July 1972 17 5

Really?  REALLY???  What’s to change, you think?  She — Isabel Grandin by name — has fantastic smooth pale skin, huge gray eyes, lovely expressive eyebrows, and a lip shape to die for.

Well, we thought she looked awful.  Get ready for the “after” picture, and honestly, I’m kinda sorry to do this to you.

July 1972 17 6

OMIGOD.  Clown makeup.  Butchered eyebrows.  Sob.

But here’s the thing.  In 1972 this was the idea of beauty — bright circles of blush scrubbed on cheeks, eyebrows tweezed into oblivion, slanted sides for the hair, and heaven forbid you should appear pale.  In case you want to duplicate this look right now, here’s the blurb:

July 1972 17 7

We can all have a good laugh over this, but I can guar-an-damn-tee you, years and decades from now, we will be screeching with horror over the styles from 2015.  That contouring.  Those Sharpie brows.  The hair styles.  The squoval nail shape.

I do have some good news when it comes to Ms. Grandin.  I didn’t remember her name but hoped to find some proof that she survived this makeover.  I looked her up in IMDb and found that she did have a brief career as an actress.  She was a regular on the extremely short-lived 1985 TV series Hell Town, which starred Robert Blake.  She played a nun or maybe somebody undercover as a nun, not sure what was going on with that show, and you can see her in this video of the opening credits.  That’s her at about the 35-second mark and also at the 56-second mark by name.

Isabel, you were gorgeous just as you were.  Funny how whether it’s 1972 or 2015, we always think we need fixing!

Please don’t eat the facial cleanser

Tough to blog lately.  Tough to go outside.  Tough to do anything, really.  Here in the northwest U.S. we’re in a record-breaking heat wave, temps in the 90s and 100s instead of the usual 70s.  At least it’s not humid.

In this weather, warm comfort foods are a thing of the past.  I want iced tea, iced coffee, and iced ice.  I especially want ice cream.  However, you can’t eat ice cream 24 hours a day… a hypothesis that I would dearly love to put to a rigorous test.

How about reaching for some ice cream-like things in your beauty routine?  I’ve got a facial cleanser/scrub that I absolutely love.  Even better, it’s chocolatey.

Feast your eyes and nose and face on the Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub from Missha.

Cacao scrub closed

Cacao scrub open

It’s in a jar, as you can see, but you don’t have to dip your fingers in it if you don’t want to, because it comes with a small plastic spatula.  I’d love to show that to you, but being clear plastic, I promptly lost it.  I don’t mind dipping my fingers into products but know some people can’t stand that.

At Missha’s US web site, its SRP is $13.00 but as of today’s writing it’s $7.80.  The jar contains 95 g or about 3.35 oz.

Cacao scrub open2

Cacao scrub dab

I love the way it feels and how it works.  Apply to damp skin, massage gently, and rinse off.  It feels very slightly abrasive but not much, and it’s certainly gentle enough for my older, thinner skin.  After using it, my face feels clean but not stripped of moisture or unpleasantly tight.

And let’s face it, it looks and smells like Cookies & Cream ice cream.  You could even put it in the fridge for extra cooling on your face on these hot days.  But don’t eat it, and don’t keep it where someone else might eat it (children, husbands, brothers-in-law, random teenagers, etc.)!

Another duo from Colour Prevails, this one for eyes

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

We’re on the last day of a whole week of reviews of Nonie Creme Colour Prevails (CP) products, a new cosmetics company that’s a Walgreens exclusive.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the lip color/liner duos, the CC creme, the nail polish, and the eye shimmer powder.

Today I’ve got another two-in-one item, the Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo.  The packaging is identical in size and shape to the lip color/liner duos, and like that one, one end has a liner and the other a color, in this case an eye shadow.

CP eye duo

The ends are securely covered with clear removable caps, and both pencils/crayons are soft and twist up, no sharpening required.

CP eye duo 1

CP eye duo 2

Sorry the inside of the liner end looks a little messy; that happened in shipment and the weather here is horribly hot.

The Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo comes in twelve color combos; the first one is the shadow and the second is the liner:

  • Rose/Black
  • Pearl/Black
  • Wine/Black
  • Peach/Brown
  • Royal Purple/Brown
  • Nude Frost/Navy
  • Mocha/Hunter Green
  • Mocha/Purple
  • Gunmetal/Olive
  • Gunmetal/Purple
  • Silver/Grey
  • Lavender/Grey

I think it’s great that the liners come in more colors than just black or brown.

As you can see, I received Rose/Black.  The black liner gives a very precise line and is true black, not rusty or grayed out.  The shadow is a shimmery, buildable rose pink.  On my inner arm under indirect bright outdoor light:

CP eye duo swatch

The liner applied smoothly with no tugging or skipping, and both it and the shadow removed easily with drugstore eye makeup remover.  I have some other liner pencils that are pretty but are such a bear to remove that I don’t wear them very often.  The shadow also applied softly and smoothly and had good wear with no noticeable creasing.

I tried another shimmer pink eye shadow crayon before from a Korean vendor but it was such a glitter bomb that it looked silly on me and I gave it away.  You can see a swatch of it here.  In different lighting it had chunks of almost-holographic glitter.

As with the lip duo, the SRP is $12.00 US and it would make a versatile product for your travel bag.

So, thoughts overall about Colour Prevails?  I mostly love what I’ve tried so far from the company and plan to buy more for myself.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Blurred Lines… not THAT Blurred Lines!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Continuing my week of testing with items from the new company Colour Prevails (CP), today I have a CC creme.  It’s just what the doctor ordered for these hot summer days.

CP Blurred Lines

It’s called Blurred Lines.  Not THIS “Blurred Lines”, hey hey hey!

Colour Prevails Blurred Lines CC Creme is a product that combines light coverage with sunscreen.  Here’s the Walgreens web site description:

All-In-One Creme

    Promotes Even Coverage
    Helps Hydrate Skin
    Oil-Free Formula

All-in-one creme in a convenient pump dispenser that delivers coverage that’s soft, even, natural; virtually undetectable.  Skin conditioning ingredients and emollients to hydrate the skin and improve its appearance.  Antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreen that protect the skin from environmental damage caused by the sun and pollution.

This product is not tested on animals.

Made in Italy

Apply with fingertips starting in the center of the face.  Blend well.

Apply generously 15 minutes before sun exposure.  Children under 6 months of age:  Ask a doctor.  Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.  Reapply at least every 2 hours.

CC cremes can be confusing, as can BB cremes.  I first talked about them here.  Many companies claim to have BB or CC cremes but they’re really nothing more than tinted moisturizers, which, if that’s what you want, fine.  But don’t tell me something has a dozen benefits when it doesn’t.  CheapbrandsImlookinatyou.

The CC in CC cremes usually stands for “color correcting,” but not in the sense that green cancels redness or purple hides sallowness.  It’s more to do with evening out skin tone due to its priming, moisturizing, and sunscreen properties.  Let’s look at the active and inactive ingredients for Blurred Lines (click on any photo for a larger view).

CP Blurred Lines info

CP Blurred Lines info2

It seems to lean heavily towards being a sunscreen and has both chemical sunscreens (the octinoxate, octocrylene, and avobenzone) and physical or more traditional ones (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).  Some people refuse to wear anything with the chemical sunscreens which is their right.  I’ve used them for years especially on my hands via Neutrogena products and am OK with them.  FYI, I have zero sun spots/age spots on my hands.  There are arguments both for and against these ingredients but it’s up to the consumer.

Note that first inactive ingredient is good ol’ water, for moisturizing.  I believe dimethicone is a silicone-based smoothing agent, and it’s in many cosmetics.  I’ve used skin primers that had so much silicone in them that my face felt like a piece of plastic.  Not Blurred Lines.  Right after application and many hours later, my skin felt moisturized and smooth but not artificial, to the point that I kept patting my own face.  I know, I know; I shouldn’t do that!  But it felt so nice.

I have normal-to-dry skin so don’t know how it would perform on oily skin.  I’ve used a couple of Korean BB cremes in the past year and I liked them well enough although they smelled odd and had a grayish cast to them.  That tone was not working for me this summer since I’ve gotten a little more color in my face.

Here’s the Blurred Lines dabbed on the back of Ye Olde Hand and then blended in, under artificial indoor light.

CP Blurred Lines ind light

CP Blurred Lines blended ind light

Can you tell a difference?  It’s subtle.  After all, this is not a full-coverage foundation.

After using it, I’d call it “Blurred Pores.”  Seriously, after using this and then my current favorite finishing powder, Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals, the appearance of my facial pores was really reduced.

Blurred Lines CC Creme, like other Colour Prevails products, is a Walgreens exclusive and comes shrink-wrapped for safety.  It dispenses via a pump top, another feature that keeps the product clean.  It’s $16.00 US for 1 oz/30 mL and only you know if the price is right for you.  Honestly?  If I didn’t know anything about this I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but if I’d been given a tiny sample I would buy it after wearing it just once.

For comparison, here are some random CC cremes and their prices today on Walgreens.com; all are 1 ounce:  L’Oreal $12.99, Revlon $14.49, Almay $10.49.  At Ulta.com here are some prestige brand CC cremes, again 1 ounce:  It Cosmetics (1.08 oz.) $38.00, Smashbox $42.00, Pur Minerals $38.00.

Blurred Lines presently only comes in three colors:  Light, Medium, and Medium-Dark.  Fortunately I was sent Light, which I’d actually call more of a light-medium.  There’s no very fair/porcelain shade nor one that is very dark.  But perhaps in the future, if the company is successful, there will be more colors.  One caveat — the only place on my tube that listed the color as Light was on the shrink-wrapping, so when I tossed that I lost the label.  Not a problem if you only have one around anyway, but just letting you know.

Stay cool out there!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.


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