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Vintage from Sinful Colors

How about another budget-friendly polish from Sinful Colors?  I’m always up for those!

Here’s a new polish called Vintage.  In the store (Walgreens, SRP $1.99) and under fluorescent light, I thought Vintage was a dark gray with a green tone.  But, no, it’s a dark shimmery silver-green.

Despite the heavy shimmer, visible brushstrokes weren’t a problem.  The formula is a bit sheer and I needed three coats.  Under indirect bright outdoor light, it gives me lobster hands (makes my skin look red):

Vintage outd light

Under indoor artificial light, not so much:

Vintage ind light

Where it really sparkles — literally — is in direct sunlight.  Outdoors was too bright for my camera so I took a picture of my nails resting on a windowsill inside, but still in direct sun:

Vintage sun

Looking through my Mountain o’ Stash, I have two polishes that are close but not identical, Rikki from Zoya and Rags to Riches from Rimmel.  Both of those are lighter and not as grayed or neutral.

Rikki outd

Rags to Riches outd

I love Vintage as a darker silvery green for fall while Rags to Riches is a fave for spring.

More comparisons!

Disclosure:  The Ignite, Entice, and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

As a followup to my review of Zoya’s new fall collections, Ignite and Entice, I want to show you some more comparisons.  Most of the comparison suggestions came from YOU, my readers — thank you very much!  Great ideas.  I got some surprises, so let’s see if you do too.

The wonderful copper foil Autumn probably generated the most requests for comparisons.  Here it is with OPI DS Indulgence and China Glaze Harvest Moon.

Ignite Autumn comp5

Ignite Autumn comp6

They look closer in the bottles than on the nail.  DS Indulgence is much redder and Harvest Moon is more yellowish.  (Sorry the swatch photo is out of focus.)

Comparing Autumn to Butter London’s Shag and Brown Sugar…

Ignite Autumn comp4

… Shag is similar but a bit darker.  Brown Sugar is not close because its pink-purple base makes it more of a plum-toned brown.  Also, the Butter London shades each required three coats and Autumn only needed two.

An alert reader asked for a side-by-side of India with Zoya’s Anastasia from the older Magique Collection.  Anastasia is no longer available on Zoya’s web site.

Ignite India comp2

Wow, I would say they are close enough in color to call duplicates.  However, Anastasia is thinner and required one more coat.  I’d say if you have Anastasia you don’t need to rush to buy India, but if you have neither and want one, I’d recommend India because of its better formula.  Anastasia may be available on some other e-tailer sites.

Remy was the one-coat wonder from the Ignite Collection.  Comparing it to Muse from the Bubbly Collection earlier this year, Remy is much darker and Muse has holographic glitter.  And Muse needed three coats.

Ignite Remy comp3

Zoya’s Dream has been one of my favorite blue polishes.  Next to Remy, you can see that Dream is more of a royal blue instead of teal blue, and it has tiny sparkles that look like stars.  I recommend both polishes highly.

Ignite Remy comp2

Finally, let’s look at one of the cremes from the Entice set, Veronica, and see how it looks next to Zoya’s Ashley, another shade that’s not currently listed at Zoya’s site.

Entice Veronica comp3

Extremely close.  Ashley is a hair darker.  If I already had Ashley I probably wouldn’t get Veronica.

As a P.S., let me point you towards a very useful blog called The Polish Garden.  She has a list that’s the dream of obsessive-compulsives like me — almost all the Zoya collections with dates, names, and pictures.  Look here.  Better believe I bookmarked that!

Disclosure:  The Ignite, Entice, and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

The Ignite Collection from Zoya — swatches and comparisons

Disclosure:  The Ignite Collection and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

FedEx came through!  Yesterday I posted that the package from Zoya containing my Entice and Ignite Collections had gone astray and been delivered…. somewhere.  Not to my house.  But a phone call got the ball rolling and, by gosh, I think I had several concerned FedEx employees tracking that baby down.  The driver got one number wrong on the address and my package was a mere block away.

I walked down to that house, where I saw my package sitting alone and forlorn on the porch.  The bottles inside were whispering, “Take us home.”  So I did.

Here are some official photos of the set:

Zoya Entice Ignite 5

Zoya Entice Ignite 2

  • ZP754 ­ Autumn: Varnished Copper
  • ZP755 ­ India: Deep Red Gold
  • ZP756 ­ Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper
  • ZP757 ­ Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold
  • ZP758 ­ Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold
  • ZP759­ Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold

My bottles in the same order:

Ignite set

The Ignite Collection really grabs me because they’re foils, and as I’ve said ad naseum, that’s my favorite polish finish, since foils usually don’t show brushstrokes yet they are shimmery and even somewhat glittery.  The formula of all six Ignite colors was great, and unless otherwise noted I used two coats of polish, no top coat, and the photos are under indirect outdoor light.

Let’s start with the best named polish EVER, Autumn.  It’s the copper foil I’ve wanted for ages.  I’ve tried other colors that, while beautiful, have been more orange or gold or brown than what I had in mind.

Ignite Autumn

Comparing Autumn to Zoya’s Channing from last year’s fall Satins Collection, Channing is more orange-red.  Comparing Autumn to Revlon’s Fall Mood, Fall Mood is lighter and more gold and silver.

Ignite Autumn comp

Ignite Autumn comp2

Ignite Autumn comp3

Being the fall polish hog that I am, I love all three and feel they each give a distinctive look.

India is indeed a deep red gold, very dark yet the sparkle keeps it from looking blackened.

Ignite India

Comparing India to Zoya’s Blair, they are close in color but Blair is a shimmer and not a foil.  I like both but if I could only pick one it would be India.

Ignite India comp

Teigen has a lighter violet base than India and looks dark raspberry or light red-plum.  Couldn’t think of other polishes close to Teigen’s look to compare.

Ignite Teigen

Sansa is a dark plum or eggplant with gold sparkle.  It was almost but not quite a one-coater.

Ignite Sansa

In the bottles, Sansa looks similar to Zoya’s Daul….

Ignite Sansa comp

… but on the nail, not even close.  Daul is much, much lighter and more sheer.

Ignite Sansa comp2

Remy.  Oh my gosh.  It’s a dark teal that mesmerizes me.  The base is dark blue, and get this — it’s a one-coater!  One coat gives fantastic coverage.

Ignite Remy

Remy begs a comparison to Zoya’s Charla, but Remy is darker and covers much better.  I needed three coats of Charla.

Ignite Remy comp

Yuna is a dark gray and at first, looking at the bottle, I thought it had a greenish tint.  But I think that’s an illusion from the gold sparkle; it’s a true gray.

Ignite Yuna

Comparing Yuna to Zoya’s Claudine and Cassedy, Claudine is similar in color but is a shimmer, not a foil.  It has more of a dark gunmetal vibe to me.  Cassedy is lighter and more silvery than Yuna.

Ignite Yuna comp

Ignite Yuna comp2

Overall, I love this set so much.  Two of my favorite things, fall and foils.  My favorite ones?  That’s tough because I really love them all except Yuna, and that’s only because dark grays don’t look good on my skin tone.  Remy gets an extra gold star for being a one-coater.  If I had to pick three they would be Autumn, India, and Remy, but Teigen and Sansa are no slouches either.

If there are any other comparisons you’d like me to make, just ask!

Tomorrow, barring unnatural disasters, I’ll review and compare the new set of cremes, Entice.

$9 (US) Available on Zoya.com and at finer salons and spas.  Direct link to Entice and Ignite Collections.
*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

Disclosure:  The Ignite Collection and some of the comparison polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

While we wait, let’s be Rich in Heart

I was so excited to be receiving my Zoya Entice & Ignite Collections media samples today.   The FedEx site said my box was “out for delivery,” then when I checked again later it said it was delivered, but… it wasn’t.  At least not to my house.


I don’t know where my package is, but it sure isn’t here.  I’ve searched my front porch several times, and it doesn’t even have any hiding places anyway.  So I’ve called FedEx to put a trace on the box and we’ll see what happens.  Sure hope I don’t have to wait a week for replacements, but if I do, I do.  It’s a real first-world problem, isn’t it?

To keep my fingers polished and my blog occupied while we wait, how about that 99¢ Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens I mentioned yesterday?  You just know I had to drop in.  Didn’t see any new fall collections but one shade called Rich in Heart (#265) was definitely calling my name.

Rich in Heart is a shimmery, vampy, blackened color, great for fall or winter.  The base is sheer black and it’s packed with a shimmer that defies definition.  Dark red?  Plum?  Brown?  Yes to all three.

The formula was good, first coat was a little streaky but the second coat covered very well.  Shiny, too.  Two views under indirect outdoor light and then with the fill flash:

Rich in Heart

Rich in Heart2

Rich in Heart flash

You can see in the bottle, especially in the second photo, how it seems to be several different colors.

I LOVE Rich in Heart, especially heading into fall, and at 99 cents, it rivals polishes that cost ten times as much.  Happy hunting at the Walgreens sale!


EDIT:  Dupe alert.  The only polishes I have — and believe me, I own a ton of reds from pale to dark — that could be considered duplicates for Rich in Heart are two that are unavailable.  Dear John from the February 2013 SquareHue subscription box is long gone, and Caroline from Julep is currently out of stock.  Even if Caroline was in stock, it costs $11-$14 for a tiny bottle of it.  Rich in Heart, like all Sinful Colors, is a full 0.5 oz/15 ml.

The SquareHue August box — Beverly Hills

Note:  Two of the comparison polishes were supplied by SquareHue.  I purchased the rest.

I haven’t talked about the monthly polish subscription SquareHue in ages.  Six months, to be exact, when I reviewed the February box with its bright, beautiful Tokyo theme.

I received the March box, Paris, but didn’t review them because I gave them away or frankened them into something else.  Then I suspended my subscription, and one thing I like about SquareHue is that you can do so easily, at any time and with no penalty.  The preview pictures I saw from April through July didn’t grab me enough to re-up; there was usually a yellow or yellow-green or orange, my least favorite polish colors, or I saw colors I felt I already had.

If you’d like to see the polishes from the last few months, peek at SquareHue’s “Look Book”:

There are some very pretty shades in every set yet I was OK with skipping.  But the August preview picture, Beverly Hills, looked like cool shades of silver & blue & purple.  Yeah, I have enough of those too but wanted the set anyway.  Were my guesses right?

SqH BevHills


SqH Aug14 box

SqH Aug14 bottles

Left to right:

  • Rodeo Drive — silver/gold/taupe microglitter
  • Cannon Drive — purple microshimmer
  • Wilshire Boulevard — bright medium-dark blue microshimmer

SqH Aug14 names

Note Cannon spelling on the card versus Cañon spelling on the bottle.  No big deal.

I LOVE these colors!  Come to Mama.

Rodeo Drive is what I would call a foil.  It’s a silver-gold-taupe color that I think is wearable any time of year but really grabs me as we move towards fall.  This polish, as well as the other two, had an excellent formula and two coats gave great coverage.

SqH Aug14 RD

Cañon Drive is a grape-purple microshimmer that’s almost a frost or chrome.  Brushstrokes were a wee bit visible but not bad.

SqH Aug14 CD

Wilshire Boulevard is a great blue shimmer.  Yeah, I have a boatload of polishes that are a similar shade but I love this color so much.  So vibrant.

SqH Aug14 WB

I pulled out some older SquareHues that I thought would be good to compare, and only Rodeo Drive had a near dupe.  But it’s more of a taupe than Champagne Toast in the inaugural box from December 2012, and not as yellow-gold as Honor from July 2013.  I have no close ones within the brand for Cañon Drive or Wilshire Boulevard.

SqH Aug14 comps


SqH Aug14 comps3

SqH Aug14 comps2

I no longer own Ginza from February — liked it a lot but gave it to someone who liked it even more — but here’s a swatch.  It was much lighter than Wilshire Boulevard.


I’m REALLY glad I got the August box.  If you’re interested in these polishes but aren’t a subscriber, I’ve read that some people have had luck contacting SquareHue and asking to buy them outright.  Also, they are running a special at their web site in which new subscribers will get a free box from past collections added to their first month.

I’m planning on getting the September box too.  The theme is Sydney, Australia, and I see fall colors in the preview picture:

SqH Sydney

I’m digging the copper shade.  Hope the yellow, if there is one, is a fun finish — I’m always up for a holo!

Note:  Two of the comparison polishes were supplied by SquareHue.  I purchased the rest.

The Naturel Deux (2) Collection from Zoya — full review

Note:  These polishes were supplied for review by Zoya.

A few weeks ago the Naturel Deux Collection from Zoya was announced, a set of neutrals to carry us from summer into fall.

Zoya Naturel Deux spills2

Zoya Naturel Deux spills

Zoya Naturel Deux spills3

The colors are, with Zoya’s descriptions:

  •  Madeline: Muted Rose
  •  Aubrey: Medium Mauve
  •  Marnie: Deep Warm Plum
  •  Spencer: Camel
  •  Chanelle: Toasted Almond
  •  Emilia: Dark Chocolate

I was excited to receive these but am running a bit behind other bloggers and their swatches, because I was out of town and without internet access when the sign-ups began.  But they arrived yesterday and you better believe I got my mitts on them as soon as possible.

Zoya Nat2 set

All six are cremes and each one has an excellent formula.  Two coats covered well, and additionally each one is very glossy.  All photos are under filtered bright outdoor light.  [A note:   I must apologize for the condition of my nails and cuticles, and for the quality of the photos.  We’re still getting settled in our new house and it seems like I’m opening boxes or fixing something or pulling weeds every day.  Even though I use gloves my hands are in terrible shape.  Also, I’m adjusting to different lighting and the best spots to take pictures.  Thanks for your patience!)



I’d call it a light to medium mauve.  It’s a beautiful color yet I don’t feel it offers anything new or different.  It would be a great shade for work yet also might be called a “grandma color.”  I do like mauves, honest, but how many do I need?



This is a darker mauve that I think has just a bit of an edgy look.  Not wild and still work-safe, but fashionable.  I love Aubrey.

Marnie (the label on my bottle says Marney):


Marnie/Marney is a very dark brown-plum — maybe call it raisin?  It’s browner and a bit less purple or rosy than I expected.  Stylish too, yet I feel this shade looks a bit muddy on my skin tone.



Camel is a good description; it’s a grayed beige neutral or nude.  Doesn’t show up well on my medium skin tone but I think it’d be lovely on someone with either pale or dark skin.



This is a beautiful pale milk chocolate color, again slightly gray.  Hmm, can’t decide if I love it or not!



A dark chocolate brown that is also gray-toned.

I like a lot of the Naturel Deux set, but let’s compare them to some older Zoya shades.  Comparisons to the first Naturel set from last spring are inevitable.  Here are the mauves/plums:

Zoya Nat2 comp1

I no longer own Rue from the first Naturel set, but it was a very light dusty pink with a purplish tone.  Hopefully you can see that the N2 mauves — Madeline, Aubrey, and Marney — are warmer and redder in tone, which befits fall.

Spencer compared to Taylor and Chantal:

Zoya Nat2 comp2

Spencer isn’t similar to either of the other two, although I thought Taylor and Chantal were much like each other.

There are two polishes from last fall’s Cashmeres set that beg comparison, Flynn and Louise.  Looking at the light to medium browns:

Zoya Nat2 comp3

Spencer is similar to Flynn but is a little lighter, and Chanelle is quite a bit darker than Flynn.

The dark browns:

Zoya Nat2 comp4

Not really close.  Louise seems to me to be a richer, warmer color, and Emilia is much more gray.

Hope all these comparisons are not overwhelming.  I preferred Flynn for a camel tan neutral and Louise for a chocolate brown.

Overall I like the Naturel Deux Collection but am not wild about it.  Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of neutrals in general; my inner child usually wants something brighter.  Aubrey was my surprise favorite of the group — a mauve or plum-pink yet dark enough to be a little different and very stylish.  All these colors go well together so if you wanted to have two-tone nails or some other kind of nail art, or want a lot of neutrals for on-the-job looks, maybe you can rationalize several.

$9 (US) — Available at Zoya.com and at finer salons and spas.

*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

Note:  These polishes were supplied for review by Zoya.

Be a Nail Junkie on a budget

Being a polish collector doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, as I’ve talked about many times before.  Since my move a month ago, I’m finding some polishes in my stash that I forgot I had, ones I’ve never swatched.  Think I’ll be a …. Nail Junkie!

Nail Junkie is an older polish from Sinful Colors that I believe is still available.  Sinful Colors is a brand that usually costs $1.99 for a full-size bottle but it’s often on sale for half-price at Walgreens, making it super-affordable.  And it’s not junk polish, either — some of my favorites are SCs.  See here and here, for example.

Nail Junkie is a glitter that looks dark in the bottle but much lighter on the nail.  It’s a mix of multicolored medium-to-tiny sized glitter in a sheer teal base, and it’d be hard to build up opacity on its own, so I like it as a top coat over other polishes.

Here it is by itself, three coats on my little finger, one coat over a dark blue shimmer on my ring finger, and one coat over a black on my middle (left-most) finger, under indirect outdoor light.  The photo is confusing because Nail Junkie in the bottle seems like it would look like the polish on the far left, but it doesn’t; to get that look you’d have to use it over black.

Nail Junkie

I love Nail Junkie — it gives a pretty underwater look — but don’t care for it on its own.  I like it over both the dark blue and the black.  I showed my nails to Mr. Silver Nail for the old guy adult male opinion and he liked it over the two dark colors too.  Said that by itself it looked like something more for a kid.  What do you think?  I think I need to get some more Sinful Colors pretty soon!




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