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Masquerade Affair from Finger Paints

Finger Paints, a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive, has a new fall polish collection out called Masquerade Affair.

Finger Paints Masquerade Affair

The purple lips kind of creep me out, but concentrate on the nail polish.  Quite the Mardi Gras vibe!

All four colors are bright, intense metallics.

  • Queen for a Night – blue
  • Dance Til Dawn – purple
  • Masked Beauty – gold
  • Ball Gown Glamour – green

I no longer live near a Sally Beauty Supply to see these in person, but some bloggers have excellent swatches.  Check out Night Swatcher  and All Lacquered Up.

I think all four colors are really gorgeous!  If you live near a Sally and/or are a Sally Beauty member, might be something to check out.

New flakie toppers from Finger Paints

Back in late 2011/early 2012, Finger Paints came out with some flakie toppers that were über-popular.  They were a limited edition set of five called Special Effects, and I was only ever able to get one called Twisted.  It was multicolored and here’s what it looked like over black.

FP Twisted over black

Now Finger Paints — a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive — has come out with a new five-polish set called Kaleidoscope.  It’s not on Sally’s web site yet, but Nouveau Cheap alerted me to its appearance in stores.  Sure enough, when I went out this morning I stopped by Sally and there they were.  The clerks didn’t know what they were (typical for this place, sadly) and they all look pretty much alike in the bottle.  If you’re interested I’d recommend looking at swatches and taking a list to your Sally store of the color(s) you want.

The Special Effects set sold out asap and got scalped for ridiculous prices on eBay.  I looked at the swatches on The Polished Mommy and decided to get four:  Abstract Attraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, and Vivid Reflection.  The one I passed on was Symmetrical Symphony.

Here’s what my four look like on a nail wheel, one coat each over a black creme polish.  First photo is under indirect outdoor light and the second is with the flash.  For some reason the colors didn’t show up well in direct sunshine.  Left to right: Abstract Attraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, and Vivid Reflection.  Click on each photo for an enlarged view.

FP Kaleidoscope 4 colors outd

FP Kaleidoscope 4 colors flash

Abstract Attraction has shades of blue and purple.  Colorful Dream is the most diverse and is a rather even mix of many colors.  Psychedelic Hue is green, teal, blue, and purple, mostly green I think.  Vivid Reflection is pink, orange, and purple, kind of Halloween or Mardi Gras looking.

The flakes were very thick in the bottle, no fishing required at all.  I only showed one coat over the black and I’m sure you could intensify the look with more coats.  The Kaleidoscope Collection is more subtle than the Special Effects Collection.

Overall I think these will be fun to play with and I’m looking forward to trying them over some of the new spring pastels from Zoya.  Each Finger Paints polish was $5.99 at Sally, or $4.49 with a member card, and each bottle is full-sized, 0.5 oz/15 ml.

Vintage Glam

I found a new fall collection that’s so new, for a moment I was afraid I imagined it.

Yesterday I discovered I had a soon-to-expire $5 coupon for Sally Beauty Supply, so I thought I’d wander in and see if anything grabbed me in their nail polish section.  Oh yeah.  There was a new display of Finger Paints, a collection called Vintage Glam, with six colors.

I picked out my favorite, brought it home, and proceeded to look on the internet for photos and info to share with my readers.  But… nothing.  Not one item, word, or picture.  I tried different search engines and every relevant search term I could think of, and still nothing.

Then I thought maybe I hallucinated the whole thing.  No, I had the bottle in my hand.  This morning I went back to look again and to write down all the color names and descriptions (I didn’t take any pictures with my phone because stores often frown on that, and besides, my phone takes crappy photos).

Here’s what I know; there are six polishes:

  • Vintage Glam — bright medium red creme
  • Pincurls & Pouts — dark burgundy-plum creme (oxblood?)
  • Whatta Dish — beige-gray shimmer
  • Bombshell — green-gold metallic duochrome
  • All Dolled Up — teal metallic
  • She’s A Beaut — gold metallic

The first two polishes do look very vintage.  Makes me want to put on a black & white Swiss dot dress, pin my hair up in a Victory Roll, and head out to go jitterbugging.

victory roll

The one polish I bought is Pincurls & Pouts.  I was in the mood for a dark one after my post the other day about short dark nails.  It’s a cool-toned burgundy that looked medium plum after just one coat but which darkened up considerably after three coats.  It seemed to dry quickly but that might have been partly our current extremely arid weather.  It wasn’t as shiny as I prefer cremes to look so I added a clear top coat.  Under reflected outdoor light and then with the flash:

Pincurls outd

Pincurls flash

It’s a great color for fall.  And I sure hope I can find more info about the whole set for you!

Finger Paints are ~$5.29 at Sally Beauty Supply, slightly less with a member card, and the bottle contains 0.5 oz/15 ml.

Sally Beauty Supply — now might be a good time to renew

Do you have a Sally Beauty Supply member card?  Did you, like me, let it expire?  If so, June might be a good month to renew your membership.

I’d let my Sally card expire, for no particular reason.  Just lazy, and I hadn’t been in the store for a while.  I kept getting emails telling me about sales I had no interest in (hot pink hair dye!  flat irons!  overpriced hair products!) and nothing particularly interested me until I got one email basically begging me to come back.  I would receive a free Finger Paints nail polish if I renewed my membership in June and showed the coupon from the email.  OK, sold!

For those not familiar with Sally, it’s a small beauty supply store.  By small I mean space-wise — every one I’ve ever seen is tiny and cramped — and also products-wise.  They carry mostly do-it-yourself-at-home hair products, and frankly every time I go in there I see the world’s worst dye jobs on both the staff and the customers (Me-ow!!).  I’m only interested in the nail polish the store carries and they are my sole local outlet for China Glaze, Orly, and Finger Paints, plus at Christmas time they have Color Club.

You can get a membership card for $5 U.S. which nets you discounts on purchases but it’s essentially free because when you sign up you get a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.  So if you’re going to make a habit of shopping there it’s a good deal.

The coupon for a free Finger Paints polish was good for any color except those in their gel line, and I picked up Laugh My Art Off, a blue glitter.  I haven’t bought or swatched a lot of Finger Paints in the past although I did love the shimmery Framed in Red.  The bottle is full-sized and contains 0.5 oz./15 ml, and I like the handle which is tall and slightly concave.

Laugh My Art Off is a sheer light/bright blue base with microglitter in blue and teal.  I think it gives a very pretty water-like effect.  The first coat was quite sheer but three coats looked good.  It dried quickly, but the finish is slightly dull and gritty so I used a clear top coat, which I think beautifully intensified the color.  One warning though — this polish absolutely drinks top coat.  By which I mean it absorbs it and you may want to use more than one layer of the top coat for a true shine.

It’s so sparkly I think my camera had a hard time focusing.  Under indirect outdoor light, with the flash, and then in direct sunshine:

Laugh My Art Off outd

Laugh My Art Off flash

Laugh My Art Off sun

What a pretty color for summer, and it would make a nice top coat for blue or teal cremes, too.

Ombre Collections from China Glaze

Saw something new and fun today in an email from Sally Beauty Supply — Ombre Collections from China Glaze!

These are sets of four full-sized (0.5 oz/14 ml) China Glaze polishes in a color family for easy ombre manicures.  There appear to be three sets so far:  pink, purple, and teal.

Sweet Sensations, which includes Angel’s Breath, Something Sweet, Dance Baby, Make an Entrance:

CG Sweet Sensations

Grape Expectations, which includes Sweet Hook, Spontaneous, Grape Pop, Crimson:

CG Grape Expectations

and Wait Teal You See!, which includes White on White, For Audrey, Aquadelic, Turned Up Turquoise:

CG Wait Teal You See

I’d probably be more inclined to paint one nail each color and then repeat one of the colors on my thumb as opposed to doing the manicure shown in the photo, because that’s just hard for me to do neatly.

Haven’t seen these in the Sally store yet, but online they’re on sale for $12.99, regularly $14.99, which is a good price for four China Glazes.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day — #5 (or, how to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse)

Here I was, getting ready to show you another pretty red polish for Valentine’s Day, when I heard some news that was just too good not to share.

Television station KRTV in nearby Great Falls, Montana, had hackers break into its Emergency Alert System on Monday and post a scrolling message along with audio that warned “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties and claimed the bodies were “attacking the living.”  People were helpfully warned not to “approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely dangerous.”

You can see and hear it, along with that annoying Emergency Broadcast noise, here:

Kind of makes one doubt KRTV’s claim of “Montana’s Most Accurate” and “Technology You Can Count On.”

On a pathetic yet hilarious note, four people actually called police to see if this was true.

OK, back to polish.  Sometimes zombies holidays just call for red polish.  I picked up a pretty shimmer at Sally Beauty Supply called Framed In Red by Finger Paints.  It has a faint copper or bronze shimmer that gives it a warm tone and would be useful in hiding zombie bloodstains.

It applied extremely smoothly and streak-free, and I used two coats.  Love this one!  The bottle contains a full 0.5 oz./15 ml and retails for about $5.00 at Sally, a little less if you have a member card.  The handle is tall and slightly concave, making it comfortable to use.  The coppery shimmer is a bit more noticeable in the bottle, but I suspect that if I’d had some bright sunlight today it would have shown up well on my nails.  But it’s snowy and gloomy (and zombie-y).  Under indirect outdoor light:

Framed in Red outd light

Under artificial indoor lighting with a fill flash:

Framed in Red indoor

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced red shimmer, I highly recommend this one in addition to Forever Festive from Cover Girl that I swatched the other day.  Framed In Red is warmer, and Forever Festive is cooler — take your pick!

And be careful out there…..

No. Just….. no.

I’ve got a wild one for you today.  I like showing trends and fads and fashions, but it’s safe to say that this is one new release or fad that I will never wear.

From Sally Beauty Supply, behold Finger Paints Candy Coated Collection:

FingerPaints polishes and beads

There are three polishes, spring colors of blue, coral pink, and lavender, which I think are very pretty on their own.  But the point of this collection is to also buy a little jar of matching or contrasting microbeads, which are stuck on top of the wet polish to give what’s sometimes called a “caviar” or “fish egg” look.  They also look like the little nonpareils that are sometimes sprinkled on baked goods like cookies.

I’ve seen photos of people wearing these beads on all their nails, or on just one nail as an accent.  Sally’s blog offers this photo as another idea:


There are not enough words on the internet to express how much I dislike this look for myself.  One accent nail on someone else is OK, I suppose, but let me tell you what would happen if I wore these — I’d be shedding beads everywhere I went and every time I touched something.  The beads would fall down inside my computer keyboard, my cats would be chasing them around on the floor, and I’m such a klutz that I’d probably slip and fall on them, too.  My elderly dog would find them, eat them, and be pooping little beads everywhere.  Heck, I still find Christmas glitter and tinsel on the floor in June so I don’t think I could be trusted with these beads.

I’ve read you can glue them in place — yes, glue!  Great, then you’d need a sandblaster to get them off.

I pass.  And to tell you the truth, after writing this post and looking at these pictures, I want to go cradle a bottle of nice, safe, sane, calm pink creme polish in my hands.  Have a great weekend, everybody!


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