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More from Orly — holiday news

Told you I had lots of news about upcoming collections!  I’m loving the look of Orly’s Smoky set for fall, and now here’s their winter/holiday collection — Sparkle — as seen at Nails Ave.

Orly Sparkle Collection

No official descriptions yet but this is how I see it.

Mirrorball — silver holo

Orly Sparkle Mirrorball

Tinsel — red hex glitter and green bar glitter

Orly Sparkle Tinsel

Bling — warm gold glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Bling

Explosion of Fun — pink/magenta/purple glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Explosion of Fun

Steal the Spotlight — teal or green glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Steal the Spotlight

Glitterbomb — multicolored hex and/or round glitter

Orly Sparkle Glitterbomb

Let’s look at the spills.  I can’t tell if Steal the Spotlight is more teal or green.  Bling looks like a shade of gold that I may not actually own (the horror, must remedy that!).  Glitterbomb is perfectly named.  Mirrorball… well, I happen to think everyone needs a really cool silver holographic polish.  And Explosion of Fun is calling to me, and it’s saying “Must.  Have.”

Orly Sparkle spills

This is one of the most beautiful holiday sets I think I’ve seen in a long time.  Explosion of Fun reminds me of one of my favorite holiday polishes, also from Orly, called Miss Conduct.  Heck, Miss Conduct is one of my favorite polishes of all time.

What do you think?  Is the Sparkle Collection making you think winter and not mid-summer, maybe for a few minutes?

All Aboard with China Glaze!

I’ve been craving news of China Glaze’s fall collection, the big set, not the movie tie-in with “The Giver.”  Last year their Autumn Nights looked beautiful, and I bought three foils in the set and really liked them.

Now let’s hit the tracks and go to the train station with a twelve-polish collection called All Aboard.

China Glaze All Aboard display

Kind of hard to see the bottles and colors in that fuzzy picture.  Online retailer Nails Ave. has better pictures of the colors on their preorder page.  Here’s a slightly condensed version (click on the picture for a slightly bigger view):

China Glaze All Aboard spills

Names and unofficial descriptions:

  • Stop That Train — rust red shimmer
  • Loco-Motive — gunmetal and red glitter
  • One Track Mind — navy blue creme
  • Well Trained — dark turquoise creme
  • Mind the Gap — olive shimmer
  • What Are You A-Freight Of — dark brown creme
  • Lug Your Designer Baggage — brown creme with gold flecks
  • Conduct Yourself — oxblood creme
  • Nice Caboose — raspberry glitter  [hmmm, doesn't look like a glitter to me...]
  • All Aboard — purple creme
  • Choo-Choo Choose You — purple/gray smoky shimmer
  • Don’t Get Derailed — gray creme

It’s too hard to tell from the currently available pictures if I’ll want any of these or not, but it’s interesting to see what the general colors are.  Oxblood (very dark red) is usually popular for fall.  Choo-Choo Choose You has an intriguing description.  And sometimes what China Glaze calls a shimmer, I call a foil, so let’s wait and see.

Release date unknown at this time.


Get Smoky with Orly this fall

Wow, I have so much news to tell you this week, news of at least three upcoming collections for this fall and even the holidays. Yes, I know we’re at the height of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but fall is my favorite season and I always look forward to the cool, crisp days and nights. I look forward to not drowning in my own sweat, that kind of thing.

If you’re not remotely in the mood for fall news, that’s understandable. Maybe bookmark this post and come back later. As for me, I like to look at new sets and plan how to spend my polish pennies.

Without further ado, let’s meet Smoky from Orly, a six-polish set.
Orly Smoky display

A nice mix of fall shades, wouldn’t you say?  There are two cremes, three shimmers, and one matte shimmer.

Highlight, a gray creme:

Orly Smoky Highlight

Edgy, a warm olive green shimmer:

Orly Smoky Edgy

Darkest Shadow, a very dark red shimmer:

Orly Smoky Darkest Shadow

Brush It On, a bright orange shimmer:

Orly Smoky Brush It On

Blend, a purple creme:

Orly Smoky Blend

Smoked Out, a dark blue matte shimmer:

Orly Smoky Smoked Out

Here are “spills” or swatches, where some of the colors look a bit different than the bottles.

Orly Smoky spills

I’m not wild about the cement-colored Highlight but the shimmers have me oohing and aahing.  At first Edgy reminded me of Agro from China Glaze back in 2012, but Edgy is darker and I think I’d like it better.  I liked Agro but it gave me lobster hands.

Agro outd light

Release date for Smoky is uncertain at this time, but most fall collections come out in August or early September.  Also, there will be a mini-set of four of the Smoky colors — Edgy, Highlight, Brush It On, and Darkest Shadow.

Introducing Brick Lane from Butter London

More fall news?  Get out!  But yep, Butter London has announced a new collection and it’s called Brick Lane.

BL Brick Lane

The ad says it’s limited edition so I don’t know if this is their Fall 2014 Collection per se or is in addition to another fall set down the road.  Whatever, don’t those colors say autumn?  I love dark reds and greens and plums when fall rolls around.

If you go to BL’s Brick Lane page, it’s a bit confusing however.  There are six full-size lacquers listed but two of them, British Racing Green and Ladybird, are NOT new; they are old shades.  I happen to love British Racing Green and reviewed it in 2012.

The four other polishes which as far as I know are brand-new are Dubs:

BL Brick Lane Dubs

Cor Blimey:

BL Brick Lane Cor Blimey


BL Brick Lane Bric-a-Brac

and the titular Brick Lane:

BL Brick Lane Brick Lane

Extreme Polish Greed is setting in because, heaven help my credit card, I think I want them all. But wait!  Take a look at the packaged set of six mini-bottles, which doesn’t have British Racing Green and Ladybird, but instead has two exclusive new shades:

BL Brick Lane box

East End is a matte-satin curry yellow and Chocka is deep plum creme-shimmer.

Shoot, I don’t even wear yellow polish but I want this set; how bad is that?


Gweneth from Zoya

If it seems like I haven’t swatched any polish in ages, you’re right.  I haven’t.  Between selling a house, living in a hotel for ten days, buying a house, moving, unpacking… you get the idea… swatching has not been a realistic endeavor lately.

But today I’m itching to be swatching, and pulled out an older Zoya color from my stash named Gweneth.  It’s a bright berry red creme that looks dark pink in some lights, so if you want a pinkish-red or a reddish-pink, Gweneth could be the one.  Zoya describes it as a “Saturated medium crimson berry with strong pink undertones.”

The formula was great and I used two coats with no top coat since it’s quite glossy without one.  Under indirect outdoor light and then in direct sunlight:


Gweneth sun

I think this would look great on any skin tone, very light to very dark.

In case this inspires you to buy Gweneth, or even if it doesn’t, Zoya is having a new promo in which you can get any three full-sized polishes for just $12 shipping & handling.

Zoya Threedom sale

Please read ALL the details and fine print at Zoya’s blog here.  What works out to be $4 a bottle is a fantastic price for Zoyas, which are normally $9-$10 each.


Glitter nail polish can be used for many things. This isn’t one of them.

Do you have a wicked sense of humor?  Would you like to?  Can you laugh about female body parts, getting your period, extreme embarrassment, and nail polish?

Click on the “First Moon Party” video link and enjoy:


I’m back, and with fall news, too!

Thank you so much to all my readers who bore with me during my recent move and my extreme dearth of posts.  Thank you too to everyone who submitted a guest post!  The move is done but I’m still exhausted.  Our belongings are piled around the house in boxes and totes and more boxes.

‘Nuff about that.  I would MUCH rather think of polish and makeup, such a pleasant distraction.  Ready for more news?  I just saw Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection listed for preorder at e-tailers Nails Ave. and Transdesign.  The set of six looks very…. um… fall-like.  Four of the colors don’t strike me as much different from their Fall 2013 offering.  But at any rate, meet Dress to Kilt.

Essie fall 2014 banner

Essie fall 2014 squares

So, OK, I’ll bite — what’s the theme supposed to be?  Buttons?  Scottish kilts?  Murder mysteries?  Several of the names are murder-esque:  Partner in Crime, The Perfect Cover-Up.

Here are bigger pictures:

Essie fall 2014 dress-two-kilt

Essie fall 2014 partner-in-crime

Essie fall 2014 style-cartel

Essie fall 2014 the-perfect-cover-up

Essie fall 2014 fall-in-line

Essie fall 2014 take-it-outside

The mini-cube — a nice way to try minis of some of the new colors — will contain Dress to Kilt, Style Cartel, Partner in Crime, and Take It Outside.  Expected release is late August or early September.

Is it too early for holiday news?

Yes.  Yes, it is.


Nevertheless, so I won’t get left in other bloggers’ dust, I have news of an upcoming Holiday 2014 polish set from OPI and Gwen Stefani.  You may remember that they collaborated this past year.  I never bought any of the polishes but was quite tempted by the satin silvery gold called Love.Angel.Music.Baby. aka “L.A.M.B.”

Info about a new and larger set is being circulated and many sites have the photos and descriptions, plus they’re up for preorder on at least one e-tailer called Nails Ave.com .  So although summer is just starting, let’s look!


  • F01 – Just BeClaus – This magnificent maroon came into my life just in the “nick” of time.
  • F02 – Kiss Me – Or Elf! – There’s no denying the allure of this amorous red violet.
  • F03 – I Carol About You – I just fa-la-la-la-love this deep royal purple!
  • F04 – Christmas Gone Plaid – I sure am plaid I found this tree-mendous forest green.
  • F05 – In a Holidaze – I’m dizzy-in-love with this maroon beauty.
  • F06 – Love is Hot & Coal! – Turn the heat up with this deep grayish-brown.
  • F07 – Fashion a Bow – So busy ‒ all tied-up today loving this bright reddish-orange!
  • F08 – Cinnamon Sweet – Sugar and spice…this deep, warm red is everything nice.
  • F09 – What’s Your Point-settia? – So what if I think this is the one truly perfect holiday red?
  • F10 – Red Fingers & Mistletoes – This smooch-worthy red shimmer is holiday-perfect.
  • F11 – First Class Desires – This mélange of gold and eggplant shimmer is #1 on my wish list.
  • F12 – Sleigh Parking Only – Tell the valet to take good care of this exclusive dark burgundy.


  • F13 — Rollin’ in Cashmere
  • F14 — Unfrost my Heart
  • F15 — I’ll Tinsel You In
  • F16 — Snow Globetrotter
  • F17 — Comet in the Sky
  • F18 — So Elegant

(official descriptions unavailable at this time, but you can see for yourself)

My overall impression is that there are too many reds, but that’s typical for holiday sets.  I personally would prefer to see fewer shades of red and more innovation but at least there’s a forest green, Christmas Gone Plaid.  I do think the four glitter toppers, F15 – F18, look really interesting.  Maybe not totally different from what’s out there, but a fun addition to a holiday set.

Actually, after studying the lacquers a bit more, the red-violet of Kiss Me – Or Elf! looks beautiful and the description of First Class Desires, a mix of “gold and eggplant shimmer” has me intrigued.  Guess that’s what marketing is for!

Release date not yet announced.

The Tickled Collection from Zoya — full review!

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the new Bubbly Collection as much as I enjoyed doing it!  Today, let’s get Tickled.

Tickled is Zoya’s other new six-polish set for summer 2014.  All of these are cremes, although I see a faint silver shimmer to Rocha in the bottle.

Zoya Tickled preview

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly3

Zoya Tickled bottles

Left to right:

  • Rocha
  • Wendy
  • Kitridge
  • Rooney
  • Ling
  • Tilda

As you can see, they generally correspond in color to the glitters of the Bubbly Collection, but not exactly.  Rocha and Wendy aren’t yellow-oranges like Alma and Jesy are.

The formula of all six was great, very smooth, and every single one covered well with two coats.  Without a top coat under indirect bright sunshine:

Rocha is a warm red-orange.  Zoya calls it a “folly red,” a term I’ve never heard and for which I can’t find a definition.  Whatever, it’s bright!  And it’s more orange than red to me.  It’s pretty but I feel that it makes my skin look grayish, and that it would look much better on someone with a warm skin tone.  Would make a great pedicure color.  Hopefully you can see the silver shimmer in the bottle, but it doesn’t translate to the nail.

Zoya Tickled Rocha

Wendy is like Rocha toned way, way down, a warm melon-like pink-orange.  Nice, but doesn’t thrill me.

Zoya Tickled Wendy

Kitridge is a classic bubblegum pink, cool to neutral.  I love pinks like this and probably own waaaaay too many.  Yet it’s a more neutral pink than some of Zoya’s other similar shades, which sometimes lean lavender.  Kitridge was just a tad streaky.

Zoya Tickled Kitridge

Rooney is a medium magenta pink, almost purplish enough to call orchid, also cool to neutral.  Love this one!

Zoya Tickled Rooney

Ling is also cool to neutral, a medium blue that’s somehow both bright and has a slight gray tone.  Not sky blue, not navy; Zoya calls it royal blue but I think of royal blue as darker and more intense.  Semantics.

Zoya Tickled Ling

Tilda is a warm pistachio green, a little darker than lime.  Zoya uses the description “mantis green,” but I’d always rather use food allusions than insect ones!  I’m not a fan of this color on me but know many people are excited about Tilda, which is wonderful.

Zoya Tickled Tilda

My impressions:  Overall a very nice, summery set of cremes.  If that sounds like faint praise, well, it takes something really special from a creme polish to wow me these days.  If you don’t already own a tsunami of creme polishes like moi, then you can find some really good summer shades in the Tickled Collection.  My favorite, and the one I think I’d wear the most, is Rooney, and I like Ling a lot too.  The warmer tones of Rocha, Wendy, and Tilda don’t flatter my skin, but your mileage may vary.  One excellent attribute of this set is that all six colors covered well in just two coats.

Maybe you’re all about cremes and don’t like glitters.  If so, Tickled is right up your alley.  :-D

Zoya Tickled six swatches

I hope to post lots of comparisons this weekend — Bubbly and Tickled shades to older Zoya colors.  Any you particularly want to see?  I don’t have every Zoya, but if I have it I’ll compare it.

Zoya polishes are 5-Free — free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  The Tickled polishes are $9 each at Zoya.com .

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

Put the Pedi to the Metal with OPI and Ford Mustang

That OPI!  What won’t they do this year?!?  I don’t ever remember them coming out with so many specialty collections so close together.  Coca-ColaBaseball.

Now get ready to rev your engines with a collection inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang.

OPI Mustang collection

Click on this next picture for a larger view.

OPI Mustang bottles

Six limited edition shades, left to right:

  • Race Red: The hero color of the collection, Race Red pays tribute to one of Mustang’s signature colors and brings to life the passion and excitement of the iconic car
  • 50 Years of Style: Just like Mustang, celebrate all your milestones with this made-to-party golden pearl
  • Queen of the Road: Inspired by Mustang’s dramatic and perfectly appointed cabin, a black interior evokes sophistication and will always be a classic – just like the little black dress
  • The Sky’s My Limit: There is nothing like the freedom of the open road and shimmering, endless blue sky. This aqua hue awakens a woman’s sense of adventure and is a trend shade for summer going into the fall.
  • Girls Love Ponies: A woman is multifaceted; this grown-up pink acts as a reminder of her femininity, even as she takes to the wheel of the powerful pony
  • Angel with a Leadfoot: Drive up and say “halo” to this celestial white. Whether worn alone or as an accent, white is essential to a woman’s wardrobe and to making a statement

Read all about it at Ford’s media page HERE.

Release slated to be some time in July.  Beyond Polish has them for preorder now; don’t know yet if there will be a mini set.



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