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A sleek deal from Sleek Nail

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

We all need a good e-tailer (online retailer) or two to have in our repertoire of places to shop.  Face it, even if you’re lucky enough to have good local stores to browse, they can’t carry everything.  And good sale prices are not too shabby either.

One of my fave e-tailers has been Beyond Polish and that store no longer exists, but don’t worry since Beyond Polish is now Sleek Nail.  Sleek Nail carries great brands such as China Glaze, OPI, Essie, CND Vinylux, Jessica, and Color Club, plus the store also has both regular nail polish and gel polish.  They are now carrying some makeup and spa items as well.  (I love the Nyx brand of makeup.)

To celebrate the changeover from Beyond Polish to Sleek Nail, the store graciously sent me several polishes for review.  Let’s jump right into a couple of great holiday looks.

China Glaze’s 12-polish holiday set is called Twinkle, and it’s a sparkly wonderland of mostly glitters and shimmers — reds, silver/white, blues, and more.

China Glaze Twinkle holiday set

I’ll channel the model in this picture, since I received the same shade she’s wearing, called Define Good.  Actually it’s “Define Good…” but I’ll leave off the dot-dot-dot.  Define Good is a deep cranberry shimmer.  The first coat was slightly streaky but a second coat gave very good coverage.  Visible brush strokes were not a problem.  With no top coat, under indirect dull outdoor light and then with the flash:

Define Good

Define Good flash

It’s gorgeous on its own, but I could hardly wait to dress it up with another polish, the gold glitter topper from Essie’s Luxeffects line called Summit of Style.  Summit of Style has both gold hex glitter and gold microglitter in a clear base.  It’d be great over almost any color.  I only needed one coat of it over the red, and the glitter was thick enough that I didn’t have to fish for it, but not so thick that it was clumpy.  Same two lighting conditions:

Define Good with Summit of Style

Define Good with Summit of Style flash

Sleek Nail has Define Good for the super price of $4.00 and Summit of Style is also $4.00.  Honestly, I almost never see Essie polishes at such low prices; it’s a brand that’s rarely on sale.

But wait, there’s more!  Sleek Nail has a deal especially for readers of The Silver Nail.  Use code SILVERNAIL10 to get 10% off your first order when you create an account.  Sleek Nail is currently having a pre-Christmas sale of 12% off, though, when you use the code 12DAYXMAS from December 13-24.  So you could save slightly more with the latter code, but if you want to wait or have to wait until after Christmas to buy more polish, then the special SILVERNAIL10 code is there for you.  Codes aren’t stackable.

Tomorrow I’ll have one more polish from Sleek Nail to show you.  It’s out of this world!

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

Essie 2015 — Cashmere Matte Collection

Visitors have departed, beds are stripped, sheets and towels are in the laundry, and I’m exhausted.  Yeah, such a hard life — shopping, eating out, and watching movies at home.  But staying up late and getting up early have taken their toll and I can barely keep my eyes open.

So here’s some news but I have no swatches of my own.   Courtesy of other bloggers, meet a new collection from Essie called Cashmere Matte.  I believe the 6-polish set is due to be released in January.

For excellent swatches and photos, check out BeautyGeeks and Ommorphia Beauty Bar.  BeautyGeeks is even having a giveaway for the set!  Somebody has to win; why shouldn’t it be you?

The new polishes are pretty, matte, mostly neutrals.  Something to look forward to after the holidays.

Holiday 2014 Collection from Essie — or is it?

I was disappointed with Essie’s Winter 2014 Collection called Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low.  I don’t know what was worse — the stupid name(s) or the boring colors.

But now we can be excited over their Holiday 2014 Collection, right?  Well…. maybe.

At beauty e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty, the theme picture is miniscule but we can see the polishes.  All sparkly or metallic.  However, this is currently the only web site I see these as a set, so I’m not sure if it’s really a new collection per se or not.

H2TB essies

What also makes me question “new holiday set” is that four of these are old colors.

No Place Like Chrome, Good As Gold, and Penny Talk are from the company’s 2012 Mirror Metallics line.  I got No Place Like Chrome and Penny Talk and liked them (my reviews were positive) but wasn’t crazy about how obvious the brushstrokes were.  As I got more experienced with other brands I found chromes and foils I liked better.

Essie 3 metallics

The glitter Set in Stones is a previously released shade as well, from the Holiday Effects 2011 Collection.  Rock at the Top and Summit of Style are new this year and are part of Essie’s Luxeffects (glitter top coats) polishes.

If you’d like to see these latter two glitters in action, head over to ImABeautyGeek for swatches of them plus Essie’s new winter colors.

EDIT:  KFalcon (see comments) of ImABeautyGeek, confirms that this is NOT an official holiday collection from Essie!  Will be interesting to wait and see what Essie has in a few months for spring.


Since I can’t say this post is real news for sure, how about a few laughs.  Some of you have chuckled at the law enforcement reports in our small town newspaper that I posted here and here.  New this week:

A concerned man phoned the Whitefish Police Department from Canada.  The man was a retired police officer and he had questions regarding the “conduct towards Canadians” when they are in town.  He had heard rumors of an officer making statements about Canadians from a co-worker of his and he had just aboot enough of it, eh.

A newspaper delivery person called in about a suspicious man who took off running when the driver came around the corner. He was hiding in bushes when the driver asked him what he was doing.  “Nothing,” came the reply from the bushes, not at all suspiciously.

Have a great weekend!

Winter 2014 Collection from Essie — preview

Winter news?  Believe it.  Although it’s still officially summer and some places in the U.S. have a definite fall feel in the air, fashion news marches ahead.

Just read about Essie’s Winter Collection, a 6-polish set with the silly name “Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low.”  Sigh.  It’s also worth noting in my grammar police mindset that it seems they should have either said High/Low or Hi/Lo.  But is it an exciting set?  Let’s peek.

Essie winter 2014 display

Essie winter 2014 colors

Meh.  Color me less than impressed, although I do like the silvery gold title shade.

The set is up for preorder at e-tailer Nails Ave., which is where I first heard the news.  They’re really on top of things.


Some of you have enjoyed the funny law enforcement reports I’ve posted since my move to Small Town, USA, here and here.  Yesterday’s newspaper had a surprising reference to the Classics:

An honest citizen found an envelope containing $597 in cash under a table at a local restaurant and turned it into the Whitefish Police Department on Monday.  Take note, ye cynics and followers of Diogenes!


I’m back, and with fall news, too!

Thank you so much to all my readers who bore with me during my recent move and my extreme dearth of posts.  Thank you too to everyone who submitted a guest post!  The move is done but I’m still exhausted.  Our belongings are piled around the house in boxes and totes and more boxes.

‘Nuff about that.  I would MUCH rather think of polish and makeup, such a pleasant distraction.  Ready for more news?  I just saw Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection listed for preorder at e-tailers Nails Ave. and Transdesign.  The set of six looks very…. um… fall-like.  Four of the colors don’t strike me as much different from their Fall 2013 offering.  But at any rate, meet Dress to Kilt.

Essie fall 2014 banner

Essie fall 2014 squares

So, OK, I’ll bite — what’s the theme supposed to be?  Buttons?  Scottish kilts?  Murder mysteries?  Several of the names are murder-esque:  Partner in Crime, The Perfect Cover-Up.

Here are bigger pictures:

Essie fall 2014 dress-two-kilt

Essie fall 2014 partner-in-crime

Essie fall 2014 style-cartel

Essie fall 2014 the-perfect-cover-up

Essie fall 2014 fall-in-line

Essie fall 2014 take-it-outside

The mini-cube — a nice way to try minis of some of the new colors — will contain Dress to Kilt, Style Cartel, Partner in Crime, and Take It Outside.  Expected release is late August or early September.

Pink, pink, and more pink from Essie for Summer 2014

Although I just posted about Essie’s Haute in the Heat summer collection the other day (and also saw it for sale at CVS Pharmacy, so it’s out now), there’s news of yet another summer set from the company:  Sugar Daddy.

Essie-Sugar-Daddy banner

Essie-Sugar-Daddy collection

Images via ChicProfile.com .  Check out her great blog!

While I adore pink and should be excited about this collection, I don’t know enough about it yet.  First of all, the titular shade, Sugar Daddy, is not a new color.  It’s a very sheer shade popular for French manicures.  Since Sugar Daddy isn’t new and I don’t know the names of the other colors in the set, I have to wonder if they’re new or current ones.  Maybe some of each?  And I don’t know what the formulas are — will they all be sheers?  If so, count me out.

Sugar Daddy Summer 2014 is supposedly launching next month in Japan but no word yet on the North American market.

Big thanks to Chic Profile and  I’m a Beauty Geek for the heads-up.  Geek on!

Gettin’ Haute in the Heat with Essie Summer 2014

Essie news is always super-popular.  Ready for summer?  Meet the Haute in the Heat collection!

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat banner

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat spill

Essie summer 2014 haute in the heat bottles

A nice range of bright summer shades that thankfully don’t contain an Essie-typical lavender (they’ve been good about that this year).

The colors are:

  • Haute in the Heat — pink-red
  • Roarrrrange — orange
  • Strut Your Stuff — blue
  • Ruffles & Feathers — green
  • Fierce No Fear — brown
  • Urban Jungle — white

Please overlook my exceedingly bland color descriptions.  Non-descriptions is more like it.  And RUN, don’t walk, to I’m A Beauty Geek, who has all six polishes along with great swatches and helpful comparisons.  I love her style, both polish and writing.  She sure rocks that orange!  And all the other colors, too.



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