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Tickled pink and feelin’ Bubbly over Zoya’s Summer 2014 collections!

We saw this picture earlier this month on Zoya’s Facebook page.  It showed five of the assumed six creme polishes from one of the new summer collections.

Zoya Summer 2014 sneak peek

But now the news some of us have really been waiting for, all twelve new colors revealed!  Meet the Tickled Collection (cremes) and the Bubbly Collection (holo glitters)!

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly1

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly2

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly3


  • Rocha
  • Wendy
  • Kitridge
  • Rooney
  • Ling
  • Tilda


  • Alma
  • Jesy
  • Harper
  • Binx
  • Muse
  • Stassi

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly4

First of all, I gotta say these names are an unusual bunch.  Love Harper, because that calls to mind author Harper Lee, but… Binx?  Really?  Makes me think of the slang word “binky” for a baby’s pacifier.  However, names aren’t what’s really important.

I love the holo glitter of the Bubbly Collection — bright and sparkly but not too chunky.  The “spills” shown in the photos above make me think of bright, jewel-like berry jams and jellies, although I do not actually have holographic strawberry jam in my fridge.  I wish.

I don’t think there will be any dupes in the Bubbly Collection to previous shades from Zoya, because they’re holo glitters and not foils or simple shimmers.  I’m going to make a guess here that all the Bubbly polishes are going to be wildly popular.

$9.00 each (US) at Zoya.com and will be available for PRE-ORDER starting April 15, 2014.  Product is expected to begin shipping in early May.  As always, Zoya polishes are 5-free — free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and camphor.

Sneak peek! Zoya’s summer shades

Five shown, seven to go!  Zoya just posted this picture on their Facebook page via Allure magazine:

Zoya Summer 2014 sneak peek

Are we surprised these are bright?  No, we are not!  The far left shade, the blue, is called Ling.  The second one from the right is Wendy.  While I’ll admit to being in an anti-chartreuse mood lately, I’m slobbering over those pinks/corals.

I suspect there will be one more creme in the set and then a second set of six polishes in a different finish.  Foil, shimmer, glitter?  Don’t know.  Holo would be awesome, might even be more textured PixieDusts.

With this sneak peek, I expect news of the other new summer colors soon.  Can’t be too soon for me.  :-D

Didja miss me?

I sure missed you!

Everything’s fine here in Silver Nail Land, but me and the mister just got back from an almost-two-week vacation.  I was too busy to keep posting as usual, yet didn’t want to announce that I was out of town.  In these days of Facebook and blogs and other social media, trumpeting that you’re on vacation can lead to problems, as insurance companies and law enforcement warn us.  It’s easy to find out where anyone lives, and… well, you get the idea.

The vacation was a good break — saw family, did lots of touristy historical things, and drove four thousand miles.  OK, the driving part wasn’t that great.  Parts of the middle of the U.S. are, shall we say, less than interesting.  But that’s all past now and I’m raring to blog again.

Haven’t been hearing much nail polish and makeup news, except for an announcement from Butter London about what I assume is their summer collection, Lolly Brights.  Wow, those are bright!

BL Lolly Brights

BL Lolly set

The colors are:

  • Chuffed
  • Sozzled
  • Ladybird
  • Stroppy
  • Disco Biscuit
  • Airy Fairy

It’s worth noting that Disco Biscuit is not new; I believe it was released in 2012.  I think the other five shades are new, though.

I love the happy foil look of Chuffed, Stroppy, and Airy Fairy…

BL Lolly Chuffed

BL Lolly Stroppy

BL Lolly Airy Fairy

… yet feel I already own dupes.  I know I have a close dupe of Disco Biscuit, a Sinful Colors shade ($1.99) called Forget Now, which I reviewed here.

Forget Now closeup

The Butter London Lolly Brights are $15.00 (US) each or $65 for the full six-piece collection.  They are sure making me wish for summer, even though it’s only starting to seem like spring this week.  Winter, be gone!!

Beyond Polish has “The Touch”

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Beyond Polish for review.

Two gorgeous new polishes to show you today, courtesy of Beyond Polish.

Beyond Polish is an online retailer that carries some of my favorite polish brands at great prices — China Glaze, Jessica Cosmetics, and OPI among others.  They’re also the only e-tailer I’ve ever found that has Essie polish at below suggested retail price.  I mean, Essie is never on sale!  Some of the prices are $3.50 for China Glaze, $5.95 for Essie,  and $6.95 for OPI.  Shipping and handling charges vary but are in my opinion reasonable.  Whenever I order online I always get enough items to justify the shipping cost.  If anything, I have to restrain myself from ordering too much.

First, let’s get right to one I’m so excited about, Give Me Goosebumps.  It’s from Jessica Cosmetics and is part of their “The Touch” Effects line.  Other polishes in the set are a light gold called Touch It and a pink called Ruff & Ready that are calling my name.  Please note that “The Touch” polishes are listed under the “Glitzy” Collection.  Those look cool too and are even on sale.  “Glitzy” has darker colors and appears to have bigger glitter.

Give Me Goosebumps contains 0.4 oz/12 ml and is only $3.25, compared to over $8 at Jessica’s web site.  GMG is two of my favorite colors, purple and silver.  The base is a sheer grape purple with micro silver and purple glitter and small silver hex glitter.  Formula was excellent and two coats gave great coverage.  Shown without a clear shiny top coat and then with one, under indirect cloudy outdoor light:

Give Me Goosebumps

Give Me Goosebumps w top coat

I love it both ways.  It’s not really a matte texture, more like a semi-matte texture.

The second polish is one I’ve mentioned before but haven’t owned ’til now.  It’s Amazon… Amazoff from OPI’s new Brazil Collection.  It’s a beautiful teal that’s dark yet bright.  Typical for OPI, the formula and coverage were very good.  Two coats:

Amazon Amazoff

Beyond Polish also has the new OPI Muppets colors for $6.95 each versus $9.00 at most retailers.

Beyond Polish has become my favorite e-tailer because they get new collections so quickly, have excellent prices, and are so nice to deal with.  Might want to check out their sale page; I see some great Christmas polishes!  One of them is China Glaze’s All Wrapped Up, which I reviewed here.  They also carry nail care items and nail art tools.

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Beyond Polish for review.

Snowbound with The Silver Nail

Disclosure: Cole and Rebel were supplied by Zoya for review.

When I was a little girl in a part of North Carolina that almost never saw even a dusting of snow, one of my favorite books was Snowbound with Betsy, by Carolyn Haywood and first published in 1962.  I loved all the books in the Betsy series (B is for Betsy, Betsy and Billy, etc.) but just could NOT imagine what it would be like to be snowbound.  In fact, when I’d see photos of parts of the U.S. or the world that had deep snow, I thought that it wasn’t real, that someone was making it all up.

Then when I was older and read the Little House on the Prairie books, I remember an incident where Laura described a blizzard so severe that Pa had to tie a rope around his waist to go from the house to the barn, so he wouldn’t get lost in the snowstorm and wander off to freeze to death.  Again, I thought, “How can that be??”

Well, having lived in Montana for decades, I now know firsthand that deep snow and blizzards with zero visibility are indeed real.  We’re having a blizzard today, and while the wind is whipping the snow into deep drifts, the visibility isn’t terrible.  Still, I’m staying in.  Why go out in this if you don’t have to?

And thanks to a couple of excellent suggestions from readers, I have two more comparisons for you.  Yesterday I showed several of the new Awaken Collection colors compared to others from Zoya.  Here are two more pairs:  Jo (2009 Twist Collection — also note that Moxie, my favorite raspberry creme, is back in stock!!!) and Rebel (Awaken), plus Arizona (2012 Beach Collection) and Cole (Awaken).

Aw. jorebelarizonacole

Jo is a periwinkle blue shimmer that, if I had to name a “Top 10 from Zoya” list, would be near the top.  I never get tired of it.  It’s a tribute to its popularity that it’s still being sold, five years after its release.  As you can see, Jo and Rebel are alike only in that they are both blue.  Jo has a lavender tone and very fine silver and blue shimmer; Rebel is more of a robin’s egg blue with heavier flakes.  Here they are under indirect snowy light, no flash, with each bottle:

Aw. Rebel Jo

Aw. Rebel Jo2

I rarely say something so insistent, but if you’re a fan of blue polish, you reallyreallyreally might want to consider having both.  Rebel seems to have a teal look when compared to Jo, but compared to the true teal of Zuza, I would call it just blue.

Aw. Dillon Zuza Rebel

Cole and Arizona are both cremes with no shimmer at all.  Cole is a warm light peach and Arizona is bright orange.  With the bottle of Cole:

Aw. Cole Arizona

Both have an excellent formula but I don’t wear much peach or orange, personally.  Love seeing it on others, though.  By the way, a long time ago I compared Arizona and Jancyn and found them to be almost complete dupes.

Welp, stay warm, stay dry, and don’t get lost in a blizzard!

Disclosure: Cole and Rebel were supplied by Zoya for review.

Another from Julep — Rebecca

My polish life is kind of weird these past few days.  The new spring colors from Zoya — Awaken Collection, Monet topper, Magical PixieDusts — have not shipped yet, I haven’t bought any new spring releases from Essie or China Glaze or OPI, and frankly, I’m glued to the Olympics on TV.

What to do, what to do.  I decided to dig into my relatively-new-but-not-yet swatched stash, and I came up with a beautiful spring color from Julep called Rebecca.  I’m not a “Maven,” aka monthly subscriber to Julep; Rebecca is a polish that I bought cheep cheep at an after-Christmas sale.  As I’ve posted before, Julep’s full-sized bottles are what I call mini, 0.27 oz/8 ml, and I don’t care for the tall, narrow bottle shape.  But they have some nice polishes.

Rebecca is a lavender-blue or light periwinkle blue creme.  The formula was very thick but it self-leveled well and dried quickly.  Two coats, no top coat:


Rebecca is still available on Julep’s site and is still on sale for $3.99.  Personally I won’t pay more than that for such a tiny bottle, but I do love the shade.  It’s not just blue and it’s not just lavender.  Very spring-like.  I don’t have another creme exactly this color, although I do have similar colors in different finishes (shimmer, matte textured).

More deals can be found on Julep’s “Savvy Deals” page but shop carefully because there’s quite a range of prices.  The shimmery peach Karen that I swatched earlier is on sale for $2.99.

A lovely rose, plus the best movie you never heard of

I have a beautiful rose-colored polish to show today, but first I want to slobber over a movie that I bet most of you have never heard of.  I certainly hadn’t, and when Netflix recommended it for me, I thought, “Eh.”  From the description it sounded like a fluffy chick flick, so I thought I’d try watching it one evening when Mr. Silver Nail was busy.

It’s Populaire (released in 2012 in France, 2013 in the U.S. & Canada) and yes, it’s a romantic comedy, but it’s also a feel-good sports movie… the sport being competitive speed typing.  You read that right.  Speed typing.  On manual typewriters.  Some of us are old enough to remember the era when being a secretary was actually considered modern and glamorous.  This is that era.

Populaire is set in 1958-1959 and the whole film is a giant love letter to the time.  The music, clothes, hairstyles, shoes, hats, decor, and makeup are perfect.  I could swear I saw a few of my mother’s hats and dresses in there.  Nail polish even figures prominently!  You can see the English trailer here, but be warned that it gives away some key plot points:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6upoz9I7eg




I want the soundtrack BADLY.  You can hear some clips here:  http://www.7digital.com/artist/rob/release/populaire-bande-originale-du-film  and I particularly love Le tango des illusions and the recurring song Forgotten Dreams.

The movie is in French with subtitles available in English and Spanish, so if subtitles bug you it might not be your cup of tea.  I found that the subtitles were much easier to read on my computer monitor as opposed to my TV, if that would help.  It’s rated R for one brief scene of sexuality but there are no f-words and only one “Merde!

After I watched it I immediately watched it all over again with my husband when he got home because I thought he’d like it too, and he did.  It’s got every sports movie cliché in the book — a rather clumsy protagonist who just wants approval, a disapproving parent, a driven coach, bitchy opponents, nail-biting competitions, the “athlete” training by jogging while the coach rides a bike or by riding a bike while the coach drives a car, you name it.  I expected the theme from “Rocky” to break out.  Instead we get a cha-cha song that’s still stuck in my head.  I loved seeing it a second time to really take in the music and clothes.

If you love the retro look of the late ’50s, I hope you can give it a whirl.  Now back to polish!

Here’s a dark rose-pink creme from Zoya (did I mention the main character in Populaire is named Rose?) named Dana, from the fantastic Flash Collection.  Dana can be both retro and modern-looking; in other words, it’s a classic.  Zoya calls it “an all-American rose.”  It’s more pink and less fuschia than Brie which I swatched earlier.

Formula was good, a bit thin, and it went on smoothly.  Three coats, no top coat, under indirect bright outdoor light:


I thought it looked fine in person but see some faint visible nail line in my photo, so perhaps another coat would have been better, or maybe I didn’t mix it up enough.  At any rate, I love it.

Cha cha cha!!

Orly Spring 2014 – the Blush Collection preview

Want to see some more calm and quiet (mostly), rosy neutral cremes for spring?  The upcoming set from Orly — Blush — reminds me quite a bit of Zoya’s Naturel Collection.  Let’s look.



The model appears to be wearing Dare to Bare.

So again we’re seeing a variation of orchid but I like that there’s also the peachy Cheeky and the dark bright pink First Blush.  Rosy neutrals really seem to be in fashion this year, and if I may digress a bit, one of the hottest eye shadow palettes is the Naked 3 one from Urban Decay.

UD N3 from UD site

Let’s just say that this baby is one of my two most-wanted palettes because I love pink, I love neutrals, and so I love pinky neutrals!

Bet on Brie

Quick swatch for you today.  Are you still deciding which Zoya polishes to pick up in their latest promo?  Any of the orchid shades in this picture would be beautiful.

ZP_ORCHID_ZP537_dannii_ZP514_PERRIE_ZP213_BLYSS 1240

Left to right:  Dannii, Perrie, and Blyss

Let me throw out one more idea for you.  I often recommend the raspberry pink creme called Moxie, but alas!  Moxie is no longer available on Zoya’s web site.  I’ve found a very close shade though:  Brie.  [EDIT:  Moxie is once again available on Zoya’s site, hooray!)

I’d also call it a raspberry pink creme; Zoya’s official description reads, “A creamy dark pink with soft crimson and purple undertones. There’s nothing cheesy about this romantic deep pink.”  Ha ha, because of course Brie is also a kind of cheese.  Fortunately Brie the polish looks nothing like Brie the cheese.

The formula and application of Brie were a dream, so smooth and shiny.  One coat was almost but not quite enough.  Two coats, no top coat, under indirect cloudy outdoor light:


For comparison, here’s my previous swatch of Moxie:

Moxie outd light

And here are both colors plus Reagan for comparison:

Reagan Brie Moxie

Hopefully you can see that Reagan is the lightest and pinkest while Moxie is the darkest and is more red.  Still, I think Brie and Moxie are very close.

P.S.  If you participate in the promo of three polishes for $12 shipping & handling, Zoya has a bonus.  Read about it HERE.  A special color and maybe free shipping???  Oooooh, aaaaah.

Wake up to AWAKEN from Zoya!

Fresh spring news from Zoya — meet the new Awaken Collection!  Official press release:

Zoya Awaken

Just as Spring emerges from a natural Winter slumber, Zoya Awakens to a fresh season of BIG5FREE* color…

Open your mind to the beauty of color discovery; the new, the unexplored, the excitement! Awaken by Zoya – Six new, full-coverage, dew-drenched creams and gold-kissed metallic nail polish colors for Spring 2014. Full of pure pigment, intense color and modern complexity that will take you far beyond the hazy, barely there hues of seasons past into a new world of chromatic joy.


ZP723 – Dillon: Green Mint Shimmer Metallic Full Coverage Formula.
ZP724 – Rebel: Blue Sky Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula.
ZP722 – Hudson: Purple Orchid Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula (Yes, it’s a Radiant Orchid!)
ZP720 – Dot: Pink Petal Cream, Full Coverage Formula
(originally created for fashion designer Zang Toi’s SS14 collection).
ZP721 – Cole: Peach Whisper Cream, Full Coverage Formula
(originally created for fashion designer Peter Som’s SS14 collection).
ZP725 – Brooklyn: White-Gold Shimmer Metallic, Full Coverage Formula.

$9.00 ea. (US)


Zoya Awaken2


Create a nail color masterpiece. The multi-colored, holographic flakes of Zoya Monet lend an impressionistic color change option to existing color palettes. Never boring, this artistic topper can be applied as an accent or used as an overall color changer.

• ZP726 – Monet: Multi-Color, Cellophane Holographic Topper.

$10.00 ea. (US)

Zoya Awaken Monet

*BIG5FREE: Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment Formulas are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor.

Find over 300 long-wearing, beautiful Zoya colors on www.zoya.com. Each and every color has a name as unique as the women who inspired it.

Available on Zoya.com


Wow, this is my idea of spring!  I’m very excited about the topper Monet.  Can’t wait to try it over various colors and am loving the look of it over Dot, the pink.  It looks like candy.  (I really must do something about my sugar addiction…)

Also, I love the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet.  The colors in Awaken, especially the cool green, blue, pink, and lavender ones, hit just the right note.  Here are a few of Monet’s more famous paintings if you need a nudge.

Monet bridge

Monet irises

Monet water lilies

I don’t yet know the release date of the Awaken Collection and the Monet topper, but expect it to be early February.  UPDATE:  Zoya just stated on their Facebook page that the release date is February 1st.  Please note that these shades will not be included in Zoya’s promo that starts tomorrow, 1/7/14, since they’re not available yet.


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