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New wedding colors quad from Butter London

Introducing Sweet Somethings from Butter London:

BL Sweet Somethings

A shimmery pink, two neutrals, and a blue (walk into a bar….).

Pretty, but doesn’t this set remind me of something?

Essie 2014 wedding got engagedEssie 2014 wedding she said yes

Essie 2014 wedding Love Every MinuteEssie 2014 wedding meet the parents.jpg

Hang on, it’ll come to me….


Almost got it… oh yeah!

Essie 2014 wedding

Essie’s new wedding set for this year, called She Said Yes.  What a coincidence!

The Cut Up Collection from Butter London reviewed

A little over a month ago I told you about a new set of top coats, the 3-polish Cut Up set from Butter London.  There was a firestorm of controversy over the name of one of the polishes, which was considered by many to be an ethnic slur.  The polish’s new name is Dust Up and that’s all I’m going to say about the issue.  Just don’t want to get into it again — call me lazy.

The Cut Up Collection polishes are top coats, not meant to be worn on their own, although you could if you wanted.  Heck, you can wear them on your nose instead of your nails if you feel like it.  The mini set cost $25 SRP for three 0.2 oz/6 ml bottles.  You can also buy each full-sized polish individually.  The colors are:

Titchy — multicolored glitter in a clear base

Dust-Up  — gold, silver, & bronze glitter in a clear base

Anorak –  black, white, & silver glitter in a clear base

BL Cut Up Collection

BL Cut Up Collection2

After dithering over what color polish to use underneath these for a photo, I decided to go with the neutral camel tan Flynn from Zoya.  Yes, it’s a bit bland but I wanted the “undies” to not distract from the top coats.  Under indirect outdoor light:

BL Cut Up Collection3

Titchy — I used two coats and think it’s only so-so.  I mean, it’s a multicolored glitter and I can’t think of much else to say.  Not memorable, in my book.

Dust Up — Only needed one coat and this one I like.  The ultrafine glitter looks silver and gold, and the larger pieces of hex glitter are a pretty copper-bronze.  I’d wear this a lot in the fall.

Anorak — Two coats, and it’s not your average black and white glitter.  The irregular silver shards give it a different dimension from other b&w glitters I’ve used.

Admittedly, Titchy and Anorak would probably look a lot better over other colors of polish, such as pink or your personal favorite.  The tan of Flynn doesn’t show them to their best advantage.  But hey, I’m lazy today and am dealing with a broken, leaking washer in my utility room.  Let’s just say I’m not in the best of moods.  All will be well soon enough, though, eh?

EDIT:  Here’s a photo from Butter London with some suggestions for looks with this collection.  Titchy does indeed look better over black, although I suspect the whole picture is heavily Photoshopped.

BL Cut Up Collection looks

Have a great weekend, all.   Next week — news from Zoya, lots of news!


Didja miss me?

I sure missed you!

Everything’s fine here in Silver Nail Land, but me and the mister just got back from an almost-two-week vacation.  I was too busy to keep posting as usual, yet didn’t want to announce that I was out of town.  In these days of Facebook and blogs and other social media, trumpeting that you’re on vacation can lead to problems, as insurance companies and law enforcement warn us.  It’s easy to find out where anyone lives, and… well, you get the idea.

The vacation was a good break — saw family, did lots of touristy historical things, and drove four thousand miles.  OK, the driving part wasn’t that great.  Parts of the middle of the U.S. are, shall we say, less than interesting.  But that’s all past now and I’m raring to blog again.

Haven’t been hearing much nail polish and makeup news, except for an announcement from Butter London about what I assume is their summer collection, Lolly Brights.  Wow, those are bright!

BL Lolly Brights

BL Lolly set

The colors are:

  • Chuffed
  • Sozzled
  • Ladybird
  • Stroppy
  • Disco Biscuit
  • Airy Fairy

It’s worth noting that Disco Biscuit is not new; I believe it was released in 2012.  I think the other five shades are new, though.

I love the happy foil look of Chuffed, Stroppy, and Airy Fairy…

BL Lolly Chuffed

BL Lolly Stroppy

BL Lolly Airy Fairy

… yet feel I already own dupes.  I know I have a close dupe of Disco Biscuit, a Sinful Colors shade ($1.99) called Forget Now, which I reviewed here.

Forget Now closeup

The Butter London Lolly Brights are $15.00 (US) each or $65 for the full six-piece collection.  They are sure making me wish for summer, even though it’s only starting to seem like spring this week.  Winter, be gone!!

Another sale on Butter London — two, actually

Heads up!  Did you miss Butter London’s last clearance sale?  They’re having another “Last Orders” sale.  I don’t understand why they don’t just run these sales until the products are gone, if indeed they’re trying to get rid of them.  But they go on sale for a few days, off for weeks, back on sale, repeat.  Whatever, it’s not my company!

I highly recommend the “Double Take Fire Duo” for just $12 (I paid $30 when it was first released ’cause I just had to have it).

Fire Duo

There are individual polishes, duos, trios, and other sets.  There are full-size bottles and “fashion size” (mini).  There’s both nail polish and makeup.  Offer expires at 11:59 pm on 3/23/14.

Also, if you feel you need to see the polish in person and you have a nearby Ulta store, be aware that this Thursday, the 20th, Butter London polishes are 2/$15, or half-price.  I don’t think this will include sets or any other BL products.

Have fun shopping!

These are a few of my favorite greens

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Kind of busy around the ol’ Silver Nail household so I’m a bit behind on swatching and posting.  I’m taking an easy way out today and am going to show you some previous swatches, greens that I’ve really liked.  Then tell you about a great movie for St. Paddy’s Day.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, green polish is hard for me to wear.  Many shades give me “lobster hands” — that is, the contrast makes my skin look unnaturally red.  But I’ve found some real winners.  My latest favorite is the new Dillon from Zoya’s spring Awaken Collection.

Awaken Dillon

Kind of a light seafoam green.  Two Butter Londons I like are Jack the Lad and British Racing Green:

Jack the Lad outd

British Racing Green outd light

Another from Zoya called Hunter:


Spanish Moss from Revlon, a hard-to-find gray-green:

Spanish Moss

Here’s an unusual green and black glitter topcoat from China Glaze called Graffiti Glitter, shown over a pale mint green creme called Neely from Zoya:

Graffiti Glitter outd light

Paddy’s Pint from SquareHue (was limited, no longer available):

Pattys Pint outd light

You can see I gravitate towards the dark greens.  I’m not showing any yellow-greens because those tend to look pretty dreadful on me.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for an Irish movie to watch tonight and can’t stomach yet another viewing of “The Quiet Man,” may I suggest the dark comedy “Waking Ned Devine” (1998).  It’s available on Netflix streaming and has some lovely Irish scenery.

Waking Ned Devine pic

The title is a wonderful pun, with “waking” meaning both the “wake up” and the “have a wake for” sense.  It’s mostly a comedy but you’d certainly have to call it a dark one, since a lot of the jokes come at the expense of the death of one or more characters.

Waking Ned Devine pic2

Starring Ian Bannen, David Kelly, and Fionnula Flanagan, it’s a wonderful tale of money, luck, secrets, love, switched identities, and most of all, friendship.  It also contains the most hilarious nude scene I’ve ever seen in my entire life; I laughed ’til I cried.  Sure, it might be offensive, but if you’re offended by a very old, very thin, naked old man who makes his getaway on a motorbike after skinny-dipping, well, I’d say lighten up.

Have a great holiday and tip back a beer for me!

Be a cut up with Butter London

So many cute new polishes competing for my attention and dollars!  Announcing the 3-polish Cut Up set from Butter London.

BL Cut Up Collection

These are top coats, not opaque polishes.  The mini set is pictured above and it’s $25 for three 0.2 oz/6 ml bottles.  Yeah, that’s small, but for glitter overcoats that you might not wear all that much, it seems pretty good.  You can also buy each full-sized polish individually:

BL Cut Up Pikey

Dust-Up (new name) — gold, silver, & bronze in a clear base

BL Cut Up Titchy

Titchy — multicolored glitter in a clear base.  “Titchy” means tiny.

BL Cut Up Anorak

Anorak –  black, white, & silver glitter in a clear base.  An anorak is a fur-lined coat.

I think they all look cool and that mini set is calling me.  After seeing some swatches online of the last set of BL polishes, the Boho Rock Collection, I think I’ll pass on those and get these three top coats.


EDIT:  I’m appalled that the first polish was originally given a name that is considered an ethnic slur.   I apologize for my original post, and had never heard the term before.  It has now been renamed Dust-Up, which in my opinion is a sarcastic response on BL’s part; however; it’s impossible to gauge intent from the name and so I’ll let it slide.

Another “Last Call” sale from Butter London

Been wanting some Butter London polishes?  I’m on something of a no-buy recently but still want to try one or two of their new Boho Rock colors — Trifle, if nothing else.  And while this new collection is not on sale, BL is having another of its “Last Orders” sales.  “Last orders!” or “Last call!” is the announcement that goes out in pubs and bars shortly before closing time, letting patrons know it’s their last chance to buy alcohol for the night.

Butter London’s sales aren’t just dud shades, not by any means.  I highly recommend the “Double Take Fire Duo” for just $12 (I paid $30… sob!!).

Fire Duo

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit remiss about blogging this week.  I blame an unabashed addiction to watching as much Olympics coverage as possible.  It’s only once every four years!  Butter London can feed that addiction with its gold, silver, and bronze polishes.  I noticed these colors on the sale page.

Gold — West End Wonderland and The Full Monty

west_end_wonderland_1 the_full_monty

Silver — Sylver Brydel and Diamond Geezer (usually I abhor sylly spelling lyke thys)

sylverbry diamondgeezer_new

Bronze — Bit Faker and The Old Bill (I think The Old Bill is more bronze than copper, although BL calls it copper)

bit_faker the_old_bill

I have The Old Bill and swatched it here a long time ago.  While I wasn’t crazy about it at first, it really grew on me and I love it now.  Very elegant, and a nice change from gold or silver.

This sale is both regular-size bottles and “fashion size.”  Keep in mind that what BL calls “fashion size” means a mini bottle.  Offer expires at 11:59 pm on 2/23/14.  Free shipping on orders $50 and up.  US only.  Some products may no longer be available when you place your order.

Introducing the Boho Rock Spring 2014 Collection from Butter London

The holidays are over and that means lots of spring news!  Hey, the companies have to keep us hooked somehow, right?

BL Boho rock

Although I am going to branch out into talking about makeup here on The Silver Nail and I’m digging that silver eye shadow (although I’d use way less on my old eyelids), I don’t own any BL other than nail polish right now.  “Introducing Boho Rock, a collection of layering shades designed to unleash your Bohemian spirit. Sensuous neutrals combine with ethereal textures for an earthy and feminine finish,” says Butter London.

See the whole collection, polish and makeup, on their web site here.

Definitely a few I want to see in person.  My favorite at first glance is Trifle, “an opaque plum base with golden shimmer.”

BL Trifle

Lest you think this can’t possibly have a plum base, let me remind of a polish of theirs I loved, Brown Sugar, which also had a plummy base with copper-brown shimmer.  There’s just one coat of it on my little finger so you can see the base color:

Lacquer Brown Sugar_0002

Brown Sugar outd

Another one in the Boho Rock set that catches my eye is Lucy in the Sky, with its description of “a sheer, iridescent gold and silver glitter suspended in rosy pink base.”  A pink base?  That I want to see.  Lucy in the Sky and Lushington both remind me at first glance of West End Wonderland, which I liked but found a bit heavy.  The two new ones do look lighter.

Everybody have a great weekend.  I’ll have even more spring news for you on Monday, and you won’t want to miss it!

Butter London 50% off sale!

Year-end sale time!  Butter London is having a 20% off all glitters sale….

BL sale 12.30

… but to me the even better news is that their “Last Orders” page has a bunch of great polishes at 50% off, or $7.50 each.  Look HERE.

Bluecoat and Rebel Fox, plus top coats Leccy and Brass Monkey, were only available as higher-priced duos upon release a couple of months ago.  I got the Rebel Fox/Brass Monkey pair and love them.  RF is a great, stylish dark red.

Rebel Fox with Brass Monkey

Other sale polishes include two of my faves, Jack the Lad and Scuppered.

Jack the Lad outd

Scuppered outd

More miscellaneous and sundry news soon!

Big Smoke, plus a Butter London sale

Another Butter London to show you!  I’ve had Big Smoke for a while but now with the winter weather I really feel like trotting it out.  “Big Smoke” is “an affectionate name for the city of London, due to heavy smog caused by Victorian chimney stacks and trains.

Big Smoke is a navy blue shimmer, not a glitter, dark and slightly silvery.  It’s a darker, truer blue than Bluey, which leans slightly peacock or teal.  While looking at blue Butter Londons, I noticed that this color, Bluecoat, is half price on the BL web site.  News to me!  Hold the phone and check out all these half price polishes on BL’s “Last Orders” page.  I have and love Rebel Fox, Brass Monkey, Jack the Lad, and Scuppered.  Other great ones there, too.

OK, back to the polish at hand.  Literally.  The formula of Big Smoke was sheer and I needed three coats for full coverage.  Shown with no top coat, under indirect snowy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Big Smoke

Big Smoke flash

Love it, very flattering to my cool-toned medium skin.  Hmm, do I have any exact duplicates in my ton of blue polishes?  Two from Zoya, Neve and Ibiza , are different.

Neve and Ibiza

Also, I have a dark blue shimmer from Maybelline that’s close but has a purple tinge, Blue Freeze:

Blue Freeze outd light

Probably the closest thing I have to Big Smoke is that ol’ standby Blue Moon from Wet n Wild, which cost me all of 99 cents.  It’s not a complete dupe but is very close.

Blue Moon indir outd light

To me, “big smoke” is something I often see in the summer here in the western U.S. — smoke from forest fires, near and far.  Here’s a photo I took one evening last August from our front yard:

Lolo Complex fire 8.20.13 smaller

This was the Lolo Creek Complex fire, only a few miles away.  No lives were lost but several homes burned.  That’s big smoke.


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