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A passel of positively posh pinks

I know I haven’t swatched anything in a while.  So today, how about FIVE nail polishes?

Last month I posted about one of Butter London’s great “Last Orders” sales, and one of the items I ordered was the set of five minis called the Boxing Day Fash Pack Pinks.  Each one is 0.2 oz/6 ml, which is enough for several manis each and a great way to try new colors.

BL Fash Pack pinks

Left to right:

  • Teddy Girl — pale petal pink creme
  • Fruit Machine — bubblegum creme
  • Fairy Lights — silvery pink chrome
  • Primrose Hill Picnic — bright hot pink creme
  • Queen Vic — dark plum creme

I used two coats of each and all five applied very well; I thought Primrose Hill Picnic had the best formula and most even coverage.  Teddy Girl and Fruit Machine, being lighter, could have used one more coat.  Fairy Lights was very good for a chrome, but as always with this kind of finish, don’t keep poking at it or the brushstrokes will show more prominently.

I’m still getting used to the windows and quality of natural light here in our new house, and these aren’t the greatest photos but here goes.  The first four polishes, left to right, in the same order, under two different aspects of indirect outdoor light:

BL Fash Pack pinks

BL Fash Pack pinks2

Queen Vic, being a plum or raspberry, deserved her own manicure.  I love the look but prefer my nails to be shorter when I wear dark colors.

Queen Vic

I feel I have dupes from Zoya for most of these colors except the chrome of Fairy Lights; however, it’s similar to Maria from Julep.

The Boxing Day Fash Pack Pinks is no longer visible on Butter London’s site but it may show up again in a future sale, or you may also find it lurking in a department store, eBay, etc.



The Ice Duo from Butter London

Did you pounce on the Butter London sale last week?  I did, finally.  Got the mini-set of five pink polishes I’ve wanted since Christmas, plus picked up the Double Take Ice Duo for $12.

The Ice Duo contains full-sized bottles (0.4 oz/11 ml) of Bluecoat, a dark blue shimmer, and Leccy (slang for electricity), a clear topcoat with irregular shards of blue and copper.  Butter London calls Leccy “opal,” and that’s a good description.


Ice Duo

I previously reviewed the Fire Duo here.  I loved the dark red shimmer called Rebel Fox but wasn’t wowed by the top  coat Brass Monkey.

Bluecoat applied very well and I needed fewer coats than I did of Rebel Fox.  Two coats of Bluecoat were enough for good coverage.  It’s a pretty navy blue and the shimmer shows up more in direct sunlight.  Under indirect outdoor light and then in direct sunshine:


Bluecoat sun

Sorry for the poor condition of my nails and cuticles, been opening a lot of cardboard moving boxes lately and unpacking.  At any rate, I think Bluecoat is beautiful but do I have a dupe?  I think so.  Actually I think I have several <sob>.  Look at my review of Butter London’s own Big Smoke here, along with some other blue polishes, and see what you think.  Overkill in my polish stash.

But moving on to Leccy, I think this is a great top coat.  Like Brass Monkey, the flakes/shards are sparse, so you might want to dab them on or use several coats.  Here are two coats of Leccy over Bluecoat, again under indirect and then direct sunlight:

Bluecoat with Leccy

Bluecoat with Leccy sun

If you want either Bluecoat or Leccy, they’re only sold as a set, not separately.  While I’m glad I got them, I don’t think I would have bought the duo had I realized how close Bluecoat was to other blues I have.  Still, love that Leccy!

Introducing Brick Lane from Butter London

More fall news?  Get out!  But yep, Butter London has announced a new collection and it’s called Brick Lane.

BL Brick Lane

The ad says it’s limited edition so I don’t know if this is their Fall 2014 Collection per se or is in addition to another fall set down the road.  Whatever, don’t those colors say autumn?  I love dark reds and greens and plums when fall rolls around.

If you go to BL’s Brick Lane page, it’s a bit confusing however.  There are six full-size lacquers listed but two of them, British Racing Green and Ladybird, are NOT new; they are old shades.  I happen to love British Racing Green and reviewed it in 2012.

The four other polishes which as far as I know are brand-new are Dubs:

BL Brick Lane Dubs

Cor Blimey:

BL Brick Lane Cor Blimey


BL Brick Lane Bric-a-Brac

and the titular Brick Lane:

BL Brick Lane Brick Lane

Extreme Polish Greed is setting in because, heaven help my credit card, I think I want them all. But wait!  Take a look at the packaged set of six mini-bottles, which doesn’t have British Racing Green and Ladybird, but instead has two exclusive new shades:

BL Brick Lane box

East End is a matte-satin curry yellow and Chocka is deep plum creme-shimmer.

Shoot, I don’t even wear yellow polish but I want this set; how bad is that?


Great Butter London sale — again!

Butter London is determined to tempt me.  Now that I’ve moved I’m once again without a local Ulta store (** sigh…. **) and its array of BL polishes.

But, hey, it doesn’t really matter because we have the internet!  Shocker, I know.  Butter London sent an email with news of their latest “Last Orders” sale.  Prices as marked, and the sale lasts until 11:59 PT 6/29/14.  Free shipping on orders $50 and up, no code required.  Some items may sell out before that date.

Get a load of the Boxing Day Fash Packs — these are sets of five mini-sized bottles.  I saw these in person at Ulta and was sorely tempted but the price held me back.  But now?  $17.50 instead of $50?  Oh yeah.  The pink pack especially calls my name.

BL Fash Pack pinks

Can you believe I don’t own any of these colors??  The Fash Pack Neutrals is not shabby either:

BL Fash Pack neutrals

Of these shades, I only own Dodgy Barnett, the silver glitter on the far right, but don’t really want the two nudes/browns on the left.

Other goodies on sale include the Fire Duo for $12, marked down from $24.  I reviewed that pair here and loved it.  The blue polish and blue opal top coat called Ice Duo is on sale too.  Don’t forget single polishes such as Shag and Jack the Lad.  Love blue-green polish?  Jack the Lad is one of my faves.

Jack the Lad outd

There’s also some BL makeup on sale but most of it is a little too outré for my taste, like yellow mascara.  Have fun shopping, and let us know what rings your bell!

Dis and dat

Not much of any one thing to talk about today, just a few little things that I’ll lump together.

First of all, Butter London is having another of its “Last Order” sales.  Some polishes and sets for half price or so.  Shop HERE if you’re interested, and the sale is only good through this weekend.

Secondly, if you’re interested in Zoya’s Earth Day Exchange — another half-price sale — keep in mind that it’s good through April 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  Every time they have a sale there are people crying that they forgot about it or waited ’til literally the last minute and then their order didn’t go through or whatever.  Don’t be a sad panda.


I know many are excited to see swatches of the upcoming summer sets from Zoya:  Tickled, Bubbly, and MagicalPixie 2.0.  I’m excited too but just wanted to let you know that my polishes are on preorder status like everyone else and I don’t expect them before May.  I want to marry the Bubbly Collection.  These summer sets are not included in the Earth Day Exchange because they haven’t been released yet.

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly2

And to totally switch gears, I want to talk about sunscreen.  Specifically, what I’m calling Sunscreen Creep.  Yesterday when I was at the gym walking on the treadmill (makes me sound so virtuous, eh?) I got hot and pulled up the sleeves of my sweatshirt.  Lo and behold, I noticed for the first time how sun-damaged my forearms looked.  I’ve been sooooooo careful to put sunscreen on the backs of my hands for years, and yes, my 55-year-old hands are remarkably free of age spots and other sun damage.  But that look stops at my wrists.  WHAT?!?  How could I have been so careless?

From now on, my sunscreen regimen is also going to include my arms, in addition to my usual face-neck-hands routine.  Pretty soon I’ll just jump in a vat of sunscreen every morning, climb out, and get dressed.

Seriously, don’t be oblivious to the sun protection that certain parts of your body need.  As I preach constantly, it’s WAY easier to avoid sun damage than it is to try and correct it after it happens.  You can mitigate it somewhat, though, with the right products.  Look for sunscreen that also says “tone correcting” or “reduces dark spots.”  I like Neutrogena products such as their Visibly Even® line.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

New wedding colors quad from Butter London

Introducing Sweet Somethings from Butter London:

BL Sweet Somethings

A shimmery pink, two neutrals, and a blue (walk into a bar….).

Pretty, but doesn’t this set remind me of something?

Essie 2014 wedding got engagedEssie 2014 wedding she said yes

Essie 2014 wedding Love Every MinuteEssie 2014 wedding meet the parents.jpg

Hang on, it’ll come to me….


Almost got it… oh yeah!

Essie 2014 wedding

Essie’s new wedding set for this year, called She Said Yes.  What a coincidence!

The Cut Up Collection from Butter London reviewed

A little over a month ago I told you about a new set of top coats, the 3-polish Cut Up set from Butter London.  There was a firestorm of controversy over the name of one of the polishes, which was considered by many to be an ethnic slur.  The polish’s new name is Dust Up and that’s all I’m going to say about the issue.  Just don’t want to get into it again — call me lazy.

The Cut Up Collection polishes are top coats, not meant to be worn on their own, although you could if you wanted.  Heck, you can wear them on your nose instead of your nails if you feel like it.  The mini set cost $25 SRP for three 0.2 oz/6 ml bottles.  You can also buy each full-sized polish individually.  The colors are:

Titchy — multicolored glitter in a clear base

Dust-Up  — gold, silver, & bronze glitter in a clear base

Anorak —  black, white, & silver glitter in a clear base

BL Cut Up Collection

BL Cut Up Collection2

After dithering over what color polish to use underneath these for a photo, I decided to go with the neutral camel tan Flynn from Zoya.  Yes, it’s a bit bland but I wanted the “undies” to not distract from the top coats.  Under indirect outdoor light:

BL Cut Up Collection3

Titchy — I used two coats and think it’s only so-so.  I mean, it’s a multicolored glitter and I can’t think of much else to say.  Not memorable, in my book.

Dust Up — Only needed one coat and this one I like.  The ultrafine glitter looks silver and gold, and the larger pieces of hex glitter are a pretty copper-bronze.  I’d wear this a lot in the fall.

Anorak — Two coats, and it’s not your average black and white glitter.  The irregular silver shards give it a different dimension from other b&w glitters I’ve used.

Admittedly, Titchy and Anorak would probably look a lot better over other colors of polish, such as pink or your personal favorite.  The tan of Flynn doesn’t show them to their best advantage.  But hey, I’m lazy today and am dealing with a broken, leaking washer in my utility room.  Let’s just say I’m not in the best of moods.  All will be well soon enough, though, eh?

EDIT:  Here’s a photo from Butter London with some suggestions for looks with this collection.  Titchy does indeed look better over black, although I suspect the whole picture is heavily Photoshopped.

BL Cut Up Collection looks

Have a great weekend, all.   Next week — news from Zoya, lots of news!


Didja miss me?

I sure missed you!

Everything’s fine here in Silver Nail Land, but me and the mister just got back from an almost-two-week vacation.  I was too busy to keep posting as usual, yet didn’t want to announce that I was out of town.  In these days of Facebook and blogs and other social media, trumpeting that you’re on vacation can lead to problems, as insurance companies and law enforcement warn us.  It’s easy to find out where anyone lives, and… well, you get the idea.

The vacation was a good break — saw family, did lots of touristy historical things, and drove four thousand miles.  OK, the driving part wasn’t that great.  Parts of the middle of the U.S. are, shall we say, less than interesting.  But that’s all past now and I’m raring to blog again.

Haven’t been hearing much nail polish and makeup news, except for an announcement from Butter London about what I assume is their summer collection, Lolly Brights.  Wow, those are bright!

BL Lolly Brights

BL Lolly set

The colors are:

  • Chuffed
  • Sozzled
  • Ladybird
  • Stroppy
  • Disco Biscuit
  • Airy Fairy

It’s worth noting that Disco Biscuit is not new; I believe it was released in 2012.  I think the other five shades are new, though.

I love the happy foil look of Chuffed, Stroppy, and Airy Fairy…

BL Lolly Chuffed

BL Lolly Stroppy

BL Lolly Airy Fairy

… yet feel I already own dupes.  I know I have a close dupe of Disco Biscuit, a Sinful Colors shade ($1.99) called Forget Now, which I reviewed here.

Forget Now closeup

The Butter London Lolly Brights are $15.00 (US) each or $65 for the full six-piece collection.  They are sure making me wish for summer, even though it’s only starting to seem like spring this week.  Winter, be gone!!

Another sale on Butter London — two, actually

Heads up!  Did you miss Butter London’s last clearance sale?  They’re having another “Last Orders” sale.  I don’t understand why they don’t just run these sales until the products are gone, if indeed they’re trying to get rid of them.  But they go on sale for a few days, off for weeks, back on sale, repeat.  Whatever, it’s not my company!

I highly recommend the “Double Take Fire Duo” for just $12 (I paid $30 when it was first released ’cause I just had to have it).

Fire Duo

There are individual polishes, duos, trios, and other sets.  There are full-size bottles and “fashion size” (mini).  There’s both nail polish and makeup.  Offer expires at 11:59 pm on 3/23/14.

Also, if you feel you need to see the polish in person and you have a nearby Ulta store, be aware that this Thursday, the 20th, Butter London polishes are 2/$15, or half-price.  I don’t think this will include sets or any other BL products.

Have fun shopping!

These are a few of my favorite greens

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Kind of busy around the ol’ Silver Nail household so I’m a bit behind on swatching and posting.  I’m taking an easy way out today and am going to show you some previous swatches, greens that I’ve really liked.  Then tell you about a great movie for St. Paddy’s Day.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, green polish is hard for me to wear.  Many shades give me “lobster hands” — that is, the contrast makes my skin look unnaturally red.  But I’ve found some real winners.  My latest favorite is the new Dillon from Zoya’s spring Awaken Collection.

Awaken Dillon

Kind of a light seafoam green.  Two Butter Londons I like are Jack the Lad and British Racing Green:

Jack the Lad outd

British Racing Green outd light

Another from Zoya called Hunter:


Spanish Moss from Revlon, a hard-to-find gray-green:

Spanish Moss

Here’s an unusual green and black glitter topcoat from China Glaze called Graffiti Glitter, shown over a pale mint green creme called Neely from Zoya:

Graffiti Glitter outd light

Paddy’s Pint from SquareHue (was limited, no longer available):

Pattys Pint outd light

You can see I gravitate towards the dark greens.  I’m not showing any yellow-greens because those tend to look pretty dreadful on me.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for an Irish movie to watch tonight and can’t stomach yet another viewing of “The Quiet Man,” may I suggest the dark comedy “Waking Ned Devine” (1998).  It’s available on Netflix streaming and has some lovely Irish scenery.

Waking Ned Devine pic

The title is a wonderful pun, with “waking” meaning both the “wake up” and the “have a wake for” sense.  It’s mostly a comedy but you’d certainly have to call it a dark one, since a lot of the jokes come at the expense of the death of one or more characters.

Waking Ned Devine pic2

Starring Ian Bannen, David Kelly, and Fionnula Flanagan, it’s a wonderful tale of money, luck, secrets, love, switched identities, and most of all, friendship.  It also contains the most hilarious nude scene I’ve ever seen in my entire life; I laughed ’til I cried.  Sure, it might be offensive, but if you’re offended by a very old, very thin, naked old man who makes his getaway on a motorbike after skinny-dipping, well, I’d say lighten up.

Have a great holiday and tip back a beer for me!


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