More Zoya comparisons

Disclosure:  All polishes except Julieanne were previously supplied by Zoya for review.

Happy Halloween!  Nothing ultra-Halloween today, although I am swatching/comparing some black and purple polishes.  These comparisons are by request — thanks!

First up, Thea from the new Wishes Collection vs. Carter from 2013 Fall PixieDust Collection.

Thea Carter bot

Thea Carter flash

Very similar in color and tone, but Thea has multiple sizes of glitter, plus holo glitter, and Carter has a more even sparkle.  In my opinion Thea is suitable as a top coat over other polishes and Carter wouldn’t be, as it would obscure another underlying polish.

Now Imogen from the new Wishes Collection vs. Dahlia from the first PixieDust set.

Imogen Dahlia bot

Imogen Dahlia flash

Like Thea and Carter, Imogen and Dahlia are very close in color but Imogen has the holo/multisized glitter and could be used as a one-coat top coat.  It’s hard to tell in the photo because of the flash, but Dahlia dries more matte to almost an “asphalt” look.

Finally, Julieanne from the 2010 Wicked Collection vs. Sansa from this fall’s Ignite Collection.

Julieanne Sansa bot

You can’t tell from the photos, but Julieanne’s base is dark blue, with purple, blue, and perhaps dark pink sparkle.  Sansa is a dark plum with gold sparkle.  Under the flash with the bottle of Sansa:

Julieanne Sansa flash

And under indirect outdoor light with the bottle of Julieanne:

Julieanne Sansa outd

Hope those quick swatches help when making decisions.  Have a great weekend and don’t eat all the Halloween candy!

Disclosure:  All polishes except Julieanne were previously supplied by Zoya for review.

Autumn tidy-up — raking leaves, or raking in the polish?

Butter London’s 30% off sale may have ended, but there are a bunch of products for 50% off on their Last Orders page.

BL 50 pc off sale

There are makeup + polish sets, makeup alone, and polish alone.  There are minis and full sizes (be aware that when BL calls a bottle of polish “Fashion Size” they mean mini).

Some of my favorites on this page are the Double Take Ice Duo, Scuppered — or should I say SCUPPERED because I love it so much, the Boxing Day Fash Pack in Pinks, and Dust Up.

Good time to do a little pre-holiday shopping perhaps.

Wishes from Zoya — complete review plus comparisons

Disclosure:  The Wishes Collection was supplied by Zoya for review.  Some of the comparison polishes were previously supplied by Zoya for review.

Sparkly, dreamy jewels — that’s Zoya’s new Winter/Holiday Collection called Wishes.

Zoya Wishes banner

Announced a little over a week ago and available for preorder now, Wishes is a set of six polishes:  one creme, two metallics, and three Magical (i.e., contain holographic glitter) PixieDusts.

Zoya Wishes sampler

What, no reds in a holiday set?  That’s OK, Zoya recently released a small 3-polish set of Ultra PixieDusts that were all red or red-toned, and I think it’s refreshing to go with bright blues and purples plus black.

Unless otherwise stated, all swatches are done with two coats.  All the Wishes polishes had good formulas and coverage.

Prim is a cool-toned periwinkle blue with a very strong silver metallic shimmer.

Wishes Prim outd

Haven is a violet-purple shimmer.  Shown under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash.

Wishes Haven outd

Wishes Haven flash

Willa is an opaque onyx black creme, no shimmer at all, unlike Zoya’s own Raven.  Willa is a renamed re-release of the limited edition color called Black Swan, which was part of a Zang Toi trio in September of 2013.  Solid black polishes like this make good “undies” for various top coats although of course can be worn solo.

Wishes Willa

On to the new PixieDusts.  I show each color with one coat on my pinkie fingernail on the right and two coats on my ring finger, so you can judge the opacity in case you’d want to use one coat as a top coat over something else.

Nori is a sapphire blue matte textured polish with heavy glitter and sparkle, both holographic and non-holo.

Wishes Nori

Thea is an amethyst purple.  I needed three coats of this one for good opacity.

Wishes Thea

Imogen is black with a lot of glitter and sparkle.  The holo glitter really makes it colorful.

Wishes Imogen

So how could you combine these?  Your imagination is the only limit, but here are two looks I tried that I love, one coat of Thea over Willa on my ring finger (left) and one coat of Nori over Willa on the right.  Without and then with a flash.

Wishes Thea and Nori over Willa

Wishes Thea and Nori over Willa flash

Complex and mysterious, just like me.  (OK, OK, I kid.)

I thought of some quick comparisons.  One of my favorite Zoya polishes for years has been Jo.  Prim is similar to Jo, but Prim has slightly more of a dusty purple tone and shows brushstrokes more.  Jo is more blue plus has blue shimmer in addition to silver.

Wishes Prim and Jo bottles

Wishes Prim and Jo flash

Nori reminded me of Muse from this summer’s Bubbly Collection.  Muse is more of a blue-green and the two have slightly different sizes of glitter.  Nori dries matte textured, but not completely matte.

Wishes Nori and Muse bottles

Wishes Nori and Muse

On the nail, Nori and Muse look very close.

Hope is an older polish that’s very similar to Haven.

Wishes Haven and Hope bottles

Wishes Haven and Hope outd

Haven is more plum; Hope is more violet.  While the colors are close, the formulas aren’t — my bottle of Hope is very thin and the polish needed at least three coats for good coverage.  Haven covered very well with two.

Wishes is such a beautiful collection, so much more than just a Christmas set.  You could wear these colors all winter; heck, you could wear them all year.

My favorites are Prim, Haven, and Thea, while my favorite combo look is either Nori or Thea over Willa.  Imogen would be fun to try over various cremes — dark green, red, gray.

Some caveats:  If you have the Zoya limited edition called Black Swan, be aware that Willa is exactly the same and only the name is new.  Willa is beautiful for a solid black creme and I think every polishaholic needs one in her stash, but if you already have a black creme I doubt I’d rush to buy this.  If you don’t have one though, the smooth formula and coverage make it a winner.

Prim and Jo are close but are not dupes.  Love both!  Haven and Hope are even closer.  If I already had Hope I probably wouldn’t get Haven, but if you don’t have Hope then I highly recommend Haven and its formula is much better than Hope’s.

As always, Zoya polishes are “Big 5 Free”: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

Disclosure:  The Wishes Collection was supplied by Zoya for review.  Some of the comparison polishes were previously supplied by Zoya for review.

No Tricks, Just Treats — 3 for $15 sale from Zoya

Official press release from Zoya, just received and for immediate release:

Zoya sale 3 for 15

No Tricks, Just Treats!
Forget the tricks – today it’s all about the TREAT!  We want you to have an extra Happy Halloween, so let’s set aside the creepy costumes and horror films (at least for a minute) and focus on our favorite part – the goodies!  Now you can treat yourself with any 3 Zoya Nail Polish shades for just $15. With Zoya’s selection of over 300 different shades in a variety of flawless finishes, you’ll be ready to dress up your nails beyond Halloween!

Get ANY 3 Zoya Nail Polishes for $15
NOW (10/29/14) – Sunday, November 2 (11:59pm EST).


Use Code:

How it works:
1. Add at least three nail polish colors to your shopping bag along with any additional items you would like to purchase.
2. Enter code ZOYATREATS into the coupon code field and press “Apply Code”.
3. Complete check out, review and submit order.

Share the spirit of Halloween with your friends – Tag and share using #ZoyaTreats so no one misses out!

*Terms and Conditions
Valid online only at through 11/02/14, 11:59pm EST. Not valid in conjunction with other coupons, codes or promotions. Shipping & Handling fees apply. Continental US only. Excludes Zoya Nail Treatments and Color Spoons. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors, web related issues or any errors associated with declined credit cards. Returns or exchanges of promotional items not permitted. Code must be entered at time of purchase. One code per account – code cannot be reinstated for canceled orders. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing if volume warrants it.


Awesome sale!  BE VERY SURE to read and understand the “Terms and Conditions.”  I always want to e-slap people who get a screamin’ deal on Zoya polishes like this and then whine that shipping should be free as well, or that it’s Zoya’s fault that an expired credit card doesn’t work.

The only exclusions I see are that Nail Treatments and Color Spoons are not included.  No mention of the latest collection, Wishes, so I presume those are included.  I just received my media samples of those yesterday and will be reviewing them today.  Lots of swatching to do!

Memebox review — Pinkaholic

Disclosure:  All Memebox links and codes on this page are affiliate ones for which I may receive commission.  I purchased all the products in this review.

Is the world ready for a Memebox review from a woman in her mid-50s?  Well, ready or not, here I come!

I plan to do more reviews of Memeboxes in the future, so in this initial post I’ll go into more detail about the company, packaging, and so forth in addition to the actual items.  Future reviews will be all about the products.

Memebox (pronounced “mi-mi,” not “meem”) is an online seller of Korean cosmetics, which includes a ton of skin care products and also makeup.   Here’s the “About Us” on their web site:

Memebox is the #1 Korean beauty online retailer in the world.
Many of our products are sourced, packaged, and shipped directly from Korea straight to your doorstep.
We also have a range of USA Exclusives, which include products most-loved by our USA customers – these ship directly from our USA warehouse.

This is not a subscription service that you sign up for and which sends you a box every month.  You can shop individual products or buy curated “mystery” boxes.

Memeboxes contain “… 4 – 7 [up to 8, actually] full-sized products and deluxe samples” and each Superbox has “… its own theme, and contains only full-sized items.”  The price per box appears to range from $18 to $39 (sometimes on sale) and shipping is extra.  Some of the boxes are sold in sets, which have express shipping for the price of standard shipping.

I’m just getting started with Memebox, have placed one order of individual items from the U.S. shop and have received one Superbox which is currently sold out, Pinkaholic.  I wanted to get a box that was shipping soon (many of boxes are released with a future shipping date about two months out) so I could try it before ordering any others.

I went into this purchase with no expectations other than “pink.”  Had no idea if it was makeup, skin care items, or both.

Pinkaholic promo pic

Please note that this graphic is promotional only and does not guarantee any certain product; for example, there’s a drawing of a nail polish bottle but no nail polish was included.  Sometimes the company will post a spoiler of one or more items that actually are in the box but they are clearly labeled as such.

My box arrived about 9-10 business days after it shipped, since I paid for standard, not express, shipping.  It came in a bubble wrap mailer and I had to sign for it.

Pinkaholic mailer

Inside is a bright pink box, a little more than 6 inches square and about 3 inches high.

Pinkaholic box

Opening it up, all the products are snugly packed with some extra padding, most are in their own small boxes, and on top is a two-sided description card.  You really need the card unless you’re fluent in Korean, which is the major language on the packaging.

Pinkaholic box open

Pinkaholic box open2

Pinkaholic card a

Pinkaholic card b

I received six full-sized products — three makeup and three skin care.  Going by the regular store prices listed on the card, the value of Pinkaholic, for which I paid $35.99 ($29 + $6.99 shipping) was $119.  I take these prices with a grain of salt — yes, the “Glow Glow Balm” really is listed for $35 on the Memebox site, but if you are a savvy online shopper you may find it cheaper elsewhere.  But I feel this box is a great way to try products that I normally wouldn’t know enough about to buy separately.

I’ve read some other blogger reviews of Pinkaholic and see some disappointment.  One person was expecting all makeup.  Several people seem unhappy with the balm (more on that later).  I say if you want all makeup, don’t buy a mystery box; buy a box clearly labeled makeup!  Here’s an example, Fall/Winter Natural Makeup.  Most of the reviews on Memebox’s own site are overwhelmingly positive.

Overall, I’m very pleased with what I received.  I like all the items and feel I got a good value.  The card explains how to use the items where it’s not painfully obvious; i.e, it says that you can use the lip crayon on your cheeks but doesn’t say to use it on your lips, because we’re smart that way.

1.  Style Y Glossy Fit (not Pit, typo on card) Crayon Lipstick 01 Strawberry — This is a glossy pink lip color that feels smooth and is bright but not too bright.  Doubt I’ll use it on my cheeks because I prefer powder blushers, but it’s nice to know I could.

Pinkaholic lip

Pinkaholic lip swatch

2.  Style Y Color Fit Bling Bling Auto Crayon Shadow 01 Pink — Looks shimmery pink in the tube but is rather glittery on the skin.  Might be a bit too glitterific for my old eyelids but on the other hand I could tone it down with a bit of neutral powder.  Not sure yet if I’ll keep this one or give it to a younger relative.  I wouldn’t cover my eyelids with it but would use just a dab as a highlight on my browbone.

Pinkaholic eye

Pinkaholic eye swatch

(Note:  both these crayons twist up from the base, no sharpening required!  I LOVE that.)

3.  Shara Shara Aurora Liquid Highlighter 01 Pink (9 g) —  This is a beautiful highlighter/illuminator that you can wear sparingly on your cheekbones or anywhere you want a light pink highlight.  It’s not a blush, and it’s shimmery, not glittery.  Beautiful.  The bottle has a small brush applicator, like a nail polish bottle, but I prefer to dab on a tiny bit with my fingers.

Pinkaholic hl

Pinkaholic hl swatch

4.  Insobeau Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleansing Water (200 ml) — This is “only” a cleanser but I love it.  It feels fresh, not oily, has virtually no scent, and best of all it gets my face clean.  No rinsing required, even better.  It’s not an eye makeup remover but removes foundation, blush, etc. nicely.

Pinkaholic water

5.  Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream (55 g) — This gel-like cream feels cool and refreshing.  I’ve been using it on my face and neck and love how it feels.  Does it “tighten and lift up dry, sagging skin” per the description?  Honestly can’t tell yet.

Pinkaholic cream

6.  Awesome Glow Glow Balm (45 g) —  OK, this is a balm.  As in, can be used like a salve if you want.  It’s not a fluffy night cream, and it’s shiny.  It’s solid and translucent in the jar, not a frothy cream like it appears in its picture on the card.  It contains argan, olive, and macadamia oils, so guess what, it’s oily.  I have no interest in using it as a highlighter on my face but have been using it on some small dry spots of skin on my face and arms and also as a virtually colorless lip balm.  Has no discernible smell or taste.

Pinkaholic balm

One way I want to try using it is to put some on my feet, then some foot cream, and then wear cotton socks over all that to bed.  I wouldn’t pay $35 for this balm but I’m glad I got it in the box.  A little bit goes a long way so I think this jar will last almost forever.  And it sure looks prettier in my powder room than Bag Balm, which was originally meant for cows’ udders!


That was Pinkaholic.  Definitely PINK.  My next Memebox is on its way to me and has a chocolate theme.  Om nom nom.

Some Memeboxes don’t grab me.  After reading many reviews, I don’t think anything with “cute,” “cutie,” or “cutiepie” in the name is for me.  Ditto anything about acne.  But a Cleopatra theme?  I’m all over that.  Ditto a box called Brighten & Correct, which sounds like needed skin care items.

Get $5 off orders over $100, use this code: AFFILIATE-7183-T4BD2-LNBJ

Get $10 off orders over $150, use this code: AFFILIATE-4049-JRTVP-CURI

Disclosure:  Promotional box graphic © Memebox, I took all other photos.  All Memebox links and codes on this page are affiliate ones for which I may receive commission.  I purchased all the products in this review.

Velcome to ze laboratory…. ze Zoya laboratory

BWA HA HAAAAAAA!  It’s Halloween week and all the ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night are coming out.

It’s going to be a great week here on The Silver Nail — I hope to review my first Memebox and should also be getting the new Zoya Winter Collection for swatching.  Maybe some Halloween looks, too.

But today, let’s have some fun with the Zoya Color Laboratory!

Zoya Halloween

Zoya Halloween2

Official press release:

Go Mad For Zoya & WIN*!

Are you “MAD” for Zoya?! Now’s your chance to bring the color of your dreams to life! Step inside our virtual color labooooooratory (muahahaha) to experiment with color and finishes to “mix” your very own shade. The Zoya color animator offers various pieces and parts (finishes, opacity and hues) to play with – feel free to use the description section to elaborate on your masterpiece. Give your creation a name, submit it, and there’s a chance we will bring it to life!

NOW – Thursday, October 31st (10:00am ET) Piece together your creation for a chance to have it custom created just for you! The highest voted shade will win, so don’t forget to share your creation with your friends and family after it’s been submitted!

How It Works:

Go CRAZY! (You know we are) Create a custom shade using the Zoya Polish Animator
Name your creation and describe any additional elements you would add to the polish.
Submit (and don’t forget to share!) your custom shade for a chance to bring it to life! Have more than one color you’re mad about? Create as many as you’d like!
One winner will be selected on October 31, 2014 at 9am EST

*Terms and Conditions
Purchase not necessary to enter. Valid Art of Beauty account required in order to participate. Enter NOW through 10/31/14 (9:00am ET). One winner will be selected and contacted by 5pm ET 10/31/14. Please allow up to two weeks for production of custom shades. Winning shades will be created based on Zoya’s Creative Director’s interpretation of the description and cannot be returned, exchanged or duplicated at a later date.


Have you always wanted to design your own Zoya shade?  I have, practically on a daily basis.  Now’s our chance!

Holiday 2014 Collection from Essie — or is it?

I was disappointed with Essie’s Winter 2014 Collection called Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low.  I don’t know what was worse — the stupid name(s) or the boring colors.

But now we can be excited over their Holiday 2014 Collection, right?  Well…. maybe.

At beauty e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty, the theme picture is miniscule but we can see the polishes.  All sparkly or metallic.  However, this is currently the only web site I see these as a set, so I’m not sure if it’s really a new collection per se or not.

H2TB essies

What also makes me question “new holiday set” is that four of these are old colors.

No Place Like Chrome, Good As Gold, and Penny Talk are from the company’s 2012 Mirror Metallics line.  I got No Place Like Chrome and Penny Talk and liked them (my reviews were positive) but wasn’t crazy about how obvious the brushstrokes were.  As I got more experienced with other brands I found chromes and foils I liked better.

Essie 3 metallics

The glitter Set in Stones is a previously released shade as well, from the Holiday Effects 2011 Collection.  Rock at the Top and Summit of Style are new this year and are part of Essie’s Luxeffects (glitter top coats) polishes.

If you’d like to see these latter two glitters in action, head over to ImABeautyGeek for swatches of them plus Essie’s new winter colors.

EDIT:  KFalcon (see comments) of ImABeautyGeek, confirms that this is NOT an official holiday collection from Essie!  Will be interesting to wait and see what Essie has in a few months for spring.


Since I can’t say this post is real news for sure, how about a few laughs.  Some of you have chuckled at the law enforcement reports in our small town newspaper that I posted here and here.  New this week:

A concerned man phoned the Whitefish Police Department from Canada.  The man was a retired police officer and he had questions regarding the “conduct towards Canadians” when they are in town.  He had heard rumors of an officer making statements about Canadians from a co-worker of his and he had just aboot enough of it, eh.

A newspaper delivery person called in about a suspicious man who took off running when the driver came around the corner. He was hiding in bushes when the driver asked him what he was doing.  “Nothing,” came the reply from the bushes, not at all suspiciously.

Have a great weekend!


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