Good grief, Charlie Brown!!

The way OPI has been churning out the fun collections this year — Coca-Cola, Ford Mustang, baseball, Muppets — I’m delighted yet not surprised to hear of a “Peanuts”-themed set for Halloween.

However, news is sparse to nonexistent.  I only just now saw them on Beyond Polish’s preorder page and can’t find any other info about them.  Let’s look!

Good Grief!

OPI 2014 Halloween Good Grief

Where’s My Blanket?

OPI 2014 Halloween wheres_my_blanket

Who Are You Calling Bossy?!

OPI 2014 Halloween who_are_you_calling_bossy

To Be Or Not To Beagle

OPI 2014 Halloween to_be_or_not_to_beagle

Now, I can only tell (or not tell) the same things you can from these photos.  Good Grief is bright yellow and that’s all I can say for sure.  Don’t know if Who Are You Calling Bossy is dark blue or black or what.  The two glitters are, um, glittery.

Wish there had been an orange polish with some type of “Great Pumpkin” reference, but you can’t have everything.  More news should be coming soon and hopefully you saw them here first.  Big thanks to Beyond Polish for being so on the ball!



Like last summer, I’m getting away for a week’s vacation in the most beautiful spot on earth.  It’s something of a “busman’s holiday” since I will be doing volunteer tasks the whole time, but I love it!


When I was thinking of writing this post, what should pop into my music-obsessed head but the video “Vacation” (1982) from The Go-Go’s.  Remember them?  They are indeed memorable because they “…made history as the first, and to date only, all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts.”  (Wikipedia, via Billboard)


The tune is catchy, the video is corny, and the ’80s styles are laughable, but have fun!

If the embed doesn’t work here’s the link:

Now go put on your tiara and have some vacation fun this summer!  See you in a week.  :-D


Transition from summer to fall with NEW Zoyas!

Hot off the press (release)!!

Introducing Zoya’s Naturel Deux Collection:

Zoya Naturel Deux

Inspired by the desire to expand the popular neutral palette of the Zoya NATUREL collection, six (6) NEW, full-coverage creams in deeper hues were born.

Perfect as every day go-to colors, the Zoya NATUREL DEUX (2) collection bridges the transitional gap between late summer/early fall 2014 with three, rich brown family shades and three plum based beauties. All in the long-wearing, BIG5FREE formula Zoya is known for!

  • ZP742 – Spencer: Camel
  • ZP743 – Chanelle: Toasted Almond
  • ZP744 – Emilia: Dark Chocolate
  • ZP745 – Marnie: Deep Warm Plum
  • ZP746 – Aubrey: Medium Mauve
  • ZP747 – Madeline: Muted Rose

More photos?  Why of course!

Zoya Naturel Deux spills2

Zoya Naturel Deux spills

Zoya Naturel Deux spills3

I love the idea of a collection to take us from late summer into fall, just as I loved Zoya’s first Naturel Collection, which was a neutral bridge from winter into spring.  The rosy/plum tones and the chocolate brown are especially appealing.  Of course, you could slap the description “chocolate” on a chewed-up old shoe and I’d probably buy it.  Chocolate…. om nom nom.

Wonder if Spencer, the camel cream, will be similar to last year’s Flynn, and if chocolate Emilia will look like Louise?  You can see my review and swatches of those cremes here.  Loved both.

STARTS JULY 21, 2014

$9 (US)
Available on and at finer salons and spas.


*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

News from Cosmoprof 2014 in Las Vegas — Halloween & Holiday!

I never go to the big Cosmoprof blowout in Las Vegas every July.  Several reasons — mostly the cost, don’t like big cities in general (they frighten this little country mouse), and it always seems like I have something going on at the time anyway.  Excuses, nothin’ but excuses!

Nevertheless, we can rely on braver, more extroverted bloggers than yours truly to bring us the news.  Today I want to steer you to Ehmkay Nails and her great post full of photos.  Look here for news specifically about China Glaze.

Cool!  For the first time I’m seeing the Halloween collection Apocalypse and the Holiday collection called Twinkle.  You can also see nail wheel swatches of other CG sets — The Giver, All Aboard, and the Pop Top set which is a re-release of six of their most popular glitters.  If you don’t already own Fairy Dust, trust me, you need Fairy Dust.  It’s a fantastic top coat and is also great for frankening other polishes.

Apocalypse looks fun, especially the glitter topper Rest In Pieces.  Twinkles looks very holiday-ish yet I don’t feel like I see anything truly new.  Hopefully I’m not getting too jaded when it comes to new releases.

Another blogger to read for Cosmoprof news is My Nail Polish Obsession.  Here’s her China Glaze roundup, with most of the same news but also with lots of release dates and info.  The Giver collection is apparently limited edition and exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.  Eh, the colors of that set don’t thrill me.  Of all the CG sets shown, I’m most excited for fall’s All Aboard.

China Glaze All Aboard spills


A passel of positively posh pinks

I know I haven’t swatched anything in a while.  So today, how about FIVE nail polishes?

Last month I posted about one of Butter London’s great “Last Orders” sales, and one of the items I ordered was the set of five minis called the Boxing Day Fash Pack Pinks.  Each one is 0.2 oz/6 ml, which is enough for several manis each and a great way to try new colors.

BL Fash Pack pinks

Left to right:

  • Teddy Girl — pale petal pink creme
  • Fruit Machine — bubblegum creme
  • Fairy Lights — silvery pink chrome
  • Primrose Hill Picnic — bright hot pink creme
  • Queen Vic — dark plum creme

I used two coats of each and all five applied very well; I thought Primrose Hill Picnic had the best formula and most even coverage.  Teddy Girl and Fruit Machine, being lighter, could have used one more coat.  Fairy Lights was very good for a chrome, but as always with this kind of finish, don’t keep poking at it or the brushstrokes will show more prominently.

I’m still getting used to the windows and quality of natural light here in our new house, and these aren’t the greatest photos but here goes.  The first four polishes, left to right, in the same order, under two different aspects of indirect outdoor light:

BL Fash Pack pinks

BL Fash Pack pinks2

Queen Vic, being a plum or raspberry, deserved her own manicure.  I love the look but prefer my nails to be shorter when I wear dark colors.

Queen Vic

I feel I have dupes from Zoya for most of these colors except the chrome of Fairy Lights; however, it’s similar to Maria from Julep.

The Boxing Day Fash Pack Pinks is no longer visible on Butter London’s site but it may show up again in a future sale, or you may also find it lurking in a department store, eBay, etc.



Surround yourself with OPI colors. Literally.

Wow, where have I been?  Was watching a baseball game on TV last night and an ad for Clark+Kensington paint, an Ace Hardware exclusive, came up.  A new line based on, yes, OPI nail polish!  I am not kidding.  This is not a three-months-late April Fool’s joke.

Ace Hardware OPI

Read the press release here.  The most interesting part to me is that there will be three collections of six shades each.  Sounds just like a regular nail polish set release!

The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington will launch with three collections comprised of six iconic OPI shades each, for a total of 18 new paint colors. Each of the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington collections will also offer five coordinating Clark+Kensington colors, providing additional inspiration for homeowners.

  • The Artist – For the Original, Inspired, Spirited & Charming
    • Featuring OPI’s Keeping Suzi at Bay, Miami Beet, Don’t Touch My Tutu!, Gargantuan Green Grape, Samoan Sand and I Eat Mainely Lobster
    • Clark+Kensington pairings include So Sophisticated N-C17, Boutique Chic 06D-1, Let’s Have a Party 32B-5, Designer White 1066 and Star Anise N-W32
  • The Wild Heart – For the Fresh, Daring, Dynamic & Chic
    • Featuring OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook, Black Onyx, My Pointe Exactly, Do You Lilac It?, Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Vant to Bite My Neck?
    • Clark+Kensington pairings include Lavender Bliss 41B-2, Cymbidium Orchid 23C-5, Late Night Serenade N-C21, Silent White CW-C1 and Fashion Fix 01C-6
  • The Romantic – For the Sophisticated, Confident, Iconic & Glam
    • Featuring OPI’s OPI Red, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, My Very First Knockwurst, Chick Flick Cherry, My Vampire is Buff and Over the Taupe.
    • Clark+Kensington pairings include Garden Stone N-C10, Swaying Palm Trees 25B-7, Natural White CW-W1, Crazy in Love 06C-1 and Wisdom of the Ages 25B-5

If you’re absolutely crazy about any of these OPI colors, now you can paint your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or other mom cave in that very same shade.  Wow.  See the line of paint, colors, and ideas HERE.

Although this is rather gimmicky, I think it’s interesting.  And let’s not forget financially smart, too, because if you wanted to paint your walls with nail polish, that’d take a lot of bottles.  Let’s see, OPI polish is usually $9 for a half-ounce bottle.  That would be a price of $2,304 a gallon.  I suspect the Clark+Kensington paint is significantly cheaper than that!


More from Orly — holiday news

Told you I had lots of news about upcoming collections!  I’m loving the look of Orly’s Smoky set for fall, and now here’s their winter/holiday collection — Sparkle — as seen at Nails Ave.

Orly Sparkle Collection

No official descriptions yet but this is how I see it.

Mirrorball — silver holo

Orly Sparkle Mirrorball

Tinsel — red hex glitter and green bar glitter

Orly Sparkle Tinsel

Bling — warm gold glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Bling

Explosion of Fun — pink/magenta/purple glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Explosion of Fun

Steal the Spotlight — teal or green glitter/shimmer

Orly Sparkle Steal the Spotlight

Glitterbomb — multicolored hex and/or round glitter

Orly Sparkle Glitterbomb

Let’s look at the spills.  I can’t tell if Steal the Spotlight is more teal or green.  Bling looks like a shade of gold that I may not actually own (the horror, must remedy that!).  Glitterbomb is perfectly named.  Mirrorball… well, I happen to think everyone needs a really cool silver holographic polish.  And Explosion of Fun is calling to me, and it’s saying “Must.  Have.”

Orly Sparkle spills

This is one of the most beautiful holiday sets I think I’ve seen in a long time.  Explosion of Fun reminds me of one of my favorite holiday polishes, also from Orly, called Miss Conduct.  Heck, Miss Conduct is one of my favorite polishes of all time.

What do you think?  Is the Sparkle Collection making you think winter and not mid-summer, maybe for a few minutes?


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